Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 11th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Mauli’s rising suspicions

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 11th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rajdeep enjoys as Mauli cries watching Kunal and Nandini together. Zoya stops her in the way and says the bond of marriage is very strong but at times its really weak. She thought her marriage was also very strong and never remember there was anything wrong. Mauli must analyze what was left in her and Kunal’s relation, only they both can correct it. Mauli was left doomed.
At home, Mamma and Dida were both of the view that whatever happened yesterday was wrong. Mamma opens the door, it was Aditya (from Bepannah). He asks about Kunal. Mamma sends him to Kunal’s room to wake him up. Kunal had a hangover and asks Aditya when he came? Aditya asks how is he. Kunal says he doesnt remmeber anything during the Visarjan. Aditya says whatever it was, it wasnt right. Zoya was

here, she told him that he danced with Nandini carelessly. He doesnt know what’s going on in his life, but he came to remind Kunal about losing uniqueness of his and Mauli’s relation. Kunal was annoyed that they have made an issue out of it. Aditya says something we forget about the effects of our actions, he must think about Mauli as well.
Aditya advices Kunal that there is no U-turn from the way he is headed towards. Kunal says someone spiked his drink, he didn’t do anything deliberately. Aditya asks Kunal to take care of Mauli and Mamma, they are really tensed. Kunal returns home where everyone sat annoyed. He explains someone mixed something in his drink, he can’t do this all deliberately. Pramilla remember watching a man mix something to their drinks. Dida and Mamma say he hurt Mauli a lot and go into their rooms. Kunal comes to Mauli and says he doesn’t know what he did yesterday, he didn’t want to hurt her at all. Mauli says she is sure he wasn’t her sober Kunal yesterday, he must be drunk but it was an eye opener for her. She realizes she can’t share him with anyone else, she is selfish. His shoulders are only for her and hugs him back.
Nandini wakes up from a hangover and watch Mauli in a hug with Kunal. She feels severe head ache. Mauli comes to her concerned. She tells Nandini someone spiked her drink yesterday. Nandini didn’t remember anything. Did she do something wrong? Mauli says she and Kunal danced together so openly, then laughs that it’s good she danced with Kunal. If it was someone else, his wife wouldn’t have spared him. Nandini walks to the other side of the hall, she was confused while tears fell off her eyes. Mauli notices her trembling hands and shares her fear that what if there was someone else. What if it was true? She was happy that at least she got a shock, she has realized her love for Kunal even more. It was her trust over Kunal and Nandini that didn’t make her react falsely. She then apologizes Nandini for shocking her since she came over. Dida comes out in the hall and appreciates their maturity. Mauli tells Nandini she got her name written in the dance competition of the society and insists on her to dance.
In the event, Mauli, Nandini and Kunal pray together. Rajdeep watch them together and wonders if his trick didn’t work. He was determined not to lose hope and continue with his attempts. Nandini was reluctant to dance. Mauli convince her to make an attempt at least.
Rajdeep comes to Tara’s makeup room saying no matter how much she attempts, Nandini must win. He is against Nandini and offers her help. Tara says had he known who she is, he must have asked for help. Both vow to help each other.
Nandini was still reluctant in the makeup room. Mauli says a bad memory has to be replaced with a good memory, so it’s important for her to take part in this competition.
On the stage, Tara and Nandini gives turns to each other. Kunal goes to get coffee for family. Rajdeep wore a mask and played as guitarist. He moves towards Nandini recalling his plan that the pin in his guitar would unzip Nandini’s blouse. Mauli and Kunal notice the untying zip from Nandini’s blouse. Kunal runs from the back of hall to the stage. He holds Nandini’s hand dancing with her and tie the zip behind. Both bend, Nandini in Kunal’s arms and share an eye lock. Nandini looks towards Mauli who had her eyes on them. The crowd cheer for Nandini. Nandini was conscious of her wardrobe malfunctioning. When Kunal returns to Mauli, he apologizes as Nandini’s zip. Mauli thanks him for reaching in time.
Tara had left the stage fuming over Nandini. Kunal comes to her and blames her to put competitor’s respect at stage just to win. Tara replies she can never do this, she is a winner through and through. She only commit a single mistake, and allowed a wrong man to dance in the group. She was unaware he might do so. Kunal asks who was he, but Tara doesn’t tell him.
Nandini returns to the makeup room to take her jewellry off. She recalls her closeness with Kunal, and Mauli’s claims over Kunal and trust over herself.
Kunal wonders what that person can be. Rajdeep comes from behind asking who it can be. Kunal grabs Rajdeep’s collar and punch him badly. Mauli watch this in silence for a while. Kunal says he would call police for coming close to Nandini in spite of restraining orders. He punches him again. Dida calls to stop, Rajdeep’s face was bleeding but Kunal spare him. Rajdeep asks Kunal to call the police, he also has a lot of complaints. Kunal challenge Rajdeep to speak whatever he wants to. Rajdeep deters that Kunal won’t be able to show his respectable face again, everyone including him, his family and the whole society will be affected by the truth. Kunal tells Dida and Mauli that he went to stage to disgrace Nandini, what if her dress had really unzipped. He considers her as his own property. She is innocent, and Rajdeep can’t continue doing anything to her. Mauli now stops Kunal from fighting anymore and calms him down. She comes to Rajdeep and curses him for being shameless. She warns Rajdeep to keep his false thinking to himself. Rajdeep tells Mauli he got beaten today only for her. He says can’t see notice why her husband is worried about Nandini. Firstly, Kunal beat him but this time it was Nandini’s lover. He will come with proofs for her, but till them it might be very late. Mauli was thoughtful.
Kunal apologizes Dida and explains it was important. He says they must let Nandini think it was only an accident. He forbids Mauli to tell anything to Nandini. Mauli was lost already and nods. Rajdeep’s words echo in her mind, their intimacy from the two day dance flash in front of her eyes. Zoya’s advices also take her mind.

