Silent Love (Episode 4)


Guys I know that u people are sick with the voting drama.Honestly,I have no intnsion to hurt anyone.Ragsan and Swalak were also getting good number of votes because of which i thought these pairs may get more number of votes in coming episodes.But by the time i realised the reason for the good numer of votes i had already submitted the third part.I apologise for not keeping a check on multiple votes.I request both Swasan-Raglak lovers and Ragsan-Swalak lovers not do such thing in future.All four are lovely pairs.You don’t need to do such things to get you favourite pair.Ofcourse we want to see our favourite pairs but doing such things for that is not acceptable.But the good news is evn after such illegal activities Swasan-Raglak managed to win.So now the voting lines are closed and i announce SWASAN-RAGLAK as the winning pair. Ragsan-Swalak lovers em really sorry, I can’t promise a new ff so soon.All i can say is i will show good bond between them and if in case i ever publish a one shot they will be the pairs….

So let us forget all this now.Those interested in my ff can read.Those who want to comment can comment.Any suggestions or doubts then u can tell me.I wouldn’t mind less number of comments as i know there are many silent readers(Evn i was one 😛 ).Few people have a doubt with the additional characters:

Raj ==> Ravjeet Singh
Monica ==> Madhura Naik
Kavya ==> Roop Durgpal
Shaurya ==> Paras Arora

Ok so let us start…

Gadodia Mansion :

Ragini:Swara we are going to the mall with Sanlak today.
Swara:Omg not with that idiot.
Ragini:Come on yaar,stop behaving like a kid,grow up.
Swara:I have,i am 20 years old,5 feet 6.5 inches tall….
Ragini(facepalm):Sometimes u behave so mature…but in absence of dadi…
Dadi:What in absence of dadi??!!!.Swaragini get shocked.
Ragini:Dadi we have freshers party tomorrow night.So we are goin for shopping today.
Dadi:Hey bhagwaan,key hogaya aaj kal ki choriyon ko,ur dadaji nd father have spoiled u.I em asking them to get u both married.There are soo many good alliances.
Ragini:No dadi,we r too young to get married,nd anyways i have a boyfriend.
Dadi:Kyaa??!!! Hey bhagwaan,kaun hai woh nikamma?!!
Ragini(With a serious expression):Dadi,aapko sharam aani chahiye apne shauhar ko nikamma bolte hue.Dadaji will be so hurt if he gets to know. Dadi gives her a death stare.Swara wanted to say something but seeing her dadi getting angry she preferred keeping quiet.
Dadi:That’s it.I em goin to ask panditji to start searching a suitable match for u too.
Ragini(now getting irritated):Dadi please,i told u b when we are ready to get married we will let u know.
Dadi(raising her voice):Now u will decide what will happen in this house.
Ragini:Not in house atleast i can decide what will be our fate.Before dadi can say anything,Swara interrupts,
Swara:We r ready dadi.We will do whatever u say.Ragini looks at her with disbelief.Dadi gets convinced nd leaves.
Ragini:Y do u have to be so obedient.
Swara:Ragini,she is elder than us.She will do things which is good for us.
Ragini:Uggh,u know what em done with this argument.Please go get ready.We have to meet sanlak at 4:30 at the mall.
Swara:I said i will not go with that…She becomes quiet by seeing Ragini’s angry expression nd goes to get ready.

Maheshwari office:

RP:Bhaisa,y have u called me nd Adarsh here.Anything special.
DP:Haan RP,i called to introduc to my old friend who is now going to be ….
Shekhar:Your business partner 🙂 .Shekhar enters and hugs DP,shakes hand with RP nd blesses Adarsh while the latter touches his feet.
DP:We r meeting after such a long time.Remember we used to make plans of doing business together.And now our dreams is goin to come true.
Shekhar:Yes 😀 . By the way ur younger son is not helping u?
DP:I have no hopes from him.But my brother RP’s son Sanskaar is very hardworking nd may soon start helping me.
RP:Bhaisa Laksh bhi sudhar jaayega,give him some time.
DP(Sarcastically):Yeah shayad mere marne ke baad sudhar jayega.Anyways,what about ur daughters.
Shekhar:My daughters are studying in ur son’s college.
DP:That’s nice.I hope they meet nd try to put some sense into Laksh.Then they start discussing bout business.


