Silent heart

An award function is shown.
~this year also the best bussiness mans award goes to the younger bussiness man Mr. Sanskar Maheswari.
The man hands over sanskar the award.

In middle of road
a girl is walking . She is none other than swara.

Swara’s pov
what i have done. I love sanskar. Not now. From childhood. I realized it when i was 12 and u was 17. But u went to london.I also go there but when in 21 year. But there my lives wrost time strats.
She closed her eyes n went to fb-
swara was not in link with sanky.
She passes her 1st year in oxford. In 1 year she made a bestie.he is last year student .He was also a indian. She used to call zuvi. Once night she goes to a clg party. Where zuvi was also present n at last he drink much that he cross his limits. Swara saw him n bring him to his home where he forcefully raped swara.
Fb ends
tears roll from her eyes. Kaal hamari shadi. Aree dp uncle will also come. That means sanskar too. If we meet then what will happend .i dont even know how u looks. The heart is SILENT. My “SILENT HEART”. I only loves u.
Povs ends

at a dark house
a boy is sitting on floor. Surrender by many pic of a girl.
Boy’s pov
I love u. I love u soo much. But i spoiled everythings by my hand only. I raped a girl. Chi.ab galti kaya hei. Now have to rectify. Hope u stay happy.
He tuch his chest n sadly smile lil.
Povs ends
he then sit in car n drivess off.
A mehendi function shown
swara is seen in the middle of hall in grass color lehenga.Two gals r puting mendi on her hands.
Now they call grom for finding his name.
He hold her hand swara feels she know his tuch but current pass to him.
Both look at each other.
Ankho ki gustakhia song plays.
Boy feel like crying but compose him but a drop foll from swaras eye. Swara didnt bother to see his name. After 30 sec the boy find his name. The function runs.

@maheswari mansion
sanky was in his room near window.
San to a star: kavita i miss u so much. Plz come back.
A fb was running in his mind.
San:kavita open the door. He was banging on door.
Kav from inside: aj nahi sanskar. U have crosed the limits.sanskar u raped plz rectify .Lemme die.(yup zuvi n sanky is same)
Saying this she take drink poison powder.
Here our sanky broke the glass which result is his body starts bleeding. Kavit was about to foll he held her n somehow come outside n everything become black.
Fb ends
i hate u have no aim sanskar.
A mandap is shown
where swara and sanky are taking vows. In finale vow the dupata which is tieing swara n sanky.that dupatta starts to burn.
~ye asob ho jaye ga agar vo dono ruke…calo rakhye.
In harry both continues. After that vow san pur water on that cloth n swara faint on his arm. Here in that state he fill her mang n tie mangalsutra. Pandit ji declers them as couple.
He take her in arm n take her to his room n put on bed.After he come from wash room he sees our angle. He goes near her.
San: m sorry for me u have too suffer.
Saying this he take the pillow n move to couch. Then he take a sleeping pills n doze off.

Next day
swara didnt grain sence now to. Ap n dp comes n bless there n put money beside her.
Yes ap n dp stay separte.
San:mom dad plz stay with us na.
Dp:beta u know for laksh we cant stay.
San:just wait for her na.
Ap:we will come again.
San:acha lemme drop u both.
3 left.

Swara wake up after sometime. She gets fresh n sit at room thud face.after geting bore she take her gitar n plays ‘tere galiya’
sanskar come n listen the song.
Swara was lost in her world but when she remembers zuvi’s tourchere she shout n foll on floor. Sanky imedetly holds her n take her to room n calls the doctor.
3 months leap
finally today raglak,sujata,rp,ap,dp shift to mm for parmanent just bcz of swara. Sanlak was having fight thats why they seperatly lives but swara solve there problem.
Swa: anni ma if zuvi ur son then he is sanskar.
Ap:ha beta.
Swara becomes happy n hug ap.
Ap:khus raho.
Sanky room
he was walking here to there
~oh god i love her. Yes but when i fell for her. I love u swara.
Swara enter in room with hurry n bump with him.
San in mind:no i will give her suprise.
San:where is my watch
sw:in lift drowar of side table.
San: ok.
He goes n open right drowar. Sanky sees many pic of him 1-17 year n many i love u cards.
~are buddu left one”in speed she close the drowar
“acha tho baby loves me”sanky thougt
san:swara m coming.
Saying this he left.
Swara open cupborb in cloths she find his dairy. She strats to read it.
After reading half she trow the dairy n ran . Sanskar saw this.
San: oh god iss mere dairy parli hope pura parha hei.
Here swara ran outside n crush with a lori.
18 years leap
” u know kavita didnt died n she done the acedent for snaching me from her n i also didnt know that u where my son. Last when she was in my arm she told me that i have 2 years old son”a man of 40 speaks
“Andy dont cry ma will sad to if u cry”a boy of 20 year says
“u ra right sidhant sanskar maheswari isnt week” sanskar.
Both hug eachother

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      … M not writting ff nowdays coz for my exam.

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  8. U r just awesome its superb n heart touching one

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