Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 1st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Nandini jealous of Kunal and Mauli’s closeness

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 1st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mauli slips while the dance and fells into Kunal’s arms. Nandini had come looking for the two and finds them into each other’s arms. Tears fill her eyes as she recalls Kunal’s promise to stay by her side. The crowd cheers for Kunal and Mauli. People at society complement their couple as mature and respectable, they love each other for years now.
Chakor comes to Nandini and tells Nandini she will only be kicked off in the path she has chosen for herself. She introduces herself as Chakor, Mauli’s friend. She says she recognized Nandini’s intentions the day she had seen her with Kunal then. Nandini was nervous and wipes her sweat beads. Chakor agrees that only a single person can’t be blamed here, but a house is breaking today. It’s the person who holds Nandini very special

in her life. Loving someone isn’t a sin, but claiming someone else’s love is. This family is scattering today, lives of three people will ruin because of them two. She accepts that Nandini has suffered a lot in life, but she will have to leave Kunal and give his marriage with Mauli a chance.
Sweety stops Mauli and says she felt happy watching Kunal and Mauli together. She wonders what kind of friend Nandini was to Mauli that she spoilt her married life. She wonder how Kunal could betray Mauli, and even more shocked to see Mauli who has forgiven Kunal so easily. Mauli forbids Sweety to interfere in her personal matters.
Tara stops Mauli in the way. She says when she lost her husband, and her friend has turned as the third person in her domestic life. Mauli is really shameless, she was enjoying a dance with her betrayer husband. Is she some domestically weak wife who remains a slave to their husbands, or wish to show off to the world how happy they are. Mauli replies she doesn’t want discussion with Tara about her personal life. Tara asks Mauli why she wants to avoid this discussion, is this talk bitter? She says its women like Mauli who ruin women’s reputation and status in the society. Mauli questions who is Tara to give her advice about societal values, Tara was the one who cheated in dance competition against Nandini.
Nandini returns home crying. She thinks about Chakor’s questions, and thinks she can’t live without Kunal. It’s like cease one’s breathe.
There, Mauli cries hugging Chakor. Chakor asks Mauli to become strong. Mauli questions what’s being strong. If she must be strong for Mamma and Dida and forget about herself, or be strong for herself and wipe her household. She wanted to bring happiness to Kunal, he instead left her altogether. She is unable to diagnose her disease, how can she treat her ailment or explain her pain to anyone. If it was true love in the past seven years, how could it vanish in a while? And if it wasn’t love, was it only her illusion?
Nandini cries saying she isn’t falling in love with Kunal only, she is losing her own self for him.
Chakor promises to stay by Mauli in any decision of her life. She takes a leave from Mauli after a hug and gifts Mauli and idol.
Dida prays to Goddess to save her house and love to her children. The aarti begin. Everyone take their turns. Kunal spots a flame being thrown at Mauli’s dress which catches fire. He runs to save Mauli, Mamma and Mauli had already seen the fire. He puts the fire off and questions Virat for putting Mauli’s dress on fire. Tara defends her brother and questions how dare Kunal blames her brother. It’s actually Mauli’s mistake, she couldn’t realize her husband was betraying her in her own house.

PRECAP: Nandini had called the Pandit’s at home and was waiting for Kunal. Kunal was with Mauli at home where she served the Brahman’s. A young boy asks for Channa, Mauli calls Kunal as Jaana and asks for the bowl. Both look at each other in shock.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Nothing to say much today expect one thing that the people who are giving advices to Mouli, Kunal and Nandini about relationships, unke kud ke serial me unke kud ke relationship hawa hue pade hain….😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. My hatred towards Nandini is terribly increasing day by day. Not even a single minute is she giving a thought about Mauli, who gifted her life.

    And Kunal seriously, how is it possible that 7 years of love vanish all of a sudden. And if it wasn’t love, then what was that..??

