Silent Love (Episode 1)

Happy to see that u people like the intro.Nd em not sure if i uploaded the 1st part b4.So i em uploading it again.If i did upload it b4 then i em sorry 😛 .Results of

votes r as follows: Swasan and Raglak ==> 15 , Ragsan and Swalak ==>8
But don’t worry guys the voting lines r still open for next few episodes. Nd for the additional characters : Kavya ==>Roop Durgpal , Monica ==>Madhura Naik ,
Shaurya ==> Paras Arora , Raj ==> Ravjeet Singh. So the episode starts xd ..

A girl is shown walking in a house with a tensed expression while looking at her watch. She is wearing a salwaar suit(The kind ragini used to wear at night towards the beginning). Her dadaji calls her from behind,
Dadaji : Shona, kya hua itni pareshaan kyu hai?
The girl turns,yes she is our Swara.
Swara : Dekhiye na Dadaji, it is 12:30 nd this idiot has not come yet.
Dadaji : Aa jayegi , kyun hamesha tension leti hai.
Swara : Dadi ko pata chala to uski arthi uthegi.
Dadaji : Agar Jhansi ki rani ko pata chala toh tu use samjha lena , nahi toh Ragini bholi si shakal banake use manalegi , acting like her. Swara laughs.The doorbell rings,
Dadaji : Dekh aa gayi
Swara : Aaj uski khair nahi.She goes nd opens the door.A girl peeps in with her tongue out,gives a cute smile nd says,
Girl : Arre pataka, aisa kyun muh banaya hai jaisi abhi phatne wali hai.Koi ladka tujhe aise dekhega toh uske dil mein tabahi mach jayagi.
Swara : Ragini , yeh koi time hai aneki? Yes she is Ragini.She is wearing a red knee-length frock with a ponytail.
Ragini : Arre yaar idhar hi class legi kya, jhansi ki rani pakad legi. Swara lets her in nd as they were about to go in their room her dadi calls,
Dadi: Kaun hai wahan ? Both hide behind the sofa.As dadi starts walking,dadaji calls he from behind,
Dadaji : Arre Paro kahan jaa rahi ho?
Dadi: Jee mujhe kuch awaaz aayi.
Dadaji: Tujhe meri dil ki dhadkano ke alawa sa kuch sunayi deta hai.Kab se paro paro keh raha hai.Tune toh mujhe bina sharab ke devdaas bana diya.Swaragini giggle.
Dadi(blushes) : Kya aap bhi,koi sun lega toh kya sochega.Chaliye. They go to their room nd then swaragini go to their room nd burst into laughter.Then Ragini changes her clothes nd sits on her bed.
Swara: Laado what do u think about love?
Ragini:According to me,love nd relationship is a waste of time.I mean they don’t even last.All this is just temporary.Y waste time being in a relationship,loving someone then be depressed after breakup.Life mein kya kam problems hai?
Swara: Oh common laado,love is the most beautiful thing.It makes u strong nd capable to face difficulties.
Ragini:Galat,it makes u weak and completely dependent.
Swara: Love is caring for one another.
Ragini:Love is one person caring too much nd the other caring too less.
Swara:Laado,u urself fell in love.Then how can u say such things?
Ragini:Shut up Shona, i never fell in love.
Swara:U did but u won’t accept.Maybe u still love him.Ur silent love 😉 .
Ragini:Uggh tujhe se toh baat krna hi bekaar hai.Gdnyt.Nd she sleeps.Swara tries calling her but then gives up nd goes to sleep with a smile.Ragini gets up nd starts thinking.
Ragini is sitting in the last seat nd asking doubts to teacher.After clearing her doubt,she turns to look at her book.As she turns she looks at a boy staring nd smiling at her.Her heart skips a beat but she ignores nd continues with her work.The teacher sees him nd scolds him.So he turns front.Ragini looks at him nd smiles.
Flashback ends
Ragini(thinks):Huh,silent love my foot.”But if u don’t love him,then y does ur heart ache everytime u think about him” her inner voice said. Ragini had no answer to this.She decided not to think abut it nd went to sleep.

Precap: Sanlak intro.Swaragini nd Sanlak meet in college.

Soo guys as i said the voting lines are open nd u can still vote for ur favourite pair.Keep reading 😉 …


  1. Fairy

    Woowwww jst loved rags charecter…n u can make any pair raglak or ragsan ur choice..jst love ur ff…n want more ragini scenes ragini..

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