Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 17th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Mauli convinced to bring Kunal back

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 17th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mauli come home and watch Kunal leaving with his luggage. Dida was speaking on phone that no one will blame him, one must not leave home; there are misunderstandings in everyone house. Mamma confirmed on phone about a flight to London, and cries that Kunal must have left for London. The flight will take off in two hours. Mauli hurries to airport and takes information about flights going to London. One desk says the flight is about to take off within ten minutes. She requests a guard but wasn’t allowed into the flight. She sits on a bench nearby recalling every good memory with Kunal. She looks ahead to find Dida and Mamma there in the airport. Mauli cries placing her head in Dida’s lap that Kunal left them forever. Mamma asks her to come home. Mauli wasn’t ready to accept there

is any home without Kunal. Mamma insists on her to go home. Mauli says she had to tell so much to Kunal, about the baby as well. Dida says Kunal must be at home, she can tell him now. Mamma says Kunal didn’t go anywhere, it was a lie. He took the suitcase having some clothes for charity. Mauli asks why they lied to her? Dida says they wanted her to understand the importance of Kunal in her life. Mauli questions if they made her suffer so much only for this? Mamma qualifies it was timely, Mauli loves Kunal dearly then why she doesn’t stop him. Mauli agrees she loves Kunal but the question is, if Kunal loves her as well? If he also feels himself incomplete without her? Dida urges Mauli to question Kunal about it. Mamma says not all days are same, may be Kunal is also hiding something from her?
Kunal says he is alive without her, but its like forgetting the way back home. Its like breathing but incomplete. He wonders if he holds the right, but wish to say that he still loves her. He thoroughly feels her absence and wants another chance. Can she forgive him for one last time? Can they begin a new life? Kunal taped all this.
Mauli was confused how she must tell Kunal about the baby without knowing Kunal’s wish. She doesn’t want her child become a source to bring Kunal back. Dida says this child is an angel, who came to untie the knot between her and Kunal.
Kunal removes the tape from the camera, writes “Sorry, Please watch this” and was about to place the tape in an envelope. He hears Pramilla cry outside after having burnt her hand. Kunal leaves the tape on the bed, and takes Pramilla to hospital.
Mauli returns home with Mamma and Dida and walks to Kunal’s room. No one was in the room. She finds the tape and camera lying on the bed and plays it in the camera. She cries emotionally and smiles watching the tape; considering it a message for herself. She thinks Kunal is also upset and wants to return to her life. She cries in excitement now, removes the tape and place it back on the bed.
Nandini watch the video as well.
Mauli gets ready as Kunal in the video said, if she accepted his apology she must come to meet hi on a bridge in his favorite red saree. She was draped in the red saree with sindoor and jewellry. She was happy that Kunal wish to return to her.
There, Nandini stood with Kunal’s favorite saree.
Mauli hugs a cushion on her bed and was happy that Kunal is returning. She missed him dearly. She was thankful to God.

PRECAP: Kunal blames Mauli for going to deter Nandini, she has left home. He won’t forgive Mauli if something happens to Nandini. He gets a call about kidnapping.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Why nandini scenes r there hate it.

  2. wth I mean they are showing Kunal and Nandini as innocent characters where as maul is shows as deterring nandidni. She has every right to slap and shout and Nadini. I hate how nadidni is acting as victim like mauli should forget about Kunal and divorce him slap both of them a few times for betraying her trust and take control of clinic and come to the top. Kunal itsnt worth her love, clinic time and money. I hate how Kunal and nandidni are playing victim and innocent lovers like how can you backstab someone like that. stop this bakwas show pls and show mauli as strong

  3. Damn. Its so sad to see mauli getting hopeful. How will she bear breaking down all over again? All this fault is of dida and mamma’s. They are only concerned about convincing mauli. As if it was she who cheated in the relationship. Why should ahe go and question kunal? Why dont dida and mamma go and question their cheater son about what he wants? Dida and mamma are emotuonally manipulating mauli, playing games with her to convince her. First heart attack and now this airport drama. All their games are for the dil of the house qhereas their son is still running livesick behind nandini. Kunal stays silents because mauli was doing his work for him indirectly. Spineless fellow cant even speak what he wants infront of his family. Since mauli speaks her mind, everyone thinks she wants to break the relation. While in truth its kunals fault and he should be asked doing to mend this relation, not mauli. Stay strong mauli. Hopefully after another episode or two, you will get the divorce and finally move on

    1. Oh my god Dhara, this is what i have been wanting to say for so long.
      The worst thing is that they are encouraging the reunion. Mauli is an independent woman with a lot of self respect, she can definitely manage alone.
      Kunal is a spineless man. Tbh i feel he is more responsible for the affair than Nandini as nandini was in an emotionally vulnerable state. It was he who fell for her. He should have thought. The worst thing is that he was positively justifying his behavior.

