Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 1st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal marries Nandini

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 1st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nandini as breaking her fast in front of Kunal’s photo. She looks through the sieve, Kunal comes in front of it. She breaks into tears rubbing her hands over his face. Kunal assures he is here in front of her. Nandini at once backs off and tells him to stay with Mauli, she is pregnant. Kunal tells Nandini that Mauli lied, she isn’t pregnant.
There, Mauli throws her chunri off herself, breaks her bangles and cries. Mamma questions why she lied about her pregnancy. Mauli qualifies Kunal didn’t want to accept the truth. Dida says there must be some doubts in Kunal’s mind due to Dr. Aasha. Mauli had forbidden Dr. Aasha to tell Kunal about her pregnancy. Mauli argues that Kunal only cares for Nandini, he was happy when he came to know about the child. He saw her fall down on

floor, and wasn’t concerned if she was hurt or not. He was instead doubtful. It was her fast, he still went to Dr. Aasha. He is denying this child’s presence, she can’t put this child’s responsibility over him. He wish this child doesn’t exist. How he can even think she can lie to him about such a huge matter?
Nandini was sure Mauli can’t lie about such a huge matter. Kunal bluntly says she did.
Mauli requests Mamma and Dida to think for once as a woman, if she should really tell Kunal about the child. If she should select silence and self-respect, or disgrace and Kunal. Mamma at once announces, Kunal isn’t her son anymore and Mauli isn’t her daughter in law but her daughter instead. From now on, she will think as the mother of a daughter, not Kunal. Dida cries but decides to let Kunal leave. The three hug each other and cry.
Kunal tells Nandini he has come to her forever, he belongs to her now.
Mauli reads the divorce papers and decides that her relation with Kunal has ended forever.
Nandini and Kunal hug each other. The next morning, Nandini comes outside and asks where had Kunal gone? Kunal says he and Nandini will now live together, he only went to make arrangements for that. He blindfolds Nandini then carries her to the temple of Kaali Maa. Its karwachauth’s gift for Nandini, they are going to marry each other. He brings a bridal dress for Nandini. She was excited.
There, Mauli was dressed in black and cries in her room. She throws away her red chunri on the floor, re-reads her divorce papers and cries while clutching them.
Kunal and Nandini were marry each other.
Mauli cries as she watch her wedding photographs, then wipes her sindoor from hairline. She burns all those memories.
Kunal brings Nandini to a well-lit and decorated room. She was in a disbelief he did this for her. Kunal wished to decorate her whole life with such flowers and will keep her dear for a lifetime. Nandini claims it dreamy. Kunal assures this is reality. He kiss her and carefully removes her jewelry before they get intimate.

PRECAP: Nandini burns the crackers on the roof, Kunal happily watch her enjoy. Mauli cried of sufferings.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Woahhhhh!!!!!
    The mauli we all love is here.
    And sadly kunal and nandini are here too.

    Is it true that nandini is going to die ?

    1. Yep and new lead for mouli.

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. I don’t know how to react for Mouli. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔: either I should feel proud 😳😳😳😳 or to be sad…. But I am more proud on her for taking such big step…

    2. Finally Dida and Mumma realised that Mouli is right and its worthless to stop Kunal now…👍👍👍👍

    3. Nandini and Kunal:they married in one episode only : that means either show is taking leap or someone is going to die…🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    4. I don’t know how to react for marriage secene. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔: either smile 🙂🙂🙂🙂 as one of my fvt songs 🎼were playing or should be angry 😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡on them

    5. I am happy🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙃🙃🙃🙃for mouli as both cheaters united, out of her life and she should stay happy and move on…

    1. Nandini is going to die as dd is leaving the show. new lead for mouli

  3. What kind of a serial is this . Writer what will you learn of with this stupid serial . I hate nandini she is very bad ,not a good human. Kunal is a fool, a coward. I don’t have good words to say to them. the message of this serial is very bad. Mauli does the best thing to lie, she doesn’t deserve kunal, fool

    1. I agree the message of this serial is disgusting smh I was hoping they would bring Kunal to his senses but rather they are making his relationship with Nandini appear “special” very disgusting! This show encourages adultery by claiming it’s love

  4. Waiting for Nandini to die, Kunal to suffer and Mauli happy with someone else.

    1. Yes there is a new entry for Mouli and he will be farfar better than kunal.

    2. Leap k baad kyun 2 daughter dikhaya jayega? Kya phir se Mouli ki beti aur Nandini ki beti friends banagi? Nandini ki beti apni behaya maa ki tarha hi Mouli ki beti ki khushiyan chhin legi? Aisa kuch nehi hona chaiye.

