Silent Love (Episode 10)

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Em glad u people r liking my ff.Thanks for ur love and support 😀

Gadodia Mansion:

Swaragini come back from college.They see few guests at their home.Swaragini hide behind a pilar.They get to know that Dadi is searching a groom for them nd it is the grooms family.
Dadi:Both my granddaughters r beautiful,traditional and cultured.They will keep ur family very happy.
Grooms mom:Arre Parvatiji,panditji was chanting bout their values all the way here.Nd now u r also saying.When will we actually get to see these gems?Where r ur granddaughters?Swaragini enter.Swara was wearing the dress shown below:

And Ragini is wearing this dress:

Grooms mother(with disgusted look):U said they are traditional.Y r they wearing such type of clothes?
Dadi:Woh…..Ragini interrupts her.
Ragini:Y?Whats wrong?Kapde hai,aapne bhi pehne hai,humne bhi pahne hai.Nanga toh nahi ghoom sakte.Nd anyways these r clothes,not our characters.They do not define who we r. Dadi looks at her angrily.
Swara:She wants to say that,a person’s clothes doesn’t matter.Their heart does.Nd values nd respect come from heart nd are shown through behavior.Groom’s mother is impressed.
Grooms mother:Ur granddaughters r indeed very sanskaari.We like her.Ragini looks at her Sumi.Sumi ask her not to say anything. Groom’s mother:So now since the alliance is fixed,we will prepare for engagement.Give us the advance payment now nd we will later send the total bill.Swaragini are shocked. Ragini:Are u indirectly asking for dowry.Omg u want cultured wives for ur sons while u urself are so cheap to sell ur own sons.Ab iss ghar se rishta jodne ki baath toh bhool hi jao.Nd as far as money is concerned,here take 100 rupees.Gareebon ko bheekh dene se punya milta hai.Bless us that we will always be happy and successful. Grooms dad:Did u call us here to insult us?
Ragini:Uknow what will be more insulting?Me calling police to arrest u..or evn better…main aapko jhaadu maar maar ke bahar nikalungi.Now b4 I really do this,get out.
Swara:Stop it Ragini.They are elders u r not supposed to behave like that.U can be polite too,like this(turning to grooms family)ur presence and proposal is not appreciated.Kindly leave the premises b4 we r forced to do something unethical.(Turning to Ragini) See this is how u should speak.Swaragini high five each other nd go to their room.Groom’s family leave angily.

Dadi:Haye bhagwaan,what should I do now,evn Swara turned like Ragini.Sumi:No maa.Both of them did right.None of them opposed ur decision,but when they realized that they were eyeing their father’s hard earned money they opposed.Nd evn if they got married in that house,what would be the guarantee that they would be happy?Dadi thinks for a while nd agrees.

Next day college:

Guest have arrived nd everyone is seated.Laksh is waiting for Ragini.He is wearing kurta.Ragini come wearing the red nd black anarkali which she wore during Durga puja before Swalak wedding in serial.He is mesmerized seeing her.Though Ragini is tempted to look at him but resists.Both of them go onstage for anchouring(Guys I dunno anything bout anchouring so I can’t include any details).Ragini calls Swara on stage to perform.Sanskaar was sitting in audience with Shaurya till his performance.Swara comes nd dances on Deewani Mastani(As shown in this video: ) Sanskaar is dumbstruck by her beauty.While Laksh imagines Ragini dancing(in short readers can imagine their favourite,either swara or ragini dancing on this beautiful song).Laksh is lost in his dream world.He didn’t realize that the song got over.He came to his senses when Ragini called his name.Next they call Sanskaar nd Kavya.They both sing Gerua…though Swara was backstage,she was lost in his singing,while Ragini was dreaming bout her nd Laksh dancing on this song.Laksh comes to her.
Laksh:Wouldn’t we look the next perfect couple after SRK-Kajol for this song?
Ragini:Haan 🙂 . She realizes what she says nd blushes but then composes herself nd leaves.Laksh noticed her blushing nd smiles,knowing that he is becoming successful.
After all perfoemance Raglak go on stage .
Ragini:I hope u ppl liked the performances.Ofcourse everyone will like,afterall , students have worked so hard for this event. Laksh:Yeah everyone worked hard for their performance nd Ragini worked hard to look good.Ragini gives him a death stare. Laksh:Ooops…is it too late now to say sorry? 😛 Ragini gives him a u-r-impossible-look nd laksh winks at her 😉 .She smiles.

Precap:Not decided yet 😛

Hope u guys like it 😀 . Nd I apologise if u didn’t like my choice of songs or dresses 😛 🙂


  1. Fats

    Great update Shipra ??. I loved how Ragini started showing her attitude to the grooms family ❤️❤️. Swara was also cool when she supported Ragini. Oh and the show was really nice. I loved how RagLak were dreaming and SwaSan were lost in each other’s performances ?

  2. Ruhani


    |Registered Member

    Superb yr the way swaragini behaved with the groom’s family was amazing n hilarious, I really liked the way swara replied back Hahaha.. Raglak were awesome..

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