Silent Love – RAGLAK OS

Silent Love –RAGLAK OS
I actually wrote this os on swasan ..i thought to pen it down for raglak too
swasan link:Here
Sooo I hope you guys enjoy this os

The gadodia mansion was whole in chaos and hustle bustle here and there as it was the wedding of their one and only daughter ragini gadodia …
Both laksh and ragini didn’t see each other…..they only met once before the marriage was fixed and then laksh was never bothered too meet her..on the other hand she thought he was busy in his work …
The marriage was fixed by shekar gadodia and durgaprasad maheshwari.. It was an arranged marriage ..
Being a girl with values and well cultured Indian girl she was ready to marry the person choosed by her parents… On the other hand laksh thought that it was deal btwn their parents as the merger happened btwn maherari’s and gadodia’s…..which is not true…
Laksh didn’t believe in love and all stuff …he was forced to marry ragini gadodia…
As laksh parents thought she would be a perfect match for their son…
Finally the wedding was done and after a long ride they reached home and she was taken to his room.
She was amazed seeing the room as though been such a famous business tycoon his room was quite simple. It was elegant and classy for sure but still; simple. Now this was the room; where she would be spending the rest of her life.
She was made to sit on the bed with her veil on her face and that is when all of a sudden the newly wedded feeling engulfed her nerves. He would be here in any moment… her husband. The person she would be living with and living for! It was the start of the new phase of her life and she was so nervous about everything and 100 questions were running through her mind like how would it be; how were things gona work; how would he be with her; would he understand her and etc etc..

She waited for him the whole night but he didn’t arrive at all….finally the tiredness of the whole wedding took her off and she slept in the same position….next morning she got up early and glanced at room in hope that she would find laksh but all in vein…she got up and thought to get ready and go downstairs hoping that she would get to know laksh’s whereabouts … she went to freshen up and then got ready in pink saari …she went near dressing table wore her mangalsutra ,sindoor and did minimal makeup ..then she got up and turned around found laksh going to washroom…then she called him and said
R: laksh where were you ….i was waiting for whole night..
Laksh turned around saw ragini she looked beautiful ..elegant in her simple look then suddenly remembered about the deal and said
L: ragini how dare you question me… who are you to ask me ??(in stern voice)
Ragini was shocked at his sudden outburst …tears were trickling from her eyes…
R: laksh what are you saying I am your wife…
L: I will not accept this marriage….it’s not the marriage it is deal btwn our parents get that in your mind and haa remember you’re my lawfully wedded wife for the world outside and happy couple for our parents out there….soo pretend to be happy..
R: what are you saying laksh …if you didn’t want to marry me why did you do this to me…you would have told me…if you could not say no …I would have said noo ..why laksh why did you do this to me…
she catch hold collar while she reapeatedly asking the same question….and she sidled down sat on the floor and started crying..
laksh just left from there as if he is not affected …though somewhere he was feeling guilty and effected…they pretended to the happy couple till they reached Mumbai as maheshwrari’s Mumbai branch was handled by laksh … they didn’t try to talk in the whole journey…ragini thought to try and make her wedding workout between both…
They reached Mumbai ,went to laksh’s lavishing three bedroom apartment …. Laksh showed ragini room to her and kitchen and introduced to his maid kantha amma who would clean the house and cook …..he then asked her to not to come in his way or interfere in his life…and he made clear if you want anything don’t ask him..
IT’S BEEN ONE YEAR SINCE THEY GOT MARRIED….for the first eight month’s ragini tried to mend their relationship ,she tried to talk with him ,do his work but all went in vein … because laksh started going early In the morning before ragini could get up and coming in late night ragini after ragini slept..
Ragini was slowly getting depressed day by day she has no one to talk with and about her feelings …she can’t let out the truth to the world …that she is broken into million pieces ….she tried to get over it she asked laksh that she could do a job of teacher but laksh was adamant and said no to her as it would be his prestige issue ….she slowly stared taking sleeping pills….she was alive but more than dead she was ….
On the other side laksh’s misunderstanding got cleared….he was guilty over his act…he could not face her…slowly he started distancing himself from her…though he kept her in check but was completely unaware of the depression and sleeping pills..
One fine day laksh got call from his home ,ragini’s cell he totally ignored it…..and when kantha amma called him ,he picked the call and was shocked …then he rushed to city hospital..
Laksh was outside ragini’s emergency ward….waiting for doctor to come soon and tell her situation ,how is she….and tell ragini he can’t live without…what is he thinking he questioned his mind…then he got his answer that he is love with ragini ……
They say- Love is the realization that someone is more important to you than yourself. And its meaning, he couldn’t understand until today.He had fallen for her without even realizing or wanting.
Love-A four letter small word but held a deeper meaning. He doesn’t know why he love her. He doesn’t know if he love her outer beauty or her inner beauty more, may be both! He doesn’t know any reason to say why he love her. He simply love her.
Does he even has the right to call her his? Even after how much he had hurt her? He didn’t knew. (questioned himself)
He doesn’t know if she will accept him after what he had done to her. She might forgive and take him in since she is too good hearted for her own good,but he won’t be able to forgive himself for the pain he had put her through.
But he was now more determine to make her his and shower his love on her, make her feel more special than she already is.It was him who was stupid enough to ignore her pure love …..He forced her to accept she mean nothing to him and never would…(all the flashes of past one year appeared in front of him)his trance broke

