My silence….. is my weapon…. swaragini (episode 6)

plzzz guys spare me… it dint fit in 2:episode also I dont know wat happnd

swara : Mrs. Kaveri Gupta. agar mujhe meri bhabhi ki khooni ko saza dilwani thi toh the next day i would be here n shot u to ur death bed…but i wanted to give justice to those innocent souls…. those girls who wer trapped by u…..dont u feel ashamed of playing with a woman’s dignity…. u urself are a women then how can u do those things….
throws the page on her face…..
swara : these are the details of ur swiss bank account…..
one in Name of Mrs Kaveri Gupta. other in Mrs Kaveri Maheswari…. wow wat an idea….
takes out other page n throws on her face…….
these are the list of people who helped u in ur flesh trading in companies….n now they r in my custody….
swara gives a paper to sanskaar n tells ….

swara : these are the details of ur company bank account through which she spent 75lakhs for the treatment of an unknown girl whom she have never seen or met only her workes do it for….
swara : who is that lady….Mr . Durgaprasad Maheswari n Mrs. Annapurna Maheswari wer is ur daughter Pranitha Maheswari…
Maheswari family is shocked….
Dp : she left us n went n married some other boy…
swara : didn’t u try to search her….
dp : we tried but we dint find her…..
swara : k i will give u the details…
Pranitha Maheswari is now Pranitha Akshay Raichand. .. my bhabhi….. whom ur sweet sister killed by planting a bomb in my vehicle….
dp n ap wer broken listening to this.. but swara in het bold avtar stopped them…
swara : Mr n Mrs Maheswari i have not completed my sentence….
swara to kaveri. ..
swara : u thought u will hide my bhabhi n send some burnt body yo my home n i will believe it after ur warning call…
yes initially i believed but after u got ur call then thought there is something in India related to my bhabhi….
Yes Pranitha Akshay Raichand is alive n this female have bern kept her for treatment so she can scare me…..
Now Bose Raichand n Maheswari’s have tears in their thinking about Pranitha…..
swara in a bossy tone shouts Abhay….
to which Abhay runs out n brings Pranitha by helping her in walking. ..
Abhay : didi shambhalke aaram se ayiye…..
swara feels giddiness n the blood was coming from her stomach non stop …. it was flowing to the floor which was noticed by Sweety……

Akshay sees Pranitha alive n goes n hugs her n cries his heart out…. as till today he made himself strong for his daughter n his sister…….
Pranitha consoles him…
Pranitha then meets all the family members n even her daughter. …. she was happy for her Daughter…. Pranitha even hugs swara …. n now she goes to her father n apologise for her mistake…..
swara is smiling there standing n observing the happiness of her family…..
now her head started to spin round n round. ….
sweety sees this n goes to Laksh……
sweety : baby baby…. vo vo …..

laksh : baby kya hua…..
sweety points her finger towards the floor where swara is standing…..
laksh is shocked to see blood that too a lot n swaras condition which was not good…..
with in a second swara was going to fall on ground laksh shouts her name n catches her in the nick of time n places her head ib his lap…..
laksh : shona ……n runs to her…. n places her head in his lap…..
everyone are shocked…..

Sharmisthas felt like someone stabbed her in her heart….
sanskaar was like someone took his life from..him….

laksh : pats swaraa cheeks…. shona shona kya hua…. wat happened tell na baat karo… n cries….
All her brother’s runned to her n wer worried fir her….

swara smiles painfully seeing her brothers n places her hand on laksh cheek but was unable to speak……
tears wer rolling continuously from all others eyes seeing swara like that…
laksh feels his knee wetting so takes the duppatta from swara belly n all wer shocked to see a stab n blood oozing from it…..
Sahil : shona kisne kiya…. u could have told earlier na….
Akshay : shona yeh kya bachpana hai..

all the police officers who wer present there wer also shocked who saw the Bold SB who fought for Justice is in the pool of blood….
Sharmistha takes her in her lap n : shona muje Akeley mat chodo. ….
kaveri laughs like a mad …. all wer angered seeing her….
kaveri : toh SB FBI ka khel India me Ek Criminal ke haat me khatam ho gayi…. vo bhi…kaveri ke haat mein…..
before she completes her speaking swaras three brother’s took out their pistol n shot kaveri at a time who died there on the spot…..
The others wer shocked to see their love n care towards their sister…..
laksh bhai let us take her to hospital…. they take swara to hospital….
swara was being treated …..
shekar comes there…. Sharmistha pushes him n shouts. ..
misthi : don’t dare to come near my children…..get out from my site …. i have 4 children who are enough for me…. i dont need u nor ur sympathy…. out from my site….
shekar realised his mistake of nit trusting Sharmistha n goes from there….
doctors comes out n tells that ….
laksh : Dr how us swara….
Dr : see Mr. Bose control urself….

Mrs . Maheswari have been stabbed before 4 to 5 hours…. which has developed a infection in her stomach to which we have to take her uterus out… aur zindagi mein vo kabhi maa nahi ban payegi…
everyone are stunned to listen to Doctor….
laksh : Dr do the operation dr plzzz save my sister i cant live without her….
Dr: Mr.Bose for this operation we want the opinion of her husband as she is married n now she she has a child in her womb…we can operate Mrs.Maheswari n even the child can be born…. but after the birth of the child there is no chances of her being alive…..
everyone are shocked to know that swara is pregnant n now she is in this state….
Dr : Mr.Maheswari i want ur concern in yes or no….if u want to save ur child then u will looae ur wife ….if ur wife is saved then she cant become a mother in her life….
sanskaar dont know what to do…..
he remembers all the happy moments spent with swara. swaras n sweetus bond…..he thinks for my child i can’t snatch sweetys mother..
sans : Dr save my wife…. she already has a beautiful daughter… she is enough for both of us….
laksh n Akshay n Sahil fold their hands in front of Sanskaar n thank him for saving their life….
sanskaar : she is not only ur life but also mine so wat…i have a daughter who loves my wife a lot in this world…
swara was operated n she was fine…..
swara was still unconscious they lev swara to take rest n wait outside….
sanskaar says i wanna see her once dr….
Dr : Mr.Maheswari but dont disturb her n dont stress her….
when sanskaar was going inside a small hand pulls his pant ….
sanskaar smiles n picks up sweety n asks her wat….
sans : kya hua beta…

sweety : mude bhi mumna che milna hain….
sans : par mumma so rahi hain na ..koi baar nahi chalo andar chale…
sweety : par tum koonn haa rahe hon…baby sabse pehle mumna se milta hain na…
laksh : baby aaj sanskaar andar pehle jaata hain…
sweety : ohh cahachha…. pur innhe mai tyaa bulaonnn
Akshay : Dad bulao…. andar mumna hai toh bahar yahan tumhare dad gain yeh…
sweety innocently ok thalo dad dandar chalte…..
sanskaar takes sweety in his arms n kisses her cheeks n forehead n takes her inside….
sanskaar sees swara surrounded by the artificial machine… many wires around her stomach…..n tears fills his eyes…. ge wipes it….
sanskaar sits on a chair beside swara n makes Sweety sit on his lap…. n signals her to speak smoothly…..
sanskaar takes swaras hand in to his…..
swara feels his touch n gets up….but is unable to speak or open her eyes…. but she slightly opens her eyes n finds sanskaar n sweety there…..
sanskaar without knowing swara had opened her eyes…. he started speaking his heart out to swara….

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