Silent Love (Episode 7)


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Guys i can’t promise long episodes nd regular updates because of my studies.However i’ll try to update whenever i get time.Glad u guys r liking my ff.So lets continue…


Freshers party has began.Sanlak r wearing the suits they bought nd r looking very handsome.Shaurya nd Kavya r also looking good.Raj is eagerly waiting for Ragini to come.
Swaragini enter the party.Sanskaar sees swara wearing the dress which he had chosen nd smiles.Laksh sees ragini wearing the dress which she had tried in the trial room.He remembers the trial room incident nd smiles.Raj sees Ragini nd is mesmerised.But then he notices Ragini looking at Laksh nd gets angry.He begins to drink.Everybody in the party talk with each other nd enjoy.The Host starts speaking.

Host:Ok guys,this party is getting quite boring.So let’s play something.How about…ummm…PAPER DANCE??? (Sorry guys,i know this is quite repetitive but i don’t know any other game 😛 ).U guys know the rules.So i won’t wast time explaining.All i will say is this game will have a twist in the end. 😉 So let’s begin with making partners.

Swasan,Raglak nd Rajya(Raj nd Kavya) become partners.Shaurya refused to play the game saying he was nd well.All start dancing.Swasan and Raglak were lost in each other.Raj was angry seeing Ragini soo close to Laksh.Since he had drunk a lot he starts imagining Ragini in Kavya.He smirks nd pulls her closer.Kavya gets shocked but continues dancing.Raj was not in his senses.He started caressing Kavya’s face nd puts her hair back.He then started caressing her bare hands nd back with lust.Kavya realised that he was not in his senses nd intentionally stepped out of the paper.The both loose.Raj realises what he did.
Raj(Thinks):Shit,what did i do.This Ragini has made me mad.I am imagining her everywhere.But she doesn’t evn bother to look at me.Instead she is more interested in Laksh.I have to get her. In the end only Swasan nd Raglak r left.
Host:Now we can’t fold the paper anymore.OR else both will fall.So i guess it is a tie.The winners are SWASAN AND RAGLAK.Now it is time for the twist.Usually the winners get prizes.But here the viewers will get a treat.The winning pair will have to dance on a romantic song.So guys let’s begin..

Swasan dance on Teri Meri…They both r lost in each others eyes.(U can say they r dancing like Arnav nd Khushi dance on this song in ipkknd).Sanskaar remembers his bad experience in love nd tries to control himself.But with every passing second he gets evn more attracted to Swara.He wants to go away from her,but he gets evn more pulled towards her,her simplicity,innocence,childishness nd beauty.On the other hand,Swara is on cloud nine.She has fallen in love with this attraction.Though she is not sure whether it is love,but she likes this feeling,this feeling of butterflies in her stomach.She is enjoying every moment of this dance,nd every moment spent with Sanskaar.Though none of them want the song to end,but then obviosly,the singer nd music director wouldn’t think bout romantic couples around the world nd will thus keep the song for limited duration.As soon as the song ends they come back to their senses nd part ways though completely happy with the moment yet craving for more,

Raglak dance on Janam Janam…Raglak too,like swasan or any other couple in love,are lost in each other.There is some kind of pain in both their eyes.As if both want to be with each other but something is not allowing them to be together.Laksh not able to control himself pulls her much closer nd dances.They both dance without realising there r ppl around them.Swasan nd Kavya smile seeing them while Raj fumes nd leaves the party.Kavya notices this but ignores.Finally the song comes to an end but Raglak were soo lost in each other that they were almost goin to kiss.But get disturbed byt the host.
Host:Sorry friends,but there r few underage(17 year olds) students present here for whom adult content is a big no-no.Moreover being in India,kissing is resticted in public.So u guys have to go somewhere else.Everybody laugh.Ragini gets embarrased nd leaves.Laksh follows her nd pulls her inside a room nd locks the door.He then pins her against the wall.They both can feel each other’s breath.

Laksh:Y r u doing this to me Ragini.U r not evn ready to talk to me.U don’t evn want to see mee.U r not evn letting me explain.Evn that day u left without letting me explain anything.
Ragini:Explain?What explanation will u give me Laksh? Nd for what?That day u said whatever u wanted to say.Nd i said what i wanted to.Baat khatam.
Laksh:Baat khatam nahi hai Ragini.U didn’t allow me to speak.After that day u completely ignored me nd behave like i didn’t exist.Atleast u should have let me spoken once.
Ragini:Please Laksh.Swara is waiting for me.
Laksh:Not today Ragini.Today u have to listen to me.Or else…

Ragini:Or else what?Em not afraid of u.Jo ukhaad na hai ukhaad lo.Saying this she tried to leave but Laksh pulled her back nd kissed her.Ragini tried to push him.After sometime Laksh left her nd Ragini gave him a tight slap nd left crying while Laksh just stood there not knowing how to react.

Swaragini reach home nd Ragini locks herself in washroom nd cries.
Ragini:Y Laksh?Y did u come back?Wasn’t insulting me once enough for u?
Flash back,
It is shown that the guy is Laksh.Yes,Laksh is Ragini’s silent love.They used to stare at each other.Yet never confessed their feelings.One day Ragini saw Laksh proposeing another girl.She was hurt nd left the place.LAksh follows her nd stops her.
Laksh:Kya hua chashmish?Bura laga?I know u r obssessed with me.But srsly u r not thinking that i love u right?Cause frome any angle u r not of my type.I mean look at u,complete padaku types.Not at all of my type.

Ragini:Oh please Lucky.Yes u r right maybe i am attracted to u.But get one thing into ur brain,if u have one,I DON’T LOVE YOU.ND I NEVER WILL.There is a huge difference between like nd love,which unfortunately u won’t understand.Nd yeah,em not interested in being of ur TYPE,i will not change myself for anyone,especially not for u.Nd yeah,as far as love nd realationship is concerned,i don’t believe in these things.So forget it.I know what u nd ur friends talk bout me behind my back but i choose o ignore.But now its enough.Nd don’t u dare talk anything bout me or evn come close to me.Saying this she went leaving Laksh shocked.
Flashback ends.
Ragini(To herself):It may look like a small reason to hate someone.But atleast i got to know what kind of person i don’t require in my life.Lesson learnt.

She comes out.Swara had already changed.Ragini sat on bed getting ready to sleep.
Swara:Can’t u forget everything nd forgive him once.
Ragini:What r u talking bout Shona?

Swara:Laksh,he is that guy isn’t he.Forgive him once Laado.Nd admit that u love him.Em not evn kidding,u will feel great.
Ragini:I will feel great the day u stop talking bout this matter.Now let me sleep.Tomorrow we have college.I em already tired with todays drama.Saying this she slept.Swara also slept.But it is shown that Ragini is actually awake nd crying.

Precap:Laksh trying to woo Ragini.Swasan fight.Sanskaar’s past revealed.

Guys hope u liked it.Drop ur suggestions,opinions nd criticism…

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    So lovely loved RagLak scenes

  10. The update was great. Loved both RagLak and SwaSan’s dance. So Laksh is Ragini’s silent love, interesting. Can’t wait to see how he woo’s her. Also can’t wait to read about Sanskar’s past xx

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