When dr.swara kapoor called him to his cabin to discuss about something..
He knew swara kapoor and sanskar kapoor
As soon as he entered cabin with swara…he boombared her with questions..
l: swara …how is ragini now..what happened to her why did she got fainted?
sw: laksh ragini is out of danger but I wanted to ask you something important …
l : what is wanted to ask?
R: do you know ragini is taking sleeping pills and I can see that there is some kind of depression ,she was soo stressed out and that’s the reason she fainted..(ragini stated)
Laksh was beyond shocked on what swara said a minute back …he knew he was only the reason behind her condition…his eyes become moist…
Sw : see laksh whatever the reason is please find out….
Laksh just hummed in response..
sw: do take care she doesn’t take the pills more…one more pill can take her to the death bed..
Laksh was on verge of crying …but he can’t let out his feelings he is only soul reason for her condition now…
l: okay ..i will take care of that…when she will be discharged??
sw: you can take her home after she gets conscious and make sure she has no stress..
After one hour or two hours..
Laksh completed all the formalities as soon as ragini got consciousness and she got discharged…ragini didn’t see laksh she thought he does not even care about her…ragini got discharged and was in apartment she slept soon due to anesthesia effect…..laksh went near her catch hold hand for some time ….. Sat beside her and started caressing her face and said..
S: I’m sorry ragini it’s all because of me…I am the soul reason for this condition …. Iam sorry ragini and he started sobbing lightly..Then he also slept beside her…
Next morning laksh was the first one to get up…saw his angel sleeping peacefully…and after sometime he got a phone from his office he wanted to cancel that meeting but he can’t do that ..he then saw ragini sleeping he didn’t want to disturb her…soo he thought to talk too her after finishing his office work ….he thought too wrapup the work soon but could not…and he completed his work and reached apartment @9..and directly went to her room he was shocked to see what was happening he immediately went near her and pulled her by her arms…
Here with ragini got up she didn’t see laksh again and yet she felt dejected again …day passed …she was about to take sleeping pills ..suddenly someone pulled her by arms…she was shocked to see laksh…she stumbled at her feet…her heart was beating fastly…she was in utter confused…
he then placed his lips on her and started kissing her ,after some time ragini also started kissing him with the same passion..then slowly attacked her neck with wet kisses …she was moaning his name in pleasure…he then slowly took ragini in in his arms and placed her on the bed…before ragini could say anything he shut her up with placing his mouth on hers…they got carried away with emotions …they made love to the eternity ….
Later after ragini slept after the beautiful intercourse them…laksh was lost in her beauty ,innocence ,…he shifted all her things to his room …he then dressed her up with his shirt and then took her to his room and placed her on bed and slid beside her covered them with qult and slept taking her in warmth emabarce (hugging)..
Next morning when ragini got up she was surprised to see it was not her room…and saw laksh sleeping beside her and all the flashes of night surrounded her see blushed hard…she was trying hard to get out of the grip he pulled her closer …he was saying something while hugging her tightly..
l: I am sorry ragini and I can’t live without you…he was mumbling it continuously in his sleep
Hearing this ragini felt a rush of happiness ….she thought of giving him a chance again…she felt laksh was genuinely sorry about his behavior…then hugged him back and slept again peacefully …

It has been six months to that incident….this has changed a lot and for good…
Ragini and laksh bonding grew day by day…ragini saw how romantic he was …they were happy..

On the other day..

Ragini was working in kitchen preaparing lunch for them kantha amma was on leave…

She felt two familiar arms wrapped around her waist she gasped at sudden touch but composed herself and moan escaped her lips when laksh started giving her wet kisses…
She tried to get of the grip..
R: laksh please she pleaded …In turn laksh turned off the gas and picked ragini in the bridal style
l: I want you now ragini…and kissed her .soon they reached their room and made love too each other..
And then rasan lived happily ever after…


sooo here I end this os …
hope you guys liked it…
chappal tamataar sab chelega I am sorry..
if I hurt anyone I am sorry before hand only..
and lastly do tell me your view s on this os…
do comment …love you all loads..:*


  1. Unknow

    Now yaar why would someone bash you. Its was awesome. And i agree with you sometime you dont need word to express but to feel. It was Awesome i hope i can look for more raglak os from you. Just AWESOME.

  2. Fats

    It was such a nice OS. The change in their relationship was so refreshing to read. Loved all the RagLak moments in the OS. Thanks for writing this ? x

  3. Ruhani

    It was too good dr.. I’m in love with ur writing.. Plz do continue n cme up with amazing one shots

  4. Rasha

    simply awesome..
    I had a word for u guys y the he’ll in earth who can give an such excellent work & finally putting the word of any bash, chappell, tomatoes how can u expect that from us.. so please from ur next work just expect only flower showers, love & only beautiful appreciates..

  5. Nita D

    Nita D

    |Registered Member

    Its awesome Shruti…..i wonder how i missed the swasan version before….cause i have read all ur os…..

    • Shruthis



      It’s ok dear …you missed swasan but you read raglak version …you liked the story it matters to me 🙂 yeah do check out my ff gusthak dil 🙂
      thank you soo much for commenting dear 🙂

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