    2. Oh my god Dhara, this is what i have been wanting to say for so long.
      The worst thing is that they are encouraging the reunion. Mauli is an independent woman with a lot of self respect, she can definitely manage alone.
      Kunal is a spineless man. Tbh i feel he is more responsible for the affair than Nandini as nandini was in an emotionally vulnerable state. It was he who fell for her. He should have thought. The worst thing is that he was positively justifying his behavior.
      Anyways lets see what happens

  4. Ok writers time to make Mauli Strong, confident and determined to strengthen her own life.
    And when Mauli looks at Kunal and Nandini they should feel like stink garbage.
    Stop with the Mauli feeling guilty for not loving her husband enough and that her husband felt love for the woman who loved him more…. That’s crap.
    Love is shown by both partners. Their situation does not call for cheating. Kunal is a cheater.
    Nandini is a cheater. Mauli was hit twice in the heart with a sharp dagger. Make her stand strong now.

  5. Coming to innocent nandini and so-in-love kunal… It seems the writers want to give a redemption track to nandini. Want to show how much she loves mauli and is ‘sacrificing’ for her. But i will nvr forget how she was smiling thinking abt kunal while mauli sat in front of her and told her she will not be able to live without kunal. Nandini doesnt care one inch about mauli. She just wants to be miss goody goody. Neither does nandini understand relationship. If she cared about mauli, she shouldnt have returned with kunal neither continued her affair. Or she should have come clean to mauli instead of cheating her. Once she declared her love true and pure and got intimate with kunal, she thinks now she can return kunal as if he is an object. She didnt even explain anything to kunal and expects him to go quietly. She expected mauli to accept her affair and now she expects kunal to accept this decision too. As if other people emotions are nothing. If the genders were reversed, and a man asked a woman to go away after sleeping with her, would it have been right? And in all this she will continue to play the victim. She still doesnt think she came between mauli and kunal. She thinks she is gifting kunal to mauli. As if! She still has no shame for what she did to mauli. Only tears for herself.
    Having said all that, its not like i think kunal deserve anyone’s empathy. Or love. Or a child. I hope mauli never tells him about the child. Today’s epi and precap makes me so angry! He has the audacity to shout at mauli? For nandini? Go ask nandini why she is avoiding u and treating u as an object instead of making it mauli’s fault. Mauli would have never thrown you out of her life like that. But mauli will never cheat and bring herself in that situation either. She is not a hypocrite like you. you wanted a weak woman who cant stay firm in her decisions because somewhere she knows she is wrong. Then why blame mauli? You wont forgive mauli? I wish mauli slaps you for saying that. If you were afraid something might happen to nandini, you should have taken steps for nandini’s independemce and strength like mauli was doing once. But you were busy chatting and romancing. You wanted to be protector. So how is it mauli’s fault if you could not protect your weak woman? I have given up all hope that you will ever care for mauli’s pain and thus not curse you freshly for wanting to work on your relation of two months instead of marriage of 7 years. After all, you found oxygen. And who can live without oxygen. But blaming mauli further? Wow. You deserve a woman like nandini. Go cry somewhere else.
    What is this kidnapping drama btw? Miscarriage, torture, face blackening was nt enough? Now nandini got kidnapped as well? I hope jyoti is not behind this!

