Silent Love (Episode 3)


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Em back with another part of Silent love…good to see that u people r liking my ff.So the stats are :

Raglak and Swasan ==> 53
Ragsan and Swalak ==> 34

Keep voting guys as the voting lines are still open.Let ur favourite pair win.Nd yeah i will try to give equal importance to both the pairs.Nd don’t conclude the pairs

when u read the story cause the pairs will be decided based on ur votes.Thanks for ur love and support guys.Special thanks to the silent readers ๐Ÿ™‚ . So let’s


The episodes start with Sanlak and Ragini coming face to face.
Swara : Lado do u know them?
Sanskaar:Yes we were in same class in 12th.
Laksh:Haan but at that time she was looking soo nerdy types with big glasses nd books.Now toh she has become soo hot.Did u finally raise ur standards.Cause if u did em very much single(winks at her).Ragini gets irked.
Laksh(Keeping his elbow on her shoulder):So what’s up teekhi mirchi?Ragini jerked his hand.
Ragini(With attitude):My standards. Laksh gets surprised while sanskaar is impressed with her reply.Raj come there.He gets jealous seeing raglak close.
Raj:Chalo swaragini we r getting late for our class.He keeps his hand on ragini’s shoulder.Laksh gets a bit annoyed seeing this.
Sanskaar(Laughin):Lambe samay baad kisi ladki ne lucky ko thukraya.
Laksh(Smirks):No body can resist lucky.Kavya comes there.
Kavya:What r u guys doing here?We r getting late for our class.
Sanskaar:Where is Shaurya?
Kavya:He is not well today.He will come tomorrow.Let us go.They leave to their respective classes.

All of them end up in same class.Swaragini nd Raj r sitting in a group nd Sanlak nd Kavya r sitting in another.Swara goes outside to talk to Shekhar as the phone got cut while they were previously talking.While coming back she accidently pushes Sanskaar’s books nd his books falls down nd the pages get scattered.
Sanskaar:Ugh,is it ur habit to keep bumping into me nd making my stuff fall.
Swara:Hello excuse me it was u who bumped into me earlier.I was usy talking but u could see right.
Sanskaar:Oh wow,earlier u were acting soo innocent nd saying it was ur mistake nd now blaming me.
Swara:U knew it was ur mistake.That is y u apologised.
Sanskaar:This time it is ur mistake.So u should apologise.
Swara:Huh,i wouldn’t apologise people who r filled with so much of attitude.
Sanskaar:U look so innocent.But who knew u were actually jungli billi.Saying this he laughs.Swara smiles seeing him laughing.
Swara(Thinks):Omg he is soo cute.Shit swara control,u need to win this argument.Nd they both continue argueing.Seeing this ragini smiles and thinks bout her past.

Flashback :

A quiz competition is going on between few 11th graders and 12th graders.Ragini is keeping score.Finally the 11th graders win by 2 marks.The guy(Whom we saw earlier

in the first fb) comes to her nd the quiz master and says,
Guy:Rags does not know how to count.Please recheck the scores.
Ragini:I know how to count ok.There is no shame in accepting that 11thies are more intelligent than u ๐Ÿ˜›
Guy:Tu hamare team(12th) mein hai ya unke(11th)?
Ragini:Right now i em score keeper.Nd u r not supposed to argue with me or else i can cut ur marks…oops,u anyways lost didn’t u. Saying this she starts laughing.
Guy:I have never seen a bigger traitor than u. They both continue argueing till the quiz master says,
Quiz master:Stop it u two,ur team lost by two marks.Accept that.Ragini smirks nd says,
Ragini:Sad life ๐Ÿ˜‰ .She leaves laughing leaving the guy fuming.

Flashback ends

Her thoughts are disturbed by the professors voice.
Prof:Good morning students.Since today is the first class i would like u ppl to introduce urselves.We will start studies tomo onwards.Everybody gives their intro.Prof b4 goin,
Prof:As u know there r special classes for dance and music.Interested students may report to the respective rooms.Swara applies for dance and Ragsan apply for music.Laksh is not much interested so he doesn’t take part in anything.

Dance room:

Teacher:Ok students this is swara.She is a trained kathak dancer nd has won many prizes.Swara if u don’t mind can u give us demo of ur skill.Swara smiles nd nods

Manwa lage plays…

Swara dances beautifully.Laksh paases by nd peeps into the room.He gets mesmerised seeing swara dance.He leans on the door and keeps watching her dance.After the dance is over,everybody applauds nd he comes back to his senses nd falls down.
Teacher:Tum kya kar rahe ho?Are u here for classes?
Laksh:Woh…ummm…maam…yes.I am here to learn dance.(thinks)Shit what have i got myself into (o_o)
He looks at Swara nd she smiles.He gives a tensed smile. ๐Ÿ™‚

Music room:

Ragini plays sitar and sings Mohe rang do laal..Sanskaar is lost in her voice.
Sanskaar(thinks):Wow,how beautiful her voice is. I never knew she could sing so well.

After ragini’s song is over it is sanskaar’s turn.He sings Sunn raha hai…
Ragini feels the pain in his voice nd gets teary eyed.After the classes.Ragini meets Sanskaar.
Ragini:Wow Sanky,u really do sing well.
Sanskaar:Thank Rags .Evn u have a beautiful voice.
Sanskaar:Maybe some other time.We have freshers party tomorrow night remember?
Ragini:Oh yeah.So u gonna go shopping?
Sanskaar:Maybe i have to.
Ragini:Join me.Em anyways goin today.
Sanskaar(Laughs):But Laksh will also be there.
Ragini(Rolling her eyes):Swara will also come.So she can bear him.
Sanskaar:But who will bear her (-_-)
Ragini(Laughs):No probs let them hang together nd we will hang together.So 4:30 sharp?
Sanskaar:Deal,nd coffee after that.
Ragini:Double deal.They side hug each other nd go in different direction.Raj sees this nd he fumes with jealousy.
Raj(To himself):Y can’t u see how much i love u rags?? U r mine only mine.
Screen freezes on evil expression of Raj.

Precap: DP and Shekhar meet. Sanlak and Swaragini go to mall.

Who does Ragini keep thinking bout?Who is her silent love?Is it Laksh,Sanskaar or someone else? Nd what is bothering Sanskaar? Keep reading nd voting for ur favourite pairs.Do give suggestions to improve.Nd don’tworry equal importance will be given to both pairs ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I’m sorry to say but as a writer you have to decide pairs. . and people do many votes and swasan raglak wins as they are actual couple on show and have more fans.. I think you are doing this for getting votes. . but it is not a right way to get votes.. if it is first or second time it is ok. . but multiple time it is not good.

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    hey you can make what yourheart wishes and turn it more beautiful

  7. Megha123

    Swasan raglak only plzzz

  8. Pathan

    u realy wanted pair ragsan and swalak in ur ff if u realy wanted swasan than in first episode u may had tol pair are swasan and raglak so please focus on ur story rather than this pair drama

  9. swasan and raglak plz

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