Silent Love(Episode 13)

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Thanks a lot people.I am glad u r enjoying my ff.Nd the best part is that few ppl could evn relate to my ff πŸ˜€ .I am trying hard to give equal importance to both

Swasan and Raglak.Since in the beginning few episodes i concentrated more on Raglak,I am including more Swasan scenes now-a-days.Also like i said i am also giving some
importance to Parirsh and Uttarya.Hope i am keeping my promise πŸ™‚ .Ok now let’s continue….

Gadodia Mansion:

Swara was dressed in a beautiful anarkali(U can imagine her in any of her anarkalis in the serial as all her dresses are pretty πŸ™‚ ).She was trying to put her chain.Sumi comes nd helps her.
Swara:Thanks maa πŸ™‚
Sumi:Thanks chodo,why were u giggling in kitchen when Ragini told that u both will get married in same house?Nd what did u mean Ragini got her perfect groom?Is she seeing someone?
Sumi:Shona,u r not goin to lie to me.I am ur maa not dadi.So don’t hesitate.
Swara:Actually maa…apna kaan do
Sumi:Kaan?U can tell me directly also.
Swara:Deewaron ke bhi kaan hote hai.Besides dadi always has perfect timing.Also if Laado gets to know i told u everything she will bury me alive.So give me ur ear.Sumi bends nd Swara tell everything in her ear.Sumi is shocked.
Sumi:But she always used to say she doesn’t believe in love.
Swara:I know maa but i told u everything.Nd anyways,those who say they don’t believe in love end up having the best love stories <3
Sumi:Yes,btw do u like someone? πŸ˜‰
Swara(Blushes):Maa,aap bhi naa :$ .
Ragini:Kya khusur phusur chal rahi hai? Ragini comes out of the washroom wearing the blue anarkali(Which she wore in the promo where she was stabbed by Kavya).
Sumi:Woh..I was saying that today both my daughters are looking soo pretty,that incase u ppl are not seeing anyone I will ask ur dad to get ur marriage fixed with his frnds sons.
Ragini:Maa now u don't start.I wore this dress on dadi's insistance.If u start behaving like dadi i will go nd change my dress.
Sumi:Acha baba sorry i won't repeat.U both get ready soon.(Door bell rings)I think they arrived.Come down soon.She leaves.

Maheshwari family came nd r welcomed by Gadodia family.Laksh seemed least bothered about what other people were talking.Swaragini come downstirs.Sanlak sees them nd is
mesmerised nd shocked at the same time.
Laksh:Sanky,y am i seeing Ragini here.Am i still sleeping?If yes please wake me up.I can't romance her infront of the family.Or evn better,u take the whole family out nd just leave me nd Ragini here.Rest i will handle.
Sanskaar:Shut up Lucky.I am toast right now.First I imagined Swara in the washroom under the shower with me.Nd now i am seeing her here.I srsly think i need to get
myself treated now.Or else i will go mad. Swaragini notice Sanlak nd they r equally shocked.
Swara:Laado am i imagining or r they really here.
Ragini:I guess they really r here.
Shekhar:Dp these r my 2 beautiful daughters.Swara and Ragini.They both were born at the same time,but r poles apart,from looks nd from behaviour.But still united.Nd both r unique in their own way.If Swara is the moon which lightens the darkness in our lives,then Ragini is the sun which gives rays of hope.Both r very different but if trouble falls on any one of them,then the other face the trouble as protecting sheild.And i really wish they evn get married in the same house nd live together forever.Swasan smile.Laksh smiles at Ragini while she shows nakhra. Dp is really impressed with Swaragini.
Dp:Ur daughters are reall diamonds.My Rp's both children are hardworking nd polite.My son Adarsh too is hardworking and has contributed a lot for the company's success nd Laksh is also good(Laksh pulls his collar up nd looks at Ragini)in sleeping,eating and spending his father's hard earned money.Ragini giggles while Laksh gives his father a y-u-do-this-to-me look :sob: .
Ap:He is not that bad thoughHe is kind hearted nd respect elders.He is just a bit careless.I am sure if he gets a good life partner then his life will come on the right track.Laksh winks at Ragini.Parineeta sees this.
Pari:By any chance do u ppl know each other?I mean u both r in same college.
Swara:Haan bhabhi,we r evn friends.Infact Sanlak nd Laado were in same school too.I was in a differnet school though(pouts).Sanskaar smiles.
Dadaji:Acha leave all this.We can talk about all this later.Lets go have food.Everyone goes to the dining room.All men sit nd ready to eat while all ladies stand.Ragini was xtremely hungry and complaining to Swara while the latter asked her to have patience.Laksh sees this nd feels bad for Ragini.Suddenly he gets an idea.
Laksh:I think Uttara,Pari bhabhi and Swaragini should also have food with us.Later on while all men talk,we youngsters can go up nd have a chat.Nd all the beautiful ever young ladies can have their food nd gossip.
Dadi:No chora,u ppl eat first.U ppl are anyways in college together so u will evn get time then.Parineeta makes a puppy face and looks at Adarsh.
Adarsh:No dadi,i think Laksh is right.Evn Pari and Uttara will like Swaragini's company.
Uttara:Don't talk for me bhai.I will definitely enjoy.But u could have just said that u can't see Bhabi hungry.Everyone laugh while Parirsh blush.Dadi agrees nd after
having food,all men go to the lawn to have a chat,while all youngsters go to the terrace to talk.

On the way to terrace Parineeta stops Sanskaar.
Pari:Sanskaar,I am more like a friend to u and Laksh.Will u not tell me about Laksh's girlfriend?Sanskaar hesistates but then agrees.
Sanskaar:Ok bhabhi but u r not going to anything to Adarsh bhai.He tell everything to Parineeta.
Pari:Wow what a cute story.But what kind of a brother are u.U r not evn trying to unite them :angry: .
Sanskaar:Nahi bhabhi we r trying.
Pari:We?Who else is included in this we?
Sanskaar:Me nd Swara.Nd now u too,please bhabi,u will help us right?U r soo nice and beautiful Adarsh bhai is really lucky to get u.Please make our Lucky lucky too.Please help us.He tries buttering her.
Pari:Bas bas.Stop buttering i will definitely help.Ragini is a nice girl,nd Shekhar uncles daughter too.She also has the potencial to change Lucky for good.I will definitely help.
SanskaaR:Thank you bhabhi.U r the best .Pari smiles nd starts goin but turns nd says…
Pari:Btw evn Swara is really sweet πŸ˜‰ .She leaves Sanskaar is shocked :flushed: but then smiles nd scratches his head.

Precap:Terrace scene

Hope u guys liked it πŸ˜€


  1. little princess

    Amazing dear..loved it…loved the way dp said that lucky is also good in sleeping, eating n spending money of his father’s hard earning..hehehe..lucky’s look was was so funny…most of the parents praises their children like this… Its really embarassing if such situation comes for us…but if it is for others then its really funny…
    I also loved shekhar’s description about his was so sweet…wanna see more swasan scene.. Also like to see raglak ka nok jhok.. Update next part asap

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