    1. What is really hurtful for mauli is that knowing her for so long he couldn’t trust her. It is one thing to not live his wife but not believe the women he stayed with for 7 years for a 2 day women is unbelievable. Mauli could have slapped, humilliated, disrespected, let things go ugly with public involvement if she wanted ( and she has rights to do it, any other women would do) but unlike them she not only mantained her respect but theirs too. Kunal is as much disgusting and abusive as rajdeep. His emotional torture on mauli is not less than rajdeep physical torture on nandini. If mauli stays with him with he will make her miscarry by mentally torturing mauli. She must leave that house if not for her, for her baby’s safety

      1. Agree han. Its as if as soon as nandini’s true love magic started, kunal even forgot what kind of person mauli is. He forgot her love as well as good heartedness. I wonder if the writers have any awareness about how they are portraying the characters. Day by day kunal comes as an obsessive lover who loses all rhyme reason and humanity where nandini is concerned. Apparently, true lover becomes oxygen and everyone else carbon dioxide. Sadly, some naive people will come to think this is how true love looks like. While in reality, a woman should run in opposite direction if she meets a man like kunal! In the serial start, mauli said kunal fell for her first and thrn persuaded her until she agreed to be with him. now another woman is the subject of kunal’s persuasion and promises

  6. I wish if mauli beat both the traitors with her sandals, that bastard kunal have no guilty for being dishonest and betrayal for a wife who did everything for him and Nandini. The idiot director trying to show both traitors innocent and mauli as guilty. Two b*t*hes dida and mom herself are women but forcing mauli to save a marriage in which husband is not even sorry. Just bcz kunal is their son they want he should not punished. And meanwhile all this pregnancy drama means kunal the bastard was sleeping with both women at same time.

    1. Couldn’t agree more

  7. I really like this drama it happens in really life so no oneshould take it personal it’s just a drama you can not stop someone to fell in love again with someone again it’s all in God’s hands I am enjoying the drama n my family I feel sorry for Nandani because she did everything for Kunsl n Mauli was too busy with her job not giving time to her husband . I think it is wonderful.

  8. You know what I think that after this track mauli will either have a miscarriage. Or they will stoop even low and will come up with something like.

    Mauli and Kunal separates. Kunal knows that he has a kid but mauli will never allow Kunal to meet their child. For vahi gheesa pitta track. Kunal will meet his kid accidentally and will not recognize them. They will share a bond. Mauli will get to know about this and will forbid that kid from meeting Kunal. Suddenly the kid will turn into a rebel. Forget all the love her mother has given her and will run after Kunal because who cares that your mom has raised you single handedly , looked after all your needs, was working to give you a lavish lifestyle. Etc you just want Papa.

    Then they will show how mauli never has time for kid and is always busy with office ( well duh if you are a sole earner for a family of 4 that too in a city like Bombay what do you expect )

    Fir the child will meet Nandini. Will love Nandini more coz she is always there to cook food for the kid etc. And coz obviously working women can never be a good mother according to these writers and eventually the kid will start calling nandini maa and mauli Mumma which according to some people will indicate that Nandini is a better mother than mauli because like a said a working women is never a good mother according to these people.

    Eventually some tragedy will strike the kid will start hating mauli and go and live with Nandini and Kunal. And mauli will die alone.
    Because aurat is made for kitchen and mauli didn’t do that so she deserves to die.

    1. Aaliya Tabassum

      Well said ,sick mentalities… I can’t believe how can people support kunan.

  9. I wonder if Mauli is actually pregnant 😕 what if this is all Did and Mumma’s plan to make Mauli emotional about Kunal🙁

    1. Amrutha

      If it is true I will be most happy audience.. Bcoz I don’t want mauli to become mother of cheater kunal kid…

  10. What about the leap yaar. Excited to watch what would happen after the leap. Can anyone predict what will happen after the leap?

  11. Deepi

    Damn kunal……its better make the mauli character end…….the show is really disgusting …….and make kunal and nandhini as innocent character….. Chiiiiii……how can kunal stoop so low.we guys r watching this show only 4 mauli……its better if u end her character we won’t watch and there will be no comments or no blame of that stupids

  12. Home Editor’s Picks
    Editor’s PicksSilsila
    Shocking in Silsila: Kunal and Mauli to have an ugly fight
    By Tellyreviews1 – October 17, 2018 2
    Shocking in Silsila: Kunal and Mauli to have an ugly fight

    Shocking in Silsila: Kunal and Mauli to have an ugly fight… Dida waits for Mauli at home anxiously to know about the dinner date. Dida prays that Mauli and Kunal’s life comes on track. Mauli returns home and looks sorrowful. She cries in Dida’s lap. Kunal also comes home and tells Mauli that he wants to know, why is she fighting with Nandini. He scolds her for going to Nandini’s house and shouting on her. He says I m your culprit, I did wrong with you, she didn’t do wrong with you, I love Nandini, I don’t love you, shout on me, scold me. He asks what was the need to go to Nandini’s house, I want to know the reason. He says after you scolded Nandini, she left her house and now she isn’t answering my calls. He says you may have got peace now, if anything happens to Nandini, I will see you. Mauli asks him did he go mad, if Nandini everything for him, how can he threaten her for Nandini’s sake.