    1. Palsuprita

      Yes you are right pathetic character is Nandini and Kunal

  3. I wanted that all 3 should understand their mistakes as all 3 have betray each other. Though Nandini and Kunal is the worst betrayer still I will say Mauli still now should try to protect her marrage if she fell then she should definitely leave💔.
    ⭐Firstly Mauli use to busy with her work alws. Then kunal use to feel lonly still Mouli use to avoid his lonlyness and to get busy with her if she doesn’t care her husband’s lonlyness and run after money. In the starting many times Kunal use to get angry on her even he use to lock him in the bathroom for hours and she use to say simply sorry. She doesn’t even think that there benifit is not so important than her love Kunal. That was not her mistak.?
    ⭐Secondly when Kunal got a person who also want help, support and love then he to came close to her(Nandini) then also Mouli couldn’t understand that she taking herself towards trouble it was her big mistake. Previously she was also not secure with her marrage relation. Normally people who love her husband alws try to stay with her and jelous when they sees her with other women. Here Mouli use to share her every moment with Nandini and Kunal ever the Saree that Kunal gifted her, e Ben she use to share her food of love sign that Kunal gifted her , she say she know what he wanted to gift and gave it to Nandini .
    ⭐ Thirdly after overcoming all this Nandini fall in love then also Mouli haven’t understand her husband. Actually she doesn’t know her husband she coun’t understand her husband whom she love.
    ❄️🔥I am not saying that Kunal and Nandini has done wright but I am saying that Mouli herself is responsible for all this.Kunal is also responsible but first Mouli then Kunal as Moulis avoidness lead Kunal towards other women.
    ❤️I love all 3 actor and actress and don’t want them to seperate apart and they should save their love and friendship relation.💣💞💟

    1. Nagma Noshin Shaik

      I have only one thing to say Mauli was working for their future, to fulfill kunal’s dream. Ahe trusted Kunal and Nandini which they broke ruthlessly

    2. Really? Here Mauli us the survivor. This thinking is disgusting. What if it was the other way round? What if Kunal brought his best friend home to make his life better? If Kunal was the one saving money to gift Mauli her dream clinic? And Mauli ended up having an affair with Kunal’s best friend. Would you still defend Kunal? No, you all would be like look at him, what a great man, he worked so hard to fulfill his wife’s dream, while so many men out there don’t even give permission for wives to work, and Mauli, shameless woman, sleeping around with her husband’s best friend. She’s characterless and Kunal should throw her immediately. This is the kind of response most of you would have come up with.

      The idea you have about a marriage is that a perfect marriage has all the right spicing. No, that’s not how it goes. It’s not like Mauli mistreated Kunal, not like she disrespected him or his family, not like she ran after money or looted patients. It is trying to say, no matter how much a person puts into a relationship or a marriage, even if it’s for 7 years, another person comes, and everything gets ruined. This thought is disgusting. I’m sorry, I can’t agree with you.

      A marriage or relationship should be based on trust and love. It should never have any insecurity. If that’s the thing then a married person will always be insecure. See if Mauli thought that if she works for Kunal’s dream, he would leave her because he needed a person to pass his time, no matter what consequences. Mauli would never feel secure. There will be someone better than mauli, in looks, in dressing, in talent, in career, in intelligence, in humour; in anything that can attract Kunal. But that doesn’t mean Mauli should feel threatened. Like if I don’t give time to my husband, he’ll find a better girl. Then why is it called a marriage? It’s because you’ll need to and will love and trust your spouse no matter what, including all the flaws they have as a person. That you know, no matter how better another person is, your spouse will never cheat on you because that is unethical.

    3. I totally agree with you. Root cause for this problem is mauli. Helping her friend in tough time is ok.. but keeping her all time around is too much. Instead she should have tried to send Nandini to her mom’s(mauli’s mom or another relation of nandini) place. It is better. to be practical, no women will keep her friend all the time even if s she in much distress … mainly during the time spend with their husband.

      1. Ss, Mali’s mom hates Nandini. Nandini has no relatives other than Rajdeep! And Rajdeep was just waiting to punish Nandini! Mauli did what a normal friend would do !

      2. Agree . Mauli gave nandani too much of everything.

    4. ShraddhaSharma392

      Mampi i agree with you some points like Mouli gave more time to complete their dream and ignored kunal and their love, she gave her pizza slice to Nandini without second thought, Kunal and Nandini tried to avoid each other but Mouli delibrately pushed kunal towards nandini… But Mouli did all this due to as wife and friend duty, and this doesn’t give right to kunal and Nandini to start affair… And what if Mouli did this with Kunal friend, will Kunal forgive her?? And I think maximum mistake is of kunal, Nandini wanted to leave Kunal and City but Kunal runned from Pune back to Mumbai and stopped Nandini… People Bad mouth about Nandini more, but mistake is Kunal more… If he hadn’t stopped her, they both have forgot each other with time…

  4. Hold on mampi! Mauli ran after money for Kunal! To open kunals clinic! Who would expect their best friend that they gave shelter to, to cheat with her husband! Mauli is the victim here and your whole paragraph is how mauli is at fault…. seriously? Both Kunal and nandini are disgusting and so is anyone that thinks Kunal and nandini relationship is pure!

