Silent Love (Episode 2)


Those who didn’ read the 1st part here is the link : . Votes r as follows: Raglak and Swasan ==> 24 , Ragsan and Swalak ==> 13.Voting lines r still open. I request readers to keep commenting nd giving suggestions so that i can improve.I will try to give equal impotance to both the pairs.Also i will try to give some importance to parirsh nd uttarya so that nobody become -ve like in the serial(Wink wink 😉 )…


Maheshwari Mansion:

A guy is shown sleep on the bed with a smile which indicates he is seeing a beautiful dream.Another guy comes nd tries waking him up.
Guy 2: Lucky get up yaar,we r gettin late.Yes,the guy sleeping is Laksh.Obvio,the other guy is Sanskaar.
Sanskaar: Get up Kumbhkaran.Tu aise nahi manega.He thinks of a way nd smirks.He starts caressing Laksh’s face
Sanskaar(Girl’s voice):Lucky,get up darling,hot breakfast is w8ting for u 😉
Laksh(Smiles nd without opening his eyes):U also sleep baby.Saying this he pulls Saanskaar on bed nd tries to kiss him.Sanskaar get shocked nd starts screaming.Laksh wakes up nd he too is shocked.He leaves him nd Sanskaar sits on one corner of the bed nd acts like crying while covering himself with his hands.
Sankaar(acting):Chii Lucky,I never thought u had such bad intensions.Nd that also towards ur own brother.
Laksh:Shut up Sanky.Y did u wake me up soo early.
Sankaar:New college year is starting forgot?
Laksh:Oh haan,today freshers will be coming meaning new girls will be coming to our college,i should look good right.Saying this he goes to the washroom.
Sanskaar: Yeh nahi sudhrega.He remembers something nd becomes teary eyed.He takes out a diary nd write:

“Na jeene ki tammana hai,
Na marne ka iraada,
Kuch bayaan karta har panna hai,
Aur dard deta hai har adhura vaada”

He closes his diary nd goes to get ready.

Maheshwari office:

A girl is looking into a small mirror nd complimenting herself.
Girl:Monica u look hot,aaj toh woh khadoos tujhpe flat hoga :* . She walks backwards nd bumps into a guy who was drinking coffee.Coffee falls on his shirt.
Monica:Sorry Adarsh sir
Adarsh:Wth Monica now i have to change.Go bring Mehta’s file.He goes to his cabin.Afte sometimes Monica comes with the file.She was about to enter but stands there nd peeps inside.Adarsh was changing his shirt nd he was currently shirtless.She was looking at him with lust.
Monica(To herself):Omg he is soo hot.Nd he looks more hot when he is angry.God knows how he got married to that bahenji.He deserves someone like me like Monica.She smirks nd goes into the cabin after he is done changing.
Monica:Sorry for the coffee stain sir.Nd here is the file.
Adarsh:It is good that i had extra clothes.Next time be carefull.U come to office to work not to do fasion.Just then Parineeta enters with tiffin.
Parineeta:U forgot to take ur tiffin.
Adarsh:Arre u should have sent a servant.Anyways my shirt got stained so can u take it to home nd gove to the the servant. Nd yeah u don’t wash i don’t want ur beautiful soft hands to be rough.
Parineeta(Blushes): Aap bhi naa . Monica gets jealous seeing their love.


Swaragini reach the college.Swara is wearing a long red skirt nd black top with matching accessories nd her curly hair is left open.Ragini is wearing white top and shorts with her hair tied in french plait.
Ragini:Shona tu jaa main scooty park karke aati hun.
Swara:Main akele nahi jaungi.
Ragini:Kuch nahi hoga .Anyways evn though we r new in this college we r 2nd year students.So chill 😉
Swara: OK While wakling she gets a call from Shekhar nd starts talking .While talking she accidently bumps into Sanskaar nd falls in his arm.The mobile falls from her hand.They both r lost in each other.After sometimes they realise their position nd compose themselves.Sanskaar picks her mobile nd gives it to her.
Swara:It is ok,it’s my fault.Laksh comes over there nd looks at Swara.He is mesmerised.
Laksh:Wow,ek second ke liye mujhe laga ki chaand dhaarti par utar aaya.What is ur name beautiful?
Swara(blushes):Swara Gadodia
Laksh:What a eautiful name.I am Laksh Maheshwari and this in my brother Sanskaar Maheshwari.You can call me Lucky. They both shake hands while Sanskaar is continuously looking at Swara.Ragini comes over there calling Swara.She gets shocked seeing Sanlak.
The screen freezes with shocked expressions of Sanlak and Ragini and confused face of Swara.