    She says I didn’t scold Nandini, she didn’t even open the door, how would I insult her, don’t you have any place for me in your heart, I would have really scolded Nandini if she faced me. Kunal has realized that he loves Nandini, and doesn’t love Mauli now. He wants to move on with Nandini. Kunal breaks his relation with Mauli, because of Nandini again. He tells Mauli that there is no love and respect left in their relation now, everything got finished.

    He wants to be loyal only to Nandini. He doesn’t want to ruin Mauli’s life. He ends Mauli’s chapter in his life and starts a new phase. He asks Mauli to move on in life. He doesn’t want to fight with Mauli to make their past relation ugly. The situation turns them into such bitter people. He doesn’t believe Mauli anymore. He is much angry on Mauli for stooping low. He wants to face everything alone and protect Nandini. Kunal and Mauli have a big argument. Mauli says Nandini was my friend, now she is my enemy, I used to trust her so much, I don’t want a friend like her, I will never forgive her. Kunal stops Mauli from speaking bad about Nandini. He asks her to curse him, not Nandini. He tells her that she will be responsible for Nandini’s pain. He says you have fallen in my sight completely today. This seems to be telecasted in the coming episodes.

    1. Thank you for the update

  13. My god ye kya hey? fr everything mouli gets blame n nandu does everything silently n act as innocent.nandu don’t spoil moulis life go n die somewhere…..

  14. I am just turning off my face from the TV when Drashti appears on screen. Horrible lady.

  15. I hate nandani or kunal

  16. Chiii kunal 😡😡😡😡😡😡😠tumna itna kaisa girl sakte ho mauli nahi tum aur Nandini fire ho sab ki nazron mein avar possible hota na mai tumhare aur Nandini ka murder kar deti chi mujhe chin aati hai ab tumhare naam se 7 years ka pyar bhul gaye aur 2 din ka pyar yaad hai tumhein o mauli ko dekho itna sab kuch hone k bad b o tumhari insult nahi ki restaurant mai o chahtin to bht kuch kar saktin thi laikin us me aisa kuch nahi kya yahi faraq Hai Tum mai aur mauli mai tum kya kahoge mauli jagah nahi Hai tumhari zindagi mai tumhari jagah nahi Hai mauli ki zindagi mai…
    A writers b Nandini ko mahan banana change hn…..
    Hum log a serial sirf mauli k liye dekh rahe hn plz mauli ko proper trac do Plzzz
    Acha Hai k mauli move on kare in cheaters k zindagi se aur naya hero Koi aaye mauli ki zindagi mai Plzzz give proper tract to mauli don’ t make Nandini & kunal innocent & blah blah

    I hate u kunal I hate u 😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠

  17. The best would be if Kunal goes behind a third woman leaving Nandini, and that woman in turn leaves Kunal. So both Kunal and Nandini gets a piece of their own cake and Mauli finds a match she deserves.
    writers are you listening

  18. The way kunal behaved with mauli is unforgivable. Though he might not love her now but he loved and lived with her for more than 7 can he thinks so low of mauli.How can he blamed her for nandini’s was mauli who saved her from rajdeep.He is behaving like some psychopath lover.He doesn’t deserve ungrateful nandini also.

  19. Aise husband ko to do laath maar kal Nikal dena Chahiye, I hate this Nandini ro rokar saari sympathy le Rae Kunal ki, muje to rajdeep Acha lagne laga ye Kunal k saamne

  20. How can kunal leave mauli

  21. mauli kunal is also cheating u not only make him realise that and live boldly.

  22. Make Mauli Strong, confident and determined to strengthen her own life.
    And when Mauli looks at Kunal and Nandini they should feel like stink garbage.
    If you love your wife you don’t cheat you solve your situation together.
    Kunal is a cheater. Nandini is a cheater.
    Mauli was hit twice in the heart with a sharp dagger. Make her stand strong now.

  23. I hate nandani.. nandani Mar jani chahiye. tabhi acha hoga

  24. I hate nandani . Mar jaye to acha hoga.. Kunal ko
    saja mile. pagal hogya h..

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