Silent Love (Episode 6)

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NExt day..

Maheshwari Mansion

AP:Laksh aur Sanskaar didn’t wake up yet
Suji:Are jiji Sanskaar kab ka utha hai.Let Laksh sleep.Anyways it is holiday.Nd party is at night
AP:Oh god what should i do wih this boy
Pari:Don’t worry Chachi.He will mend his ways slowly.

Laksh was sleeping in his room.A girl comes nd caresses his hair.He opens his eyes nd sees Ragini smiling.He gets shocked nd rubs his eyes.
Laksh:Teekhi mirchi,What are u doing here?
Ragini:Kyun? U want me to go?
Laksh:No…i mean yes…i mean what if someone sees u here?
Ragini:Chill no one will.But u have to admit.Aakhir mujhse pyaar ho hi gaya naa? 😉
Laksh:Haan..i mean no.
Ragini(Keeping her head on his shoulders nd hugging him):Really?
Laksh(Hugs her):I do.i always did.But failed to confess.I love u a lot.Nd i want to hangout with u for my entire life <3
Ragini(Suddenly her voice changes to sanky's):Laksh leave me
Laksh:Kya hua jaan?
He wakes up nd is shocked to see sanky in his arms.
Sanskaar:What man lucky.Tere dream girl ke chakkar mein hamesha meri izzat jaati hai.
Laksh:What dream girl?I don't drea bout anyone.
Sanskaar:U know but u won't admit.U did love Ragini.U still do.Nd u fell for her all over again.
Laksh:Shut up Sanky.Btw Swara is not bad huh.i think i like her instead. 😉
Sanskaar(fumes):Lucky get up b4 bade papa scolds u.
Laksh laughs nd goes to washroom
Sanskaar(To himself):What is happening to me.I should control myself b4 it is too late.

Gadodia Mansion:

Swara takes head bath nd wakes ragini up.Ragini gets up nd smiles at her.
Ragini:Good morning Shona.
Swara:Good morning laado.
Ragini goes to washroom.
Swara dries her hair nd remembers her moments with sanskaar nd smiles.
Swara's POV:
Idiot.Good-looking one though.But there is something which disturbs him.I wish i could know what is in his heart nd try to reduce his pain.But how will i know.Yes..Laado.She must be knowing something.But if i ask her like that then she will start teasing me.I'll have to extract this info some or the other way.
POV ends
Ragini comes out.
Swara:Laado,this sanskaar is handsome.But is too rude naah.
Ragini:Hahaha,comeon shona.He is not that bad.
Swara:Not that bad my foot.How can anybody evn bear him.I mean he is soo mean.
Ragini:No shona,it is not like tht.U r misunderstanding him.
Swara:Oh please.I guess if he ever had a gf,she must have left him because of his attitude.
Ragini:Enough shona.U can't judge him like that.B4 judging anyone u should know completely bout them.U know nothing bout him.But i know him.So please.
She goes out.
Swara(To herself):Matlab kuch bada panga hai.Pata karna padega.

Shaurya's house

Shaurya looks at Uttara's pic nd smiles.Kavya comes from behind.
Kavya:KAb tak uski tasveer dekh kar muskurata rahega.Try to propose once.
Shaurya:Oh please Kavya.Not again.
Kavya:Atleast try telling lucky nd sanky.
Shaurya:Are u mad?They are soo protective bout their sister.They will bury me alive.
Kavya:Uff…Ek number ka phattu hai tu.Saying this she leave.
Shaurya:Atleast i can see her.But one day i promise u Uttara,i will propose u,wen i know u also have same feelings for me. 🙂

Monica's house:

Monica is actually a business man's sister.But she is hiding her identity nd working as Adarsh's PA.Her room is filled with Adarsh's pics.Her brother(LEts keep his name as Aryan Khanna nd actor say Mohit Abrol)comes in her room.
Aryan:What is this madness moni.He is married now.
Monica:So?I love him since college days.Though he didn't know bout my existance.But still i loved him.Nd i can keep him way happy than that Bahenji.I will get him.Either by hook or by crook.
Aryan:Whatever u do,always tell me first.I support u.My sister will get all the happiness she wants.
Monica(Hugs him):Thanks bhai.I will make him mine.I promise u Mr Adarsh Maheshwari.

PRecap:Freshers party

Sorry guys i didn't post freshers party wala today. Aryan is played by Mohit Abrol(Rajat in actual serial).Hope u guys liked it.

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