PRECAP: Mauli prays in the Ganpati Visarjan. Kunal and Nandini fill each other’s face with color and hugs each other. Mauli drops the aarti thaal. It begins to rain and Mauli’s sindoor washes away.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. I agree that what Kunal and Nandini doing are wrong, but Rajdeep is crossing his limits, i mean seriously, just to prove his point he is ready to make nandini embrass.😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡

    2. Though Mouli is still in confusion🙄, but she should open her eyes👀 soon, before its too late

    3. Nandini was looking preety in white dress.😍😍😍😍😍

    4. I think Mouli is started to get doubt but she is not realising it.🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    5. It was soo good to see Tara and Nandini face off dance.👏🏻👏🏻👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    6. Most comedy😁😁😁😁 thing today: its so easy to break laws in serial, I mean according to restraining order Rajdeep should not be near to Nandini, but he is always near her and none take any action.😁😁😁😆😆😆😆😆

    7. I don’t get it other serial actors and actresses are coming and warning Mouli, but she is not able to see anything😁😁😁😁😆😆😆😆 and none other than rajdeep can see Kunal and Nandini affair😅😅😅😅😅😅

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      I missed these 3 points:

      8. may be alisha is non dancer as I get with her steps, but who dance like this in competition that to Tara character..😀😀😀😂😂😂😂

      9. I am not happy with team for showing extra matrial affair, but in dance competition music and dress were perfect .

      10. Vaise writers ki bhi hadd hai, Kunal ko Nandini ke dress ki problem itni dur se dikh gayi, and Mouli ko pass baithe hue bhi dikh gyi thi, but Mouli pass hote hue Nandini ke pass nhi puch paayi or Kunal jo coffee lene gya tha, vo puch gya😁😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      Last point to make everyone laugh, don’t know how I am missing points today…

      11. Tara said she don’t do such cheap tricks to win (Nandini Malfunction) and trusted wrong person (rajdeep), but she kills betrayal in her show who cheat in love, so if we calculate: she don’t play cheap tricks to win but can kill people who cheat😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😁

  2. Guys, many say that how come Kunal can do this when he has a wife who he loves… But do we even know if he loved her? I mean, if he was a person who simply jerks people around, he could have done that ages ago… Why nandini?

    This is just my thinking… Kunal never actually loved mauli… He liked her and maybe until he met nandini thought that mauli was his love..

    But when he met nandini, he understood what real love actually is.. and no, I’m not saying that nandini and Kunal have to be together cos of those god Wala scenes or whatever. I’m just saying it’s a possibility.

    The reason I thought of this is Kunal shows some amount of guilt at times, but upon seeing nandini it vanishes.. that’s cos he knows he loves nandini and not mauli…

    Ofc, all this doesn’t excuse his behaviour trying to have a secret relationship… I’m not supporting their hidden affair.. all I’m saying is he is not black or white.. he’s a gray shaded character who may have found the right one but is using the wrong method..