Laksh:Yaar what is this.This teekhi mirchi is taking so much time to come.I told u i didn’t want to come. >:(
Sanskaar:Desperate much,are we :’)
Laksh:Shut up Sanky.He notices Swaragini coming.
LAksh(Looking at ragini):Lo shaitaan ka naam liya aur shaitaan haazir.Swara giggles nd Ragini stares at her.
Sanskaar(Looking at Swara):Haan Lucky shaitaan ke saath daayan bhi hai.Swara glares at him.
Ragsan nd Swalak go for shopping seperately.Ragini notices that sanskaar was lost.She understood what he was thinking about.
Ragini:U still miss her don’t u?
Sanskaar:Not at all.
Ragini:Ur behaviour proves otherwise.
Sanskaar:Leave it Ragini.U will not understand as u never fell in love.U don’t know the feeling of being betrayed or mocked.Ragini becomes sad.
Ragini:MAybe u r right.Anyways we r here to shop not to talk about all this.She selects red t-shirt and blue blazer for Sanskaar.She takes few dresses for trial.She sees Swara nd asks her to stand outside in case she needs any help but swara goes to select few dresses for trial.
Swara:This idiot lucky,he made me select a dress for him nd wen my turn came he left me nd went away.What a gr8 friend.She finds it difficult to choose dresses.She held a gown on her body nd looked at the mirror.She noticed Sanskaar was standing back.He signalled that the dress was not good.She held another dress nd looked at sanskaar for his suggestion.He again signalled to try something else.She then held a deep blue colour gown.Sankaar signalled that she was looking beautiful and she started blushing.Sanskaar smiles seeing her.
Sankaar(in mind):She looks pretty evn if she is irritating.But i should control myself from falling for her.I can’t bear anymore heartbreaks.Swasan keep looking at each other.

Meanwhile Ragini was trying a sleavless black dress.She was finding it difficult to close her zipper.So she was calling for Swara.LAksh happened to pass from there.He heard ragini nd knocked the door.Ragini thinking it is Swara without looking opened the door nd asked for help.Laksh couldn’t take his eyes off Ragini.He felt he should leave.But Ragini’s beauty and helplessness tempted him to stay.He closed the door nd was going to helpt her,when ragini saw his reflecton in the mirror.She turned nd covered her back with her hair.Laksh moved toward her turned her and moved her hair.He caresses her back and slowly closes the zipper.He then comes closer to her.His chest is now touching her back.Ragini closes her eyes and her heart starts beating faster.She can feel his breath on her neck.
Laksh(in ragini’s ear):You r looking hot teekhi mirchi.Saying this he kissed on her neck and left leaving ragini shocked and speechless.

After sometime the four met for coffee.Swasan were smiling and looking at each other.It seemed as if they are talking through their eyes.They enjoyed the silence which was filled with love.Though they both were unaware of this feeling.On the other hand laksh was staring at Ragini,was visibly uncomfortable with him staring at her.After finishing their coffee,they were about to leave to their homes.Swasan didn’t want to leave each other and wanted to enjoy this silence.They wanted the moment to freeze so that they could stay together,nd express their feelings without words.Finally ragini broke the silence
Ragini:Bye see you tomorrow in college.
Sanskaar:Yeah bye Ragini bye Swara(He gave a wide smile while saying bye to Swara)
Sware(Smiling):Bye Sanskaar,bye lucky.
Laksh:BYe.Nd the 4 departed.

Guys sorry again for the delay in announcng the results.Hope u liked it 🙂

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