Guys i know my ff is not that good,but this is my first attempt nd it is just beginning so give me sometime.Nd i may not be able to upload long episodes as i don’t get much time. Do give votes nd suggestions to improve 🙂

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  1. pls make it ragsan plsss

    1. Shipra

      If it get more votes then why not 🙂

  2. ragsan n only ragsan

    1. Shipra

      Will do if it gets more votes 🙂

  3. pls ragsan n swalk

    1. Shipra

      Will do if it gets more votes keep voting 🙂

  4. ragsan onlyy

    1. Shipra

      Nice choice.Keep voting for ur favourite pair 🙂

  5. make it swalak n ragsan ..pls..

    1. Shipra

      That would depend on the number of votes so keep voting 🙂

  6. nyc..swasan raglak..

    1. Shipra

      Thanks 🙂

  7. Megha123

    Awsm dear & keep swasan raglak only plzzz

    1. Shipra

      Thanks 🙂

  8. Shipra some people r voting jus changing dere names bt dere logo is same so u shud keep dat check….
    My vote goes to swasan n raglak

    1. Shipra

      Thanks 🙂
      Nd i will keep checking that as well 🙂

  9. See alvina shruti naina vinnie anushruti anki r same person

  10. Even janya ridhi priya sheetal richa r also same person so while counting u shud chck dis also

  11. Swasan?

    1. Shipra

      Good choice.I think this pair is gonna win 😀

  12. Sitaram

    i hope you take what your heart thinks but i also hope you will take others heart too with your fff very lovely

    1. Shipra

      Thanks a lot 😀

  13. Ragsan plzz

    1. Shipra

      Depends on the no. of votes.Thanks for voting and keep reading 🙂

  14. Swasan only plus reveal it in next pRt

    1. Shipra

      I will reveal the pairs in after 2-3 episodes.

  15. ND plz keep in mind some people.r cheating by just changing their name and logo is same…plus reveal pair a as soon as possible

    1. Shipra

      Yeah i know but evn after doing that swasan and raglak are leading 🙂

    1. Shipra

      Thanks for voting 🙂

  16. Super dr loved it… Plz make it raglak n swasan

    1. Shipra

      Thank you 🙂

  17. SwaSan and RagLak please ??

    1. Shipra

      These pairs are getting more votes so maybe 😉 🙂

  18. little princess

    I would like to see swara n sanskar as pairs….swasan is really adorable couples… Love to see them together… I hope u will make swasan

  19. little princess

    I would like to see swara n sanskar as pairs…swasan is really adorable…love to see them as couples..i hope u will make swasan as pair

    1. Shipra

      True 🙂
      I guess that IS the pair :’)

  20. swsan yaar…dey r d pair whch in onscreen….such a heavenly couple….my vote always goes to swasan…thousand times more dan dat….SWASAN IS BEST ALWAYS….

  21. ofcourse swasan….dey r d best onscreen couple…..such an heavanly couple……my vote always goes to swasan…thousand times more dan dat….SWSAN IS ALWAYS BEST…..
    (i dnt knw whtr it post twice…bcz i didnt see d first one ibwrote so i again post it…pls spare me if it post twice…)
    cmjg to stry it ws nice

    1. Shipra

      True that 🙂
      Nd thanks 😀

  22. my vote goes to d evergreen magical couple SWASAN….

    1. Shipra

      Good choice 🙂

  23. First of di….My name is Shipra too.Not real name..But I use Shipra name for commenting & I am in 7 standard… Please tell me any solution di.. Either U will change u r name or I change… BTW The di Story is Awwsome.. My pair goes to one and only Swasan &Raglak…

    1. Shipra

      Thank u 🙂
      And it’s ok if u use Shipra name for commenting.Many people have same name.My real name is Shipra so i can’t change.And u don’t have to change. 😀

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  25. swalak and ragsan

  26. Swasan plzzzzzz

  27. Akshata

    i dont remember, whether I vote or not so my vote goes to ragsan 🙂

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