Hi guys Aadyasha Suman here,

This book is purely dedicated to my brother whom I love a lot, Sadia Sara for her inspiration, and my mother a “Mysterious woman”.

Before starting the story I want to clear some points..

1.This book is purely imaginary any kind of character doesn’t exist.
The places and references taken in the story might be true or false.
Please don’t Google the words, places, characters and references.

2.The book is thoroughly owned under my name “Aadyasha Suman”, please do not copy the concept or plot or the story wordings.
{If want to copy the plot or concept you have to ask for permission and mention this book as a reference to your work.}

3.This book is purely written for my satisfaction and enhancement of experience in writing.
Neither the plot nor the story are copied. If any reference included will be mentioned below.

4.This book is inspired from the work of “Rabindranath Tagore”.
Inspirations to write this story:

*Sadia Dyuti {sdyuti}
*Anjali Ramprasad {Anjalir30}

5.You are free to bash or criticize my work if found any wrong. You can ask if any confusion there. Any kind of abuse will not be entertained.

6.This story plot is not going to change on anyone’s request or silly thoughts.

7.If you are reading this book please follow the first part
“THE RUTHLESS KING’S LOVE LADY” for getting the concept of the trilogy “Royal Saga” and the main character.

This book is purely a dark book. If you are sensing any kind of entertainment please don’t read further. This book contains abusive words, pain, sympathy, sorrow, death, torture and suicides.
If any reader is not able to handle these please quit the book now.

Ragini’s Pov:

“I am in love with Yuvraaj Lakshya Maan.
He is my soulmate. He saved me.”

“This sounds perfect; but I know the truth.
Yuvraaj never loved me.
For him his sister is the 1st priority.
Death will claim him and I will lose him forever.
The sight to see him forever.
Only one thing can save my love.


Author’s Pov:

“It is the greatest myths of history that one can cheat death..
I agree but one’s love story can cheat death”

Do you desire to be united as one…
Never apart both day and night? If this is your desire, I will melt you down and fuse you together.

So that you two become one and while you live you will share a single life, and  when you die, you will still be one in the world below, instead of two….

Welcome to the story of The Silent Princess and Her Saviour…

The second part of the trilogy of Royal Saga..
{1st part The Ruthless King’s Love Lady}

Where you are gonna experience the extraordinary and breathtaking collide of Life and Death….


This is insane and lunatic but I am writing this Historical Fiction on Raglak.The whole credit goes to the Raglak fans on whose request I am writing this.

I want clear the first part THE RUTHLESS KING’S LOVE LADY is a Swasan book.

Many details of this book are there in the first part.

I will be continuing the story after my exams From Mid May.

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  1. waiting eagerly for it

    1. Aadyasuman

      Hmm thanks I can’t promise bt it’s gonna start after swasan marriage in part 1as theses stories r interlocking

  2. Interesting and thanks for Raglak story. Plz continue

    1. Aadyasuman

      U welcome dear n I M nt a RAGLAK basher bt do read the swasan book 1st to get the idea of this book

    1. Aadyasuman

      Thanks dear

  3. Aashi

    Awesome! ?

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      Thanks dear I guess u follow the Ruthless King’s love Lady

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        Yup I do


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    awesome dear…

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