His silent one sided love devakshi os

One sided love, its painful thing many say so?? Is it really?I was lone guy in my world,I have many for supporting me,yet I have no one to love me.Life gives us many turns so we may go into right path.

This is my fav thought

How much ever you knock someone’s door or turn knob ,the door won’t open until its destined for you to go in.

Oh !I forgot to introduce myself,I’m dev rathore ,heir of only rathore empire ,perhaps a lonely empire.According to me,life has many twists n new entry ,some breaking moments,some moments to enjoy,some to choose ur life n some to decide ur route,some to love n live.

I met her sonakshi sinha,beautiful girl I have ever seen in my whole life. I loved her so much with all my heart.

According to dev law:love is a pure feeling which we give to other,yet expect nothing in return.

I loved her cute antics,her lovely smile n her boldness.I decided to propose her.it was a beautiful day in my life.I brought her fav chrysanthemum n went.I was madly searching her ,I stopped her standing with tears n smile in her face.she took boquet from his hands n mine fell down.She accepted to hirans proposal.Tears made its way through my eyes.

Yamma yamma kaadhal ponnama
Nee ennavittu ponathu ennama

Nenjukkule kayamachamaa end pattampuchi sayam pochammaa

Dev rathore cried more n more.He consoled himself.He got question to his answer.does one side love give pain.No,extremely no.Though she’s not with him he wanted her to be happy.

Dev became sonas friend after that.she became his best friend.He never stopped loving her.Infact he could never do so,his heart was only for sona.though she didn’t love him.He loved her from bottom of his heart. For him seeing her happiness he could live.

He arranged party for hiran n sonas marriage. He made everything best.sona thanked him.Dev was doing the things by himself.He danced on song

In vizhigalil vizhuntha natkalil…plays

Tears slipped from hia eyes.He saw sona sitting on mandap happily,he smiled seeing her one last time.He took his bag n went outside mandap .He looked at the Sky n said really one side love is a special feeling that cannot be valued or priced.in one side love there are no limitations.He started devakshi orphanage n took care of the children like his own.He was youngest business tycoon.

He saw sona living happily with hiran ,this made him happy.

Love is not all about our happiness its seeing happiness in the joy of other person we love. That was Dev love for sona…his silent one side love….

Guys I just want to post this ,that too on devakshi.Hope u remember me .pls comment how’s this

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    ?rula diya yaar

  2. Aarti32

    So emotional n touching!! But luvly

  3. V.V.harshita

    It was so….emotional first time a story like Sona marrying Someother guy and Dev crying fr it !!!! I really loved this OS
    Best OS
    I have tears in my eyes
    Do cm bak wid another on -Akshada

  4. Darshana

    Firstly you have got excellent writing skills…i loved it though sona and dev didn’t unit…..
    i really liked that thought which is written on the top..”how much ever you knock the door or turn its knob it wont open unless and until it is destined for you”…..
    keep posting here?

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