    My opinion… Please do not call me names or call the character names as well.. they’ve done an extremely great job… At least respect their craft!

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Hey Anjali may be you point about Kunal like and love is right. I may agree also, but i am not happy with production for showing this way, i mean he should divorce Mouli and start his life with Nandini, but having extra matrial affair is something wrong.

      1. Yes I totally agree if his so called love for nandhini is true better disclose it to all n get mauli out if his life why playing with mauli feeling, I don’t care whether they love or not BT both are doing very wrong for mauli who doesn’t deserve that, dono how mauli going to react,

      2. Yes I think your rite he should divorce Mauli and marry Nandini , if possible he should wait for some time , you never know he might get another girl who will be better than Nandini , wat say . Guys common on he married her and they were together for long time and now if he is finding new love then he can find the same pure love afterwards also.

      3. Yes, I agree… He should accept the truth in front of mauli… Maybe her heart will be broken.. but her pride won’t be shattered!

    2. I think he actually loved mauli but after marriage over years he felt ordinary or average in front of mauli bcz she is strong and independent and men do like to be their women’s white knight . They like to be dominant or their ego/pride are hurt. With mauli the relations was of equals but with nandini he feels important by always protecting assuring helping nandini. she needed someone to protect her for every samll things and he needed someone to feel himself powerful this probably connected them together. It is always hard for women when they are housewife husband fall for the modern colleagues but when she is successful husband feels intimidated and go to someone who can boost his ego 🙄

      1. On point, today agree

      2. Exactly my thoughts

      3. i completely agree with what you said Pia. i too think that the only reason Kunal got attached to Nandini was because Nandini will always have her bechari face on, always looking out for help. While Mauli is so strong that she is taking Kunal’s responsibilities instead of Kunal having to help her. And even though it breaks my heart to accept it, but such things do happen. Kunal just doesnt deserve a strong woman like Mauli. After 7 years of marriage with Nandini, when he will get fed up of continuous crying and Nandini wont look as beautiful anymore, then Kunal will understand Mauli’s value.

    3. Kunal met Mauli during college. They fell in love and married for love. How can someone forget love so easily?
      And there’s not only love in a marriage. But there are trust,loyalty in it too.
      Yeah marriages do break. Partners do lose interest. But breaking trust and loyalty is not the ssolution.
      If kunal doesn’t love Mauli. He must divorce her. But he shouldn’t break her trust by ema.
      She trusts him so much. And he’s not even guilty for a second.
      And the wrong in this show is that ema is glorified here. Ema is shown as innocent love. Romantic background music starts when kunan come together.
      That’s wrong!

  3. Waiting for tomorrow’s episode, mauli see what ur dear husband n so called friend are doing, seriously mauli doesn’t deserve Kunal, pls bring truth before mauli soon rajdeep

  4. Heartbreaking episode tomorrow,

  5. What a pig kunal is no consideration for the wife who loves him nd his family unconditionally and is showing nearly blind belief on him. Never saw any character more shameless than him. Is he a doctor or what, doctors have consideration and sympathy for patient with whom they don’t have any relations here mauli is the women he ones loved nd married still no regard for her feelings? He can root in hell
    Nandini is another pig, destroying the house that sheltered her even snakes would be afraid of her. If it was not for mauli rajdeep would have killed her by now till still no shame no guilt no pain over her doings. She can join kunal in hell and both can have as much skinship relation as they want. Or better kunal gets attracted to another girl in transparent saree dancing under rain and ditch her too.
    Mauli is being stupid now, comon no best friend should be that close with her bestie husband. I know she refuses to give space to doubts in order to not hurt her husband and friend and protect herself from breaking down but these jerks are just taking to much advantage of it. It is too hurtful to see someone that genuine, hard-working, loving, kind, compassionate being wronged, mocked, destroyed, humiliated by her loved ones. No women deserved to be in her place i just hope she come out of all this strong while the two pigs enjoy a lifetime of mysery

    1. 👏👏👏

  6. How can Kunal & Nandini do so? I mean they are worse than Rajdeep. How can they deceive Mauli? What she didn’t do for Nandini? Nandini is still alive just because of Mauli. And hats off to Kunal. In spite of having such a loving wife like Mauli he is having relationship with other girl. Shame on them. I don’t understand what the show is promoting. Is it trying to say that a woman should never believe another woman? If it’s so then I must say CVS having the most disgusting thought. And Mauli still trying to find excuses to believe Nandini Kunal. How they can betray such a person? hope after knowing the truth mauli leaves Kunal. there is no point of living with such a disgusting person.