    3. I just hope that they will not show Mauli compromising for the sake of the children and reuniting with a man like Kunal! This serial has taught me to think twice before helping someone!!!!

  5. Finally Mauli realized her worth, both the cheaters shameless pol didn’t feel ashamed for their betrayal, kunal was giving lecture on trust bastard. Nandini kunal just physical attraction how much mauli did for both but non of both cares about her tears and sorrows. They deserve sufferings as curse

  6. I don’t know why nandani always act like she is concerned about mauli.. I really hate this type of ppl bahar se ase banege so caring lovely simple and in reality they’re worst then enemy.. 😑 it’s really sad to see mauli like this

  7. Feeling so bad for Mauli just don’t noh how to react but well done Mauli u finally free urself from that rascal that is the Mauli we have all being waiting for

  8. I heard Nandini will die but both she and Mauli will have a girl child after the leap. They still had to leave a mark after she dies.

    Maybe both their daughters will go to the same school and become best friends like their mom, then another leap and the whole drama about sister snatching sister’s husband but it will be the reverse with Mauli’s daughter snatching her Nandini’s daughter’s husband and Kunal will have to witness the suffering of one of his daughter and realize Karma does come back to bite 😉

  9. I am so proud of Mouli and her in laws today. I know everyone keeps saying this show is sending wrong message to society, but i hope if the viewers take anything from this show, then it should be this that a woman should chose her self-respect over a meaningless marriage, that she should be strong enough to shoulder her own responsibilities and that the in-laws shouldn’t favor the son or force the DIL just for the sake of the institution of marriage or babies. Instead of forcing the DIL, she should be supported and loved at such crucial junctures. I have many problems with this show, but i love what is being shown through Mouli and her in-laws. <3 <3

  10. Nandini is going to die and Kunal should rot in hell forever. I hope he never gets to see his and Mauli’s child as then he would want to come back to her as Nandini wont be alive anymore.

  11. today i am so happy for mauli and i hate both kunal and nandini…how can you do this for mauli…bath mai sach pathachalne se bi kunal dont come to mauli…

  12. Such a bad series now… How can one steal or taken someone else happiness and assume they will be forever happy? How can love died so fast when she was his everything? Seem that lust is the main focus on this series……Very bad twisted example on either love or marriage life! NO girl should be going through an emotional life seeing n knowing the one who was her everything changed overnight JUST LIKE THAT WOW.

    1. Chakravarthi

      It happened in my life yaar… So be cool it happens…

  13. After a long a good thing happened.I am very that mauli chose self respect over love.kunal and nandini should be together for lifelong .please makers don’t let nandini die.i want to see her falling on mauli’s feet begging for forgiveness .

  14. now kunal can spent all his day watching nandini playing, cooking and dancing in the rain.
    Until another beautiful, weak bechari comes, kunal is fully nandini’s. But still need to find a way to survive without oxygen for few hours in order to work otherwise both will end up in road and beg for food. Wouldn’t said anything else about them, just happy mauli’s life is finally toxic free.

  15. I am so relieved. Kunal and Nandini deserve each other. The only issue I have with the episode, is having to watch them romance but whatever…who cares! I am so happy that the writers let Mauli keep her self respect. More than anything, I wanted Mauli to show strength and bravo to the writers for giving substance and integrity to Dadi and Kunal’s mother’s characters. It was refreshing to see them.stand up for their daughter in laws dignity .
    Whether Nandini lived or dies…I honestly don’t give a toss. I just want to see Mauli’s progress now.

