Silent Love(Episode 11)

Episode 10

The episode continues with Swaragini finishing their dinner nd coming to their room after a long tiring yet anjoyable day.Ragini is sitting infront of her mirror nd is combing her hair,smiling while thinking bout Laksh.On the other hand Swara is sitting near the window nd listening to songs while closing her eyes nd smiling.(What exactly is she listening to?? (o_O))


It is shown that Swara had recorded Sanskaars song in her mobile.She smiles looking at Sanskaar.

Flashback ends

Yes she is listening to the song which Sanskaar sang,not just once or twice but repeatedly infinite times,skipping the part which Kavya sang πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰ .Ragini sees Swara’s reflection in the mirror.She gets suspicious seeing Swara smiling.So she quietly goes nd stands beside her,going as close as she can to listen to what she is listening.Since Swara’s eyes is closed she didn’t realise this.When she opens her eyes to skip Kavya’s part she see Ragini close to her nd is shocked.
Swara:Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….Laado what r u doin????!!!!!
Ragini:Shona keep quiet i was just trying to know the reason for ur smile.
Swara:That,all is ok but y were u standing so close to me?
Ragini:Arre baba,to hear what u were listening to πŸ˜€
Swara:Oh god,y don’t u come to the point what were u doing here??!!! Swara couldnt hear anything as she haid her earphones on.Ragini removes it.Swara realises nd gives an embarrased expression.
Ragini:I wanted to know this…Saying this she snatched Swara’s Mobile.The earphones come out nd the music was now audible to both Swaragini.Ragini is shocked to know that Swara had recorded Sanskaar’s song.
Ragini:Shona,u recorded Sanky’s song???? But y??
Ragini:Omg , w8 does that mean..OH MY GOD!!!!!!(She starts screaming nd jumping on bed with happiness.)OMG,OMG,OMGGGGGGGGGGGG MY SISTER iS IN LOVE ND THAT ALSO WITH MY BEST FRIEND!!!Aaaaaaaaaaaaa . Swara blushes but composes herself nd tries to calm Ragini.
Swara:Calm down Laado,it’s nothing like that,i just liked his singing…..
Ragini:Oh really,that’s y u were listening to his song repeatedly,nd that also with a smile(she said in a teasing way).U don’t tell me anything now a days.U don’t love me anymore.(Makes a pout) Jaao,i don’t want to talk to u.
Swara:Acha ok baba i’ll tell.I’m not sure bout love,but yeah i think i do kind of like……
Swara(Angrily):Stop screaming if somebody comes then we will get into problem.
Ragini:Ok ok i’m’s just that i’m soo excited..but w8 do u know bout his past?
Swara:Yes Laado,i know.Lucky told me.Nd idk y but it kind of hurt me,not only the fact that he loved someone else,but also that he was betrayed by the person he truly loved.
Ragini:Now i realise,u don’t like him.U love him.This is love idiot.U r jealous,at the same time u care bout him :’)
Swara:But i don’t think he feels the same for me.
Ragini:Who know maybe he does maybe he doesn’t πŸ˜‰ But this is soo cool.I’m so happy for u.
Swara:Evn i’m happy.We came to the world together,lived together,face hurdles together,nd we’ll also end up getting married in same house.Nd best part is our bestfrnds will become our jiju.
Ragini:Ikr..(She realise what Swara said)No we won’t end up in same house.Nd ur bestfriend will not be ur jiju.
Swara:Offo come on Laado,i saw u both today.How u were blushing nd smiling.U both r perfect.Evn destiny wants u 2 to be together.Ur heart too wants the same,but u stubborn as always.
Ragini:How do u know what my heart wants?
Swara:Ragini,we r not only sisters.We r twins.Though non-identical,still we r.We do not have only blood relations.We r more close than that.Normal siblings stay with eachother after a gap of few years.We r together since we were in maa’s womb.Obviosly i will know what u feel.
Ragini:Uff uff…if u really know then y r u forcing me.if u know i love him,y r u not able to know that i’m hurt.
Swara:But he loves u Laado.
Ragini:I know that.
Swara(Shocked):What??!! U know it?? Ragini nod.
Ragini:I know it since a long time.Infact i evn know that he fell for me before i fell for him.But his behavior proved otherwise.Even after that incident i know he loved me.I could see him,looking at me,trying to talk to me,but i always ignored.So that i don’t breakdown.
Swara:When u know,then y r u still ignoring him?HE really does love u.Nd evn u do.
Ragini:Idk Shona,idk what he feels,idk what i feel,i dunno what i am doing or y i am doin.Idk anything.Em not evn trying to find out.
Swara:If u r not trying then try to find out.Or atleast start a new beginning.Evn god wants u two to unite.That is y u both ended u in the same college.Think about it Laado.Ragini thinks.

