My silence….. is my weapon…. swaragini (episode 3)

Hi guys. … iam back with the episode…….

thank u for all who commented on previous epi ?

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so now our episode starts with the mission of arrest of KG…

swara : par hum maa se nahi batayenge ki we r going to India.
u know right she thinks that the business rivals had planted the bomb in vehicle….

laksh : but how can we hide it from ma…

swara : see i dont know what u guys will do but i want to reach India without any problems n no more restrictions. angry….

Sahil : but we three are gonna accompany u… no more arguments now….n yes iam gonna talk to ma…

Akshay is not convinced but seeing his sis he thinks to help her… he is scared for her if again swara becomes like before means …

somehow they convenience both Urvashi n misthi telling that they r taking swara for world tour to change her mood n sweety is small n we cant manage so sweety will stay with u guys….

swara n sweety are in their room….

swara : sweetu mama tumhe ek secret wali baat batayegi tum kisi se mat kaho…

sweetu : k mamma love u… n haa batao batao…

swara : dekho sweetu yeh watch tumhare liye mamma ka gift hain… mamma is going out na so u should always be wearing this till mumma returns….. tum ise khol ke nahi rakhogi…love u too beta…

sweety: mamma if i go to take bath then..

swara : every time u will wear u wont remove this even werever u go..k now mamma is leaving to India so u should not tell this to badi daadi n chotu dadi.. n chotu dada…. also….u will not tell to anyone…. promise….

sweety : promise ….

swara hugs sweety n kisses her forehead. … n goes out….

swara laksh Akshay Sahil all share sometime with sweety ….

sweety : i miss u mamma n pappa….

Akshay : miss u too beta…..n hugs her tightly n tears roll down from his eyes remembring Pranitha…

Sahil: bhai… sweetu tum muje miss karogi na…

sweety : ohh mr drama king… i will miss u too…….

sahil : i miss u three four ….infinity. ….

laksh : n me …. n pouts..

sweety: my darling how will i not miss u .

laksh : hugs her n kisses her forehead…

swara n her brothers lev to India… with a determined face


swara n her brothers land in India..

go to their mansion……

Next day they go to their college n take admission for the final year so that they can trap ragini….

swara n her bros make a good bond with ragini. …

laksh has started to fall for ragini……

kavitha just befriend with them….

ragini takes them to Maheswari Mansion in the name of studies n enjoys with them….

but swara dint get the time so that she alone can go n take some info in Kaveri’s room…

Ragini admires swara n laksh bond n thinks that they r in relationship…. (very wrong thinking )

even kavitha also misunderstands them…

because they introduced themselves as friends from childhood…..

kavitha insults swara thinking that she is orphan. .. but swara fint reply to her even once… only laksh would stand for her n speak against Kavitha…..

laksh wouldn’t leave swara even for a minute also….

however they didnt find any clue about Kaveri through Ragini… so swara asks her brother’s to plan something…. n she angrily goes from there with ragini n Kavitha leaving three….

swara wanted to go by walk so rags n kavi accompanied her…

on the way some goons blocked their way….

swara hit them lightly so that Rags n Kavi should not doubt… but those goons overpower her b they started to do wrong things luke touching here n there. …. but in the mean time …….

sanskaar came there n rescues them….

sanskaar is mesmerised to see swara her simplness. …

one goon pushes her on sanky n runs from there…..

sanskaar holds swara by her waist n is lost in her eyes…..

someone takes this pic n puts in newspapers n swaras name was dragged….

so sanky took swara to temple n married her n brought her to his home… n the news was closed there. ..

Kaveri dint like swara as she is orphan… n she wanted Kavitha to get married to Sanskaar. …

even Kavitha was liking sanskaar….

Kaveri used to order swara to do all the household work n then go to college. ….

swara used to do the work n in the mean time she collected all the proofs against Kaveri…..

like this 7 months passed…..

Sharmistha n Urvashi wer worried for them …. they wer not in contact with all this 4 ….