  5. Rakz u haven’t understand what I want to say I am not supporting Kunal and Nandini as they are the worst as I hv mentioned. If now I start to wright about Kunal and Nandin’s falt then it will not end. But I hv also Sayed that Kunal’s clinicas is not so imp than ur husband with whom u promise to stay for 7 lives still Mauli was fail 2 understand Kunal’s feeling.
    Compare it with urself when u will get married and ur wife is alws busy with job for ur benifit still at the end u will feel that she should spend some moment with u. Am I right?
    Don’t take my word in bad sense plz.

  6. I actually don’t like Nandin’s character at all as she broke her best friend’s relation and this is possible only for Kunal who is the main enemy of Kunal

  7. Sry Mouli

  8. Palsuprita

    please Mampi stop blaming mauli ……….. when friend become lover then husband wife can never have same feeling or trust so please don’t say they should save their love and friendship relation just think. and one more thing if one partner is busy that doesn’t mean the other partner should look for other shoulder then in reality our society man are normally busy for with job to give good future to their family then every second wife should look for other man for their loneliness this is really pathetic reason or cover kunal mistake just because mauli was busy…doctors work for society well being and they choose knowing that first is patient and then family.. and finally a couple who love and trust each other will normally not hanging out or be like a shadow with their partner always or feel jealous because when u trust less and doubt your partner then only u have to be around your partner just to see he or she don’t cheat so please dont blame mauli for being professional good daughter in law good friend and good wife.

  9. why everyone blames nandini, I think the three of them are wrong rather than patient women of what I observe, they tend to be childish,
    da kunal he did not determine his heart when he was not there he was close to mauli if mauli no he was close to nandhini
    nandhini is also wrong because he likes a man who is her husband’s friend, but it is not wrong that he is because he needs a friend who protects him and that is an art figure while kunal uses his loyalty to nandhini.
    kunal who always approaches nandhini and mauli silence he even reacts innocently without any suspicion at all, the real human character is nothing like mauli
    in this world none is perfect except the Almighty
    what I can expect from here is that this nandhini will leave the life of kunan-mauli as expected by everyone but by bringing the child to his womb the character of mauli also must be harmless, for example turning into evil so that all of you do not eat continuously for chanting nandhini.
    and note that if we want to see the real world not a friend, a brother or sister can become our own enemy

  10. Seriously mouli cried a lot. She got insulted bcz of her husband and best frnd… How 7 yrs of love vanished so suddenly? And that nandini is not regretting her mistake. Is she really loves her friend mouli🤔?? Wht she ll do if mouli betrayed her???

  11. Richardsimon

    jaana means

  12. Nandhini I never hate any character like this but you and Kunal are disgusting creatures ever

  13. I don’t understand spoilers are true or false. As per some spoilers kunal mauli reunion and as per some mauli brings nandini back in kunal life. What’s true?I dn understand the story.

  14. So disgusting how the other women’s from society blaming mauli. And i love mauli bet nature too the way she is taking care of kunal’s family even after knowing how kunal and her own best friend backstabbed her. I also love chhakor adviced to nandini that loving some one is not a sin but claiming some one’s love is the big sin 🙌

  15. I think Tara and Virat are so used to speaking illogical stuff in their own serial, that they have come and started talking nonsense here also. Seriously, they brought Tara? If Tara remained true to her character, by now she should have picked up a knife and gone after Kunal, not taunting Mouli!
    I know people say why blame Nandini only and not Kunal also, but i give my views on episode basis, and i feel Kunal’s point of view is never clearly shown. We have Mouli scenes where she is going through her pain. We have Nandini scenes where she is shivering or getting jealous or whatever. But we do not have that many Kunal scenes. Only once he was thinking about it all, then he got into accident and thats it. His scenes are either with Mouli or Nandini. With Nandini he is always consoling her and Mouli doesnt let him speak much anyways, herself saying that he is free to do anything he wishes. So if i dont have enough Kunal scenes, on what basis will i criticize him?
    Nandini claims her love is true and pure, then why can’t she trust her true love? Why she is always afraid and insecure when she sees Kunal and Mouli together? Mouli’s love was true and full of trust. But Nandini gets insecure as soon as Kunal leaves the room. This is makers idea of true love?
    And does Nandini not have any self-respect or dignity? Can’t she do the pooja alone? Can she not wait for 1 month and then do whatever she wishes with Kunal? She knows Dadi had a heart attack. She knows Dadi wants Kunal and Mouli to stay together for a month else she gets hyper and health deteriorates. She knows everyone is angry with Kunal in his house and maybe keeping a watch on him. Still she wants Kunal to come and attend rituals with her while functions are going on in his own house. Does Nandini not even have minimum common sense or respect for Kunal’s Dadi even?
    Dont know how long this will drag. Fed up of reading about every colors character coming and advising the characters here. Do Mouli/Kunal not have friends of there own who can come and advise them? What about their colleagues?

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