Silent Love (Episode 9)

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Hey guys,i know u want me to give longer updates.But the length of the episode depends on my ideas nd how much time i have.So i can only try.If u guys have any good suggestions which can help me improve or can give me ideas please drop in the comment box. 🙂

Episode continues with Ragini consoling Sanskaar.Swara sees this nd goes crying.She couldn’t bear to see his state.


Ragini:Sanskaar,please move on.Nd my sister didn’t hurt u intentionally.Please forgive her.
Sanskaar:I am not angry with Swara.Em just annoyed with myself that em not able to forget Kavitha.Nd it is not easy to move on.U know that.
Ragini(Stammering):Haan…i..i understand.
Sanskaar:Ur stammering proves that u still do love my brother.
Ragini:Sanky please,let’s not talk bout this.
Sanskaar:Aren’t u tired of running away from the truth?
Ragini:I am tired Sanky..tired of answering these questions…tired of avoiding him…I em tired of everything.That is the reason i don’t want to talk bout this.U ppl just keep reminding me of those stuff wenever i try to move on.He doesn’t evn bother bout me.Then y r u forcing me to accept my feelings? He just wants me to accept so that he can get attention from me nd his friends.It makes him proud.But did anyone ever think bout me?How i felt bout all this?Just to show that girls fall for him,he portrayed me like a creepy obssessed lover.Did anyone ever think what affect that had on me?No,because i always showed i don’t care.But that doesn’t mean u can simply mock me…..anyways leave this topic now.
Ragini:Sanky please…it almost time for class..let’s go.Ragsan left to their class.Laksh had heard their entire convo nd felt guilty.He was now determined to win her love again.

In the classroom the teacher was giving notes.Swasan were looking at each other.Sanskaar throught gestures apologised Swara.Swara smiled nd apologised as well.Laksh was looking at Ragini.But Ragini was engaged in deep thoughts.Raj sitting beside her was simply admiring her.Kavya saw this nd felt something was wrong.The professor noticed Ragini lost nd asked her a ques which she was unable to answer so she was sent out.Laksh snached Shaurya’s phone nd called on his phone.When the phone started ringing evn he was sent out.Raj was jealous.
Professor:As u ppl r aware,there are few guest coming to our college nd we have a special assembly.Swara is gonna perform along with few other students.Raglak who went out r hosting.Nd Sanky will be singing along with Kavya.Few other students will help in volunteering.I request all students to make this a memorable event.


Laksh catches Ragini’s hand who was lost in her thoughts.She turns nd they have an eyelock.
Laksh:Can u not give me one chance?Atleast to explain?
Ragini:NO. Saying this she shrugged his hand.
Laksh:No probs teekhi mirchi.I’ll take the difficulty to woo u again.Afterall nobody can resist Lucky 😉
Ragini:Yeah but em not nobody.Em Ragini Gadodia.Thanks to ur advice i have now set my standards high,so high that u will never be able to achoeve.So forget it.
Laksh:People don’t remember standards wen the fall in love.I don’t need to achieve those standards.I can get u by being myself.
Ragini:That was not u thought wen i was attracted to u.Nd now wen u r not getting that attention from me,u r trying these dialogues nd tactics. Desperate much r we?
Laksh:Very much.Nd u should be knowing one thing.Wen em determined to get something i get it evn if i have to adopt wrong methods.But for u i’ll go on right method.Cause u r my Mrs Right..oops Ms right..Mrs hoga toh tum Mrs Maheshwari hogi naa.Saying this he winks 😉 Ragini is shocked.
Laksh:Itna bhi ghoor ke math dekho yaar.Main sharma jaunga.
Ragini:Sharam hi toh nahi aati tumhe.That’s y u have the guts to say all this to me.Saying this she left nd Laksh was standing there smiling like an idiot.Swasan were standing at a distance.They didn’t here their convo but just saw them together.
Swara:They look so cute together.They r destined to be together.But Laado doesn’t want to accept this.Idiot kahiki.
Sanskaar:If she will not accept,we will make her accept(forwarding hand) Right partner?
Sanskaar:Yeah partner in crime,crime for a good cause though 😉
Swara(smiles nd shakes his hand):Ok partner 🙂 Btw em sorry for what i said.
Sanskaar:It is ok evn i shouldn’t have reacted in that way 🙂 .


Raj comes to Kavya.
Raj:Em sorry Kavya for whatever happened yesterday.I was not in my senses.
Kavya:It is ok i understand.Btw y did u leave the party all of a sudden?I didn’t see u after Raglak dance.
Raj:Woh..umm..actually i was too drunk.So i felt it would be better if i went home.
Kavya:U should have told someone.U could have been arrested for drinking nd driving u know.
Raj:Yeah,i’ll take care next time.Sorry once again.Saying this he left nd Kavya looks on.

Maheshwari mansion:

Adarsh comes in with Aryan.He introduces Aryan to Ap nd Sujata nd says he is gonna do a contract with them.
Adarsh:Maa , kaki where is Pari.Evn she should meet him.After all Aryan is a very important client.
Sujata:She went to have a bath after the whole aata ka dibba fell on her head.She was literally looking like safed bhootni.Sayng this she laughs.Adarsh also laughs.
Aryan was looking at him laughing.
Aryan(in his mind):Laugh Adarsh,ur wife may be the reason of ur smile.But very soon m sister will take her place.Pari was drying her hair with towel.She didn’t see Aryan nd accidently slips nd falls in his arms.Aryan is mesmerised by her beauty.The wet hair which was on her face tempted him to move it nd carress her face.But he controlled his feelings nd helped her stand.
Parineeta:Em extremely sorry.I didn’t see u.
Aryan:It is ok.Btw Adarsh i must say u r really lucky to have such a beautiful wife.Parineeta smiles.
Adarsh:Ofcourse i am.She is my life.I wish i have her as my wife in every birth.She is just perfect.Parineeta blushes.Aryan was smiling nd staring at her.

Precap:Assembly.Raglak anchoring,Swara’s dance,Sanskaar nd Kavya’s singing.

Guy hope u liked the episode.In case u have a doubt,Aryan Khanna is Monica’s brother who is a business man.Aryan will be played by Mohit abrol.


  1. Ruhani


    |Registered Member

    Awesome epi dr.. Both ragini n laksh are right at their places.. It would interesting to watch them getting united…

  2. Fats

    Nice update. Loved RagLak’s conversation and SwaSan’s partnership. Can’t wait for the next update ❤️

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