Kavitha plans against swara…..

she puts some medicines in sanskaar’s juice n then she thinks after consuming this juice sanskaar wont be in his senses so she n sanskaar can consummate n break swaras marriage …..

sanskaar started to love swara…
even swara was falling for sanskaar for his simplicity. … responsibility etc….

Kavitha gives the juice to sanskaar. …..

but swara comes to her room saying she is tired so she wanna rest….

Sanskaar sends Kavitha out of the room…. n bolts the room…

sanskaar dint drink the juice….

sanskaar confeses his love to swara n swara also…. n they consummate their marriage…..

Even in Maheswari mansion also swara doesn’t talk more … Just yes or no…

one day swara gets some hospital documents from Kaveri’s room n she herself goes there n checks….

there she finds out that her Bhabhi is alive n was in coma from soo many days….

swara takes Pranitha with her n warns the hospital staff not to give the info to others…

Pranitha was admitted in other hospital n there other doctors treated her n she was out of coma…. but still unconscious due to the weakness……

swara dint inform about Pranitha to her brother’s

Sahil laksh n Akshay also used to spend their days in Mm…
n they wer helping swara in gathering the proofs…

whenever swara is alone she used to listen to Sweetys talks n would watch her videos in her phone through the watch she provided her….


Sharmistha doubts that Swara n all others gave went to India… so she informs Urvashi n Arvind n all the three with Sweety comes to

sweety listens them n smiles innocently thinking that she can meet her mamma….

misthi n Urvashi n Arvind n Sweety cone to India….

Arvind comes to meet Annapurna in Maheswari mansion. ….

He is stunned to see swara there in mm as their bahu…. swara signals through her eyes that not to make it an issue….

Arvind goes from there….. but dint inform Urvashi n Sharmistha he thinks that there is some problem….

Kaveri sees swara having some file in her hand… so she gives swara some work n checks it n thinks that swara is working for SB so she is sending the info about Kaveri to her n thinks to kick swara out of Sanskaar’s life…..

precap : last episode. … dhamaka…. emotional. ….

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  1. Divyanshri

    it was fab…. but why r u rushing nethra……ur story was awsome……

    1. Nethra

      Sorry for rushing …. I thought to finish it in 4 episode so …. iam sorry. …

  2. Yashasvi

    oh nethra wt last epi. oh no. bt plz come with another ff, n sooooooooooooo owsm, n can i knw ur name
    just curiuos

    1. Nethra

      Dr my name is itself Nethra Devi.
      Iam already writing the ff of Swaragini – Undekha mod …. n iam a degree final year student

      1. Yashasvi

        ohhkkk thxxx nethra dii

    1. Nethra

      Thank u …

  3. Too fast….well it’s nice…

  4. Purvi

    Awesome…….. Continue soon……

    1. Nethra

      Thanx …

  5. Cutiie

    Too fast

    1. Nethra

      Sorry thank u….

  6. Abirsha

    Its awesome….. But y u rushed all d things dr????

    1. Nethra

      I thought romance was not necessary in this ss so rushed the things…

      1. Abirsha

        No need of romance and all but u have slowed it and u can drag it till 10 epi…. But u rushed n all the imp matters like swara taking kaveris file finding her bhabhi…..

  7. wow… plz give the next part soon…

    1. Nethra

      Next part Is last dr … so either Saturday or Sunday I will upload

  8. little princess

    Ur ff is awesome dear…its something different… I really liked it…oops..not liked… I just loved especially the swalak n sahaks bonding and swara-sweety bonding… Swalak n swara-sweety bonding is really adorable.. Waiting for swara’s real identity to be revealed n the kaveri to be punished…u didnt bring gadodia’s in b/w ur story…if u r giving shekar’s family n sumi’s family face off,then it will be interesting.. They should know that how much successful sumi is…i am excited about further storyline.. So update it soon
    Why r u in a hurry to finish it..anyway update so big part…love to read it..

    1. Nethra

      Thank u princess

  9. Nice..

  10. little princess

    Nethra…will update next episode today…will it be the last episode??..try to update it very soon..make it a bigger one..waiting for it

  11. Awesome bt y u wrapped up?

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