  7. Nina

    The scriptwriters are unpredictable people therefore, I am waiting to see Rajdeep will falling in love with Mauli. He tries with persistence to open the true for Mauli. It would be breathtaking acrobatic stunt as in a circus.

  8. It will sound stupid buy today Rajdeep and Mauli was looking fab together and that dialog delivery of Rajdeep looking at mauli was having some passion. It would be interesting to see if Rajdeep turns positive in future but i read somewhere that after leap Rajdeep will not be there.. let’s hope for the best.

  9. why are pple so angry over s tv show
    are there no bollywood movies where man has a affair or a 2nd wife and kids. kabhi alvida na khena went to No1. why wasnt rani m given problems. pple take tv so seriously.
    just watch the show its a new concept
    if you are so sad in life to cheat in real life after watching a tv show then that is your own problem. is there no tv show in the WORLD that does not show affair or cheating
    shall i name bollywood movies that were hits

    rajdeep molested his wife cheated in front if her beat her killed the baby left her for dead sold her.
    it isnt right in moral standards but in life things happen. it shouldnt but you cannot say it never does

    in india men are married they go to look at eomen dance – is that not cheating
    women walking in the street and men looking at them even if their wife is nect to them!

    why moan n complain for a fantasy tv show lol

    i am sure there are more imporant things in the world happening that pple need to talk about and fight for.

    i would not be complsining about a affair its wrong and we will get to slowly see what happens to the story

    l am surprised that pple have not talked about a charector like rajdeep gets away
    how a man that can give so much abuse walk
    the streets. he is looking like a hero
    imagine what men of india think watching that
    most likly i can behave that way and be free.

    how many tv shows have men married n then falling for a woman ir in a love triangle

    how many pple have had forced or arranged marriage but wanted more or real love

    how many pple have fallen out of love
    but still remained friends.
    how many pple have a divorce
    rship do break. pple do drift apart sometimes they come back together sometimes they do not
    thats reality and if pple cannot accept a show which shows reality and prefer all these shows that show murder killing vengance then something is wrong

    i rather watch this show tgat watch a show of someone in family trying to kill someone and a vamp
    with drama after drama after dram till theres no story

    pples thinking amaze me in 2018

  10. Mauli must not forgive kunal and nandini both .She should not be possessive for kunal as kunal doesn’t deserve her.and break fship with nandini. We dont want mauli to forgive them.why she trusts them so much and can’t see reality?They are just making her fool. Hope she realise soon and leave them.

  11. Seriously saying I’m liking rajdeep his dialogues nd everything he is making the show funny nd enjoyable for me at least. Because I can’t see Nandini nd Kunal’s puppy love. Now here the direction is poor kunal nd Nandini r behaving like college lovers nd kunal being so shameless. They should have shown these two with some maturity but no they r acting like college lovers or something who just don’t care about family. Honestly too much trust is bad nd mauli is having so much trust on both kunal Nd Nandini which vl break her heart very badly she vl shatter completely

    Funny thing is that everyone around mauli is warning about kunal nd Nandini but she is not listening. When whole world is saying something nd u r saying different listen to the world because sometimes we r so blind in someone’s trust or love that we can’t see anything
    Good for mauli at least she is suspended now nd today there vl be blast waiting g for today’s episode

  12. Suspicious*

  13. Too much trust on friend and husband is not good. People can cheat anytime .Her fault is her nature who trust them blindly and gave them chances to come closer. Woman can’t be the best friend for woman that’s proved here.but just waiting for mauli’s reaction for both. She must not forgive them at any cost. She must leave them with self respect and dignity. But should not accept kunal again. If the makers show her journey properly then only show will get audience otherwise we can’t see mauli begging love from kunal and forgive them or repair relations. They both must suffer after cheating mauli. We are just interested in it.

  14. Os this midlife crisis for kunal? Love and all doesnt seem to be correct words here.

  15. I don’t watch this serial. Just came here to c aaditya😍 & zoya😍 part just to decide whether to watch this episode.
    I think I will watch Aadiya❤❤scenes..
    Love aadiya💖

  16. Ye Nandini k pass itna paisa kaha se aata hai ,, roz new designer dresses, flat maintainence … badhiya hai ..

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