Silent Love(Episode 14)

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Sorry,sorry,sorry,sorryyyyyyy, really sorry for the delay.Though i am on vacation right now i have soo many assignments nd projects to complete that i am hardly getting any time to write.Nd i decide to write something the server is down(pouts).Anyways i am trying nd will try to update more regularly.If not please understand and forgive me.Ok now lets continue…..


Sanlak,swaragini,uttara and parirsh are chatting.Suddenly Adarsh gets a call from Monica.He picks it up nd becomes worried.
Adarsh:What??? Monica are u crazy? How can u be so irresponsible!! Uggh,ok fyn i’m coming.He keeps the phone.
Pari:Adharsh what happened? And where are u going?
Adarsh:Monica lost some important documents.I have to go.We have a meeting tomorrow.
Pari:Hmmmmm,but be careful πŸ™ .
Adarsh(cupping her face):Don’t worry, i’ll be back soon.
Uttara(coughing):Bhai i thought u had to go to the office urgently.But i guess u r more comfortable here.
Laksh:Obviously Uttara,ab bhai ke office mein bhabhi jitni khoobsurat ladki kahan πŸ˜‰ .
Sanskaar:Not more than bhabhi but there is someone who is not less than her,Monica. Swara stares angrily at him.
Laksh:Oh yaa, our own sweet Mona darling.Bhai appoint her as my PA when i join the office . I swear i will work so hard that papa would be proud of me.Afterall , with a PA like that anybody would love to come to office everyday. Ragini was fuming with jealousy nd looking at Laksh as if she will throw him down the terrace.Laksh sees her and gets scared.
Adarsh:Bas karo,now i’m really late.He goes.

All ladies are having dinner and chatting.AP accidently drops a glass and it breaks.She sees Adarsh going.
AP:Where are u going Adarsh?
Adarsh:Office maa.I will come back soon.He touches dadi and sumi’s feet nd goes out.He informs DP nd touches Shekha and dadaji’s feet and goes.
Sujata:Jiji,glass breaking is not a good sign right?
Sumi:Nothing will happen,its just glass.And all this ancient superstitions don’t really work.Don’t worry i’ll just clean this mess.AP nods but is worried.

Back to terrace:

Uttara:I just now realised that there is only one married person among us nd we all r singles.So bhabhi,care to share some thoughts about love? Sanslkaar signls her to say something in favour.Parineeta understands and smiles.
Pari:I maybe the only one married.But i’m definitely not the only one in love.I am sure all of u have been in love at some point of time.Ragsan become sad.
Swara:Haan bhabhi.Ragini here has experienced this feeling.Nd she evn understands this feeling very well.Ragini gives her a death stare.
Ragini:Yeah sure not only me evn u.I LIKED someone in past.U LOVE someone in present.Sanskaar becomes shocked and thinks that Swara likes someone else.
Pari:I u really sure that u have gotten over ur previous crush and u never LOVED him?
Ragini:Yeah Bhabhi.
Pari:Ok Swaragini,Sanlak and Uttara.Let me ask u all to tell bout ur ideal person.
Uttara:My ideal person should be tall,strong nd extremely hot.Girls should be jealous to see him with me.But he should only love me.
Sanskaar:Someone who is pretty,bubbly nd simple.Nd most important who is LOYAL.Because baaki cheezein don’t matter much,but u can maintain a relationship only if both are loyal.
Laksh:MEre liye koi mere takkar ki honi chahiye.If i try pulling her leg,she should give good sarcastic comments to shut me.If i am angry,she should know how the calm me in a loving yet bossy manner.Loyal,ofcourse she should be.She should be more like a friend.Who loves me a lot,evn with my flaws.But at believes in being herself.In short i need someone who is a teekhi mirchi.Ragini rolls her eyes.
Swara:My ideal guy should be kind hearted,who knows to smile through his sorrow,who wouldn’t dare to hurt anyone how much ever upset he is(Sanskaar remembers wen he angily scolded Swara nd pushed her nd he feels guillty),who will not leave me no matter what problems come.
PAri:And Ragini u?
Ragini:Idk someone who is tall,humorous,not hot or handsome but atleast cute.Hardworking,intelligent.Needs to be independent(Laksh listens with interest nd thinks about being more serious bout his life.)He should love me a lot d remain loyal of course,instead of cheating on me then claiming of loving me.She looks at Laksh nd he looks down with guilt.
PAri:Acha tell me did the person u like have all these qualities?
Ragini:Not all hardly few.That’s y i just liked him.
Pari:Offo let me complete.Ok before him did u get attracted to anyone?
Ragini:Yes,a lot of ppl.Laksh gets jealous.
Pari:And after him?
Ragini(stammering):N..No.Laksh becomes happy knowing this.
Pari:There,point proved.U never could forget this guy.Though he didn’t have all the qualities in ur list,u ignored his flaws and fell for him.And unknowingly u evn remained loyal to him.Nd all this happens only in love.Swasanlak smile while Ragini looks confused.

Precap:Adarsh in problem.Raj proposes Ragini.

Guys i know i shouldn’t be encouraging superstitions and all.But just like in serials,i added it to make the stoy more dramatic.I personally do not believe in superstitions.Hope u guy liked it πŸ˜€


  1. Akshata

    |Registered Member

    pari was right but i am still confused abt what was exactly happened between raglak?
    coming to update its awesome.

    • Shipra


      Thanks a lot πŸ˜€
      And about Raglak,i told in my previous episodes.They liked each other in school but never confessed.Then one day Laksh proposed another girl and insulted Ragini,because of which she told she would never love him and ignored him.Now he is trying to win her heart again and Swasan are trying to unite them. Hope your doubt is cleared πŸ™‚

  2. Swasan

    Nice…I think Mona plan some dangerous which cause change adhpari life.. .
    Finger cross aisa na ho

  3. SPP

    |Registered Member

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    So sweet is Pari
    I didn’t understand why Ragini was confused
    Waiting for the next one………..

    • Shipra


      Thanks a lot πŸ˜€
      Ragini always thought that love is a waste of time and it would never happen to her.She thought she would just be attracted temporarily to people but would never fall in love. And definitely not with Lucky after what he did.But when Pari made a valid point,she will obviously get into thinking πŸ˜€

  4. lisa

    who r raj and monica?
    which actor played these characters
    love rags so much she’e awesum a total teeki mirchi

    • Shipra


      Raj is Ragini’s best friend and obssessed lover.He never confessed but he is totally obssessed with her.So he is the main villian in their life.Played by Ravjeet Singh.
      Monica is Adarsh’s PA who was also in his college but he never noticed her.Though she is rich she joined as his PA to be close to him.She also has a brother,Aryan Khanna,who fell for Pari when he met her at Maheshwari Mansion. Played by Madhura Naik and Mohit Abrol respectively.

      Thanks πŸ™‚ . Glad u liked Ragini πŸ˜€

  5. little princess

    Awesome… Loved it…discussion abt their love was good enough… Good job.. Continue.. Update next part soon

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