  16. Good step by mouli char….. she can’t be happy with kunal. From day one Kunal & Nandini relationship looks like lust than true love….. They are very hurry to get married to sleep with each other…. They already spend couple of night, then how come it will be they first night.
    I don’t want Nandini char to die… If DD quick the show, she should be replaced by someone, but killing no. She should suffer & release for her mistake.

  17. just saw today’s episode by god aditi u r doing fab acting rula hi dia aj tmne.. nandani pure show me roti rhi tabhi never felt sad for her…

  18. Nandini is horrible. She betrayed her best friend . She is a curse in the name of friendship. Kunal is the worst husband a woman will desire to have.

  19. What’s wrong with Kunal!! He’s acting like a villian. In months he has forgotten 7 years relationship. Mauli deserves better than cheater Kunal…I hope director is planning something good for Mauli…

  20. Sad to see mauli in this state, but atleast she is now free from than bastard kunal,… Mauli deserves someone better than kunal…

    Now kunal n nandini was jus dieing to get married jus for the sake of sleeping/lust nnothing…. Kunal n nandini claiming that their love is pure n blah blah….. Absolutely bullshit…
    First instance : If anyone wud remember that d very first time kunal was attracted to nandini when she was dancing n rain, she was completely drenched n dancing. That was when kunal cudn’t take nandini off his mind….
    Second instance : kunal n nandini get intimated for the first time ( where nandini was the one who draws kunal to herself, although kunal was shown as reluctant n realizes of mauli after the act,but nandini was shown that she isn’t guilty n was happy to sleep with kunal….

    This clearly shows that this is basically lust n not love…. N both kunal n nandini are attracted to each other due to lust…

    Only lust can make ppl forget what is good or bad, n makes ppl inhuman… Same is d case with kunal n nandini, so blind in their lust they completely forgot that they r betraying mauli who was actually their pure love n friendship….

  21. hopeless show … only shows negativity .. thank god we don’t have to see Nandini’s face again .. just coz of her had to change the channel ..

  22. It’s difficult for mauli to let go away his love of life…She has ben cheated by her husband and best friend. No one is going to trust or to help her bestfriend like mauli did…and at last she is the only sufferer

  23. waiting for kunal and nadini to suffer

  24. waiting for nandini and kunal to suffer.

  25. I dont like that Nandini will be died because that is not enough punishment for these cheater .I really want the fact that after while when the fire of their lust ended he realized the big different between the two women. And then he hardly tried to get mouli and his child back and both called kunan suffer from that. after that mouli raised up her child with a better person happily under kunal nose . But any ways I really proud of mouli a good example of wife and woman to be after.

  26. I hate kunan
    But i do not want end of nandini
    Plz replace her if drishti quits but not end her character
    Don’t want to see kunal -mauli- ishaan love triangle without nandini
    As mauli will again pressurized to choose kunal in nandini abscence
    I want to see kunan sufferings

  27. Mr Kunal told Mauli she stooped so low to lie to him about being pregnant.
    Kunal said Mauli she lied because she wants to get him away from his other woman.
    He forgot Nandini stooped the lowest to encourage him away from her best friend and he stooped the lowest of the lowest to cheat on his wife to enjoy the degrading life he started with Nandini.
    Kunal is accusing his broken decent wife about being low? He is the lowest of all lows!
    Mr Kunal go start your Low Life with curses and hatred from all your loved ones.

  28. Wt I heard from this cheap man about love,OMG trust in love…wt he did is trustworthy or wt…stupid ,besharam Hein don’t ki dono ..chi…so called tag Mila Hein nandhini ko…Kunal ki second wife…shame in u nandhini ND the frnds like her ND husband’s like Kunal….someone told that this serial has thought them abt think twice before help others….100%true…even I m facing many situations now after helping my frnds …they won’t deserve the help at all… shameless people…but the good deeds what u do will never go in vain…good is seeing all deeds of us..

  29. Wat 1 can learn from this show..
    1. B careful of your close friends
    2. Help somebody but at d cost of your happiness n life.
    3. B careful with your husband/ don trust your husband.
    This seriel spreads negativity. Wat is d use of being good. Rajdeep did hurt nandini i agree but right now i feel c should never get happy or give birth to a child. I want d curse of kunal’s mother on nandini to work.

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