Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 11th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Mauli apologizes to Kunal

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 11th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunal straightens up and gives his hand to Nandini. She doesn’t take it initially but when she was unable to stand, she finally takes his help. He was concerned for her injury. Kunal says he is a doctor and she needs a dressing, it’s his job. They come into the hotel. Nandini tries to get away and says they are already going home tomorrow, they will get it from their family doctor tomorrow. Raaj says they need to check the old bruises, the ones which don’t bleed. Nandini lies she fall in the bathroom. Kunal says bruises speak and tell tales to doctors. Hiding a crime is bigger than committing it. Nandini says she doesn’t understand, but Kunal says she well understands it. Often, women whose husbands are short tempered often fell off the stairs or in washroom; is her husband? Nandini

interrupts him at once. Kunal asks for her name to fill the form. Nandini says Mrs. Rajdeep Thakur. He asks for her name, not recognition. While dressing her hand, he says he is married and understands the delicacies of this relation. Marriage is a delicate relation, it is based on equality between two people, a relation of friendship not based on biases. There is no space of physical harassment. There is a place for pain, but not for beating; there can be anger but not fear and these little things turn a marriage into success or failure. Nandini agrees saying there is a space of a lot of things in a marriage, of forgiveness and compromise both, of rights and responsibilities both. Nandini says her husband is everything for her. She wants to go to her husband if he is done with his dressing. Kunal says he can’t bear injustice, it’s alright. He hands his card to Nandini, in case she ever needs him. Raaj comes out looking for Nandini and was concerned for her. He kiss her forehead. Kunal says there are more bruises than visible. Raaj says she got this bruise from the corner of bed, he even applied the ointment. He must give some medication so that she fell little less. Kunal says falling down repeatedly is a habit. He says its better Raaj came here, else he was about to call police. After Kunal had walked away, Raaj harasses Nandini for Kunal’s warning of police.
Kunal talks to Mauli on phone about their perfect wedding and the woman who was being physically harassed by her husband but won’t say a word against him. Mauli called herself lucky that Kunal was her husband, her friend and life partner. She was slept while on call. Kunal called her habit as cute.
In the room, Raaj questioned Nandini what she had spoken to Kunal about. Nandini says she didn’t say anything. Raaj counts everything he arranged for her, and all the blunders of Nandini in return. Raaj sense they must leave tomorrow morning, that children’s doctor is really dangerous and may seriously call police. He tells Nandini to call on the couch.
Nandini and Raaj stood on the balcony at night, and read the same poetry watching the moon.
The next morning, Mauli was busy with morning chaos at home. Mamma forces her to sit and eat by herself but as soon as she leaves, Mauli was again stuck. She gets Kunal’s call who was on his way back. They commit to meet each other at 3pm in theatre for movie. Mauli leaves home.
At home, Nandini was watches on television that to make up husband’s mood a wife must either sing a song to him or prepare food of his likings.
Mauli signs the contract of weekend days in a hospital. There was an emergency case which Mauli offers to take. Kunal was calling Mauli but she doesn’t attend the call. There, Kunal had bought the movie ticket, popcorn and drinks. Mauli calls him, he asks her to hurry up or the movie would start. She says she thought the movie would be 6pm show. Kunal reminds her the rule she herself made, Saturday is their day while Sunday is with family. Mauli apologizes Kunal as she won’t be able to come. Kunal cuts the call angrily and doesn’t take Mauli’s call on repeated attempt.

PRECAP: At home, Kunal was locked in washroom. Mauli explains that she knew she must have taken his permission before commitment. Kunal asks if she took the job because he has left his. There, Nandini finds out she is pregnant and is happy that everything between her and Rajdeep will now be find.

Update Credit to: Sona

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