Silent Love (Episode 5)

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Gadodia Mansion :

The family assembled to have dinner.Ragini was thinking aout what happened in the trial room.Sharmishta sees that she is lost.
Sharmishta:Lado,Kya hua?Why r u so lost?
Ragini:Nothing ma.Em fyn.
Dadi:Iske lakshan bilkul bhi thik nahi hai.Em telling u.Let’s get her married.
Ragini(shouting):I told u so many times i don’t want to marry so soon.Kyun meri jaan ke peeche padi hai.I can’t evn have dinner properly.Saying this she left angrily.
Sharmishta:Maa,y do u discuss about this matter.She said that she will tell us wen she is ready.
Dadi(tauntingly):Yeah,she will be ready wen she finds a guy outside our community.That is only left to see.First my son marries a bengali,now my granddaughter will marry a guy of some other community.
Dadaji:Paro,keep quiet nd eat.U urself cannot digest ur food without passing comments,nd in this process u give others indigestion too.
Dadi:Nobody values or respect me in this house.It s better i stayed in some old age home.
Dadaji(flirting):But paro it will be difficult for me to come nd meet u every night.Dadi stares at him being embarrased.Swara giggles nd Shekhar nd Sharmishta smile.

Maheshwari Mansion:

Sanskaar is playing guitar nd is lost in Swara’s thoughts.
Sanskaar’s POV:
I don’t believe in love anymore.After what Kavita did,falling in love is impossible for me.But y em i attracted to Swara.Y does her smile,her childishness,her innocence attract me soo much.Maybe not all girls are same.She is definitely different.But i can’t experience another heartbreak.But y do i find peace nd happiness in silence when i em around her.Y was i jealous seeing her mingle with Laksh.Or talking to Raj?Y can’t i see anybody close to my Shona?W8..what??? MY SHONA???? :O No Sanky.Control.She is Rags’ sister nd my friend.Nothing else.Stop thinking about her now.
POV Ends…

But still he continued thinking about her.Shaurya come to meet Sanlak.While coming,he slips as there was water fallen on the ground.But Uttara catches him.He gets lost in her big beautiful eyes,whereas Uttara gives him a confused look.Sanskaar doesn’t notice this as he was lost in Swara’s thoughts.
Uttara(Helping him stand):Are u ok?
Shaurya:Nahi…i mean…yes i em fyn.How are u?
Uttara:Energetic as always
Shaurya(To himself):Energetic nd beautiful
Uttara:U said something?
Shaurya:Yeah i was saying where is Lucky?Nd y has Sanky become Majnu?
Uttara(Laughs):Lucky bhai is in room.Nd Sanskaar bhai is playing guitar so maybe he is lost in music…or maybe in someone’s thought.Hearing this Sankaar comes back to his senses
Sanskaar:Uttara ki bachchi,i’ll teach u a lesson later.Nd Shaurya how r u feeling now?Kavya said u were not well.
Uttara(concerned):What?R u ok?She keeps her hand on his forehead to check the temperature.He smiles seeing her concern.
Shaurya:Yes i em fyn.I just had a severe headache.
Uttara:K,Take care.Nd she goes.
Shaurya:Chal lucky se milna ha.Sanskaar nd Shaurya go to Laksh’s room.

Gadodia Mansion:

Ragini is in her room.Completely disturbed.
Ragini(Thinks) :Y em i thinking about him.That idiot flirts with every girl he meets.I should have slapped him.But y was i not able to slap him or evn stop him.
Dadaji comes over there.
Dadaji:Lado r u ok?
Ragini:Yes jaanu,em bindaas as always 😉 .Just one problem,i don’t like the fact that ur paro is trying to seperate us.
Dadaji:Don’t worry jaanu,i’ll go nd make sure that she doesn’t have a problem.He winks.Ragini understand nd laughs.Swara comes.Dadaji ask her to take care of ragini nd goes.
Swara:Lado,u didn’t evn eat properly.Aren’t u hungry?
Ragini:Nahi shona,My stomach got filled with Jhansi ki rani’s taunts.
Swara:Don’t feel bad for her words.But btw whom were u thinking bout? 😉 Ur silent love?
Ragini:Y do u always keep speaking of silent love?This word doesn’t evn make sense.What does silent love mean?Does this concept evn exist? I doubt
Swara:Of course it makes sense idiot.It is love felt in silence,where two people don’t express their feelings in words,but express it through their eyes.Evn silence becomes beautiful.Saying this she starts thinking bout Sanskaar nd their moments together nd smiles.Ragini thinks about the boy in her past.

Precap:Fresher’s party(I think so 😛 )

So guys how was it? Hope u liked it 😉

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