Maheshwari Mansion:


Sanskaar is lying on his bed thinking about Swara.He was smiling thinking bout Swara’s dance.Laksh comes after taking shower nd sees Sanskaar smiling.He goes near her ear.
Laksh:Bhai don’t replay her dance soo much,she will get tired dance in ur mind.Sanskaar comes back to his senses.
Sanskaar:Kuch bhi,i was not thinking bout her.
Laksh:Yeah yeah,i know.By bro,after a long time sits on the bed playing the guitar,nd smiling while thinking bout someone.All this started happening since the time he met Swara.U think i’m stupid not to understand?
Sanskaar:Nothing like that.
Laksh:Agar dekha jaaye toh she is not that bad.Infact she is awesome.First time wen i saw her i thought she is really innocent nd sweet knind of girl.(Sanskaar remembers their first meeting).Then when i saw her dancing one the first day,i thought she is traditional,sudheel-sanskaari types(Sanskaar remembers her dance in the event)Nd then nd the mall nd party wen we spoke a lot,i realised how cool she is(Sanskaar remebers the mall incident where he helped her to choose the dress nd the party.He smiled).Maybe she is not as modern as Rags.But she has her own unique style.She simple yet bubbly.Nd now u r imagining about her. πŸ˜‰
Sanskaar(Laughin):U noticed soo much about her.
Laksh:Lol..(He acts like smelling)..w8 yeah jalne ki boo kahan se aa rahi hai…(He hold sanky nd moves him here nd there)Oh god..jalne ke kaaran tu pura kala padh gaya hai…shit i shouldn’t have made u so jealous.Sanskaar pushes Laksh nd he falls on bed laughing.
Sanskaar:Btw while u were busy noticing her,i was busy noticing someone else πŸ˜‰
LAksh:Acha?(Takes a pillow)Let me hear. πŸ™‚
Sanskaar:Ragini was not always padaku.She was always cool nd different.Though she was interested in nothing,but her talks make her interesting.(Laksh smiles).She is a bit mature but childish,a lot.Infact sometimes i doubt is she is of our age.Laksh smiles nd thinks bout their childhood while hugging the pillow.


Ragini was walking in the corridor to her friend’s class.Laksh was standing near her friend’s class.She gets into her class nd hides as Laksh was standing over there.She opens the door nd peeps out to see if he is gone but finds him standing right outside the door.She gets embarrassed nd runs out of the class,while he laugh at her innocence nd childishness.
Laksh(To himself):Pagal hai…or cute bhi…He smiles. πŸ™‚

Flashback ends:

Sanskaar:She is very sincere in her work too.(Laksh remembers the qiz incident in their childhood) Nd after coming to this college i realised that she is talented as well(Laksh remebers the dance in the party.)Nd yeah i’m not talking bout her talent of dancing or giving sarcastic comment.I’m talking bout her singing.
Laksh:I know that since we met bhai…I heard her singing…nd i evn know she is a trained Sitar and guitar player though she prefers Sitar over guitar.
Sanskaar:Wow,tune toh mujhse bhi zyada research karli.
Laksh:I’m doing her research since childhood Sanky.I know everything bout her.But u must work a bit a bit more hard to find my bhabi’s likes nd dislikes.
Laksh:Haan,bhabhi.Though i can help u but u only work hard.It feels good to know bout facts when u work hard to find them out.Sanlak laugh.

Precap:Dunno πŸ˜›

I am not a good writer.I’m just trying to improve.So hope u guys liked it πŸ™‚ . Drop ur suggesstions,comments nd criticism in the comment box. πŸ˜€


  1. Gazal

    nice story shipra ..I like it. btw I’ve a question.. if swara & ragini r non-identical twins, then who will play the double role–helly or tejaswi???

    • soumya

      Gazal non identical means twins whose faces are different.. Different genes but still born at the same tym from same mother.. Twins always need not to be identical.. N haa.. Shipra u r awesome.. Actually i don’t get tym for reading ff as my exam is approaching.. But i just clicked here n saw a beautiful ff with beautiful words.. Keep writing.. Do read my ff too swasan don’t hate me season 1 n 2.. I promise after 24 i will commemt on each n every chappy..

  2. SPP


    |Registered Member

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Lovely epi DEAR
    Loved each and every part
    Waiting for the next one……..

  3. Gazal

    oops…sorry…I don’t know the fact about twins. Thanks soumya for the clearing my doubts.

  4. Megha123


    |Registered Member

    Awsm part loved swaragini sanlak’s convo it’s too amazing & ha try to post nxt part ASAP otherwise I would die of anxiety.

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