My silence….. is my weapon…. swaragini (episode 1)


hiii guyssss nethra here… i have a short story in my mind… i will finish this short story n them complete my ff that is swaragini – Undekha mod. … iam sorry i cant manage both…. so… there is a break… for ff…..

I think u will like this story…..

scene 1……

January 4 2013

A women is driving her car…. n talking on her cellphone. ….

women : sorry my dr nadan iam taking ur vehicle i have a meeting urgently …

os : arrey its k bhabhi…. u take care n after reaching the destination text me or either give me a call…. (the girl talks with a very sweet like angelic voice…..)…..

they keep chatting n there isa big sound ………bhooommmmmm………………
os : scared…. bhabhi….. bhabhi. n cries…..

that women comes out of the car she has some burns on her body…. some goons come n takes her from there …. she keeps protesting…….
they replaced her body with other fully burnt body……

that lady body is brought to a mansion named BR mansion. …located in USA….

a small baby is crying seeig the dead body … the baby is 9 months old……a women near to her 60s is carrying the baby…. the baby’s father is completely broken ……

a girl of her early 20s come near the dead body n ……

girl : bhabhi aaj se sweety tumhari beti nahi hai. .. she lost u because of me…. so i will fulfil all ur responsibility in her life n bhabhi its my promise to find the culprit n punish them …. its urs Sonas promise …….

character sketch…..

Bose n Raichand family

Sharmistha Bose : a bengali was married to mr.Shekar Gadodia. .. but Parvathi Gadodia dint like her n blamed Sharmistha sharing relationship with others… n because she was from a middle class family n Parvathi wanted a rich girl for her son… n Sharmistha left shekar n India n settled in USA. ….. runs a big Multinational company B&R group of companies. …. that company manages a many educational institutions in India…..
she has a son n daughter twins… n her sister’s two sons …. love all the four equally…. after the incident of losing her daughter in law she hates to send her all four children to India…

Lakshya Bose :(24 years ) Sharmistha son works in FBI ( Federal Bearue of Investigation ). a senior secret agent in Crime department. … he works there but its not known by his mom n choti ma n chote papa …. only his team members n his cousins… knew also works in their company

Swara Bose : (24 years)lakshya twin sister a very intelligent girl n very sharp at finding the things very quickly…
FBI secret agent Intelligence Department. loves her brother’s a lot… loves her mother a lot…. she can do anything to protect her family. even she works secretly her cousins knew her working in FBI.
well known aa SB FBI .Even works in their company.

Urvashi Raichand: Sharmisthas sister married to Arvind Raichand. have 2 sons loves all her children. Stays with Sharmistha in the same house. loves swara more than others.she helps her sister in her company

Arvind Raichand: urvashis huaband manages B&R group of companies stay with Sharmistha. respects her a lot … he has a sister in India…Annapurna Maheswari.

Akshay Raichand:(27years) urvashi n Arvind first child.. works in FBI supervisory special agent Crime Department. His family kbows about him working there..

Pranitha Maheswari /Mrs.Akshay Raichand:(27 years) eloped from her family to get her life partner has not returned to India after that . Nobody knews that she is a Maheswari

Sweety Raichand : 9 months old baby Akshay n Pranitha daughter… whole Raichand n Bose family loves the child a lot

Sahil Raichand :(26years)same as in serial. he is Urvashi n Arvind son. even he works in FBI as Assistant Special Agent in charge. his family knows about him being working..

Chris Jhon.
Kajol .

all the three are the team members of SB…

Maheswari’s family

Durgaprasad Maheswari. owns a company in India.. has 2 daughters n 1 son… loves them a lot…thinks that hus firsy daughter Pranitha is dead…

Annapurna Maheswari : loves her childrens a lot always misses her daughter Pranitha. .. housewife…

Sanskaar Maheswari :(26 years ) a very arrogant business man.. love his both sisters a lot .. misses his elder sister loves his younger sister…..a very kind n soft hearted person… friendly in nature nut strict boss in office…

Ragini Maheswari :(23 years)a college going girl loves her bro a lot…. studies in one of the college which is maintained by B&R group of companies. ..a very fun loving girl…have a lot of friends …

Gadodia Family

Deendayal Gadodia : same as ib serial…

Parvathi Gadodia :same as in serial..

Shekar Gadodia : runs a business company which was owned by his late wife Janki Gadodia. .. who died after the birth to his daughter.

Kavitha Gadodia(23 years) : a spoilt rich kid always insults the poor ladli of dadi.. b shekar also loves her n wants her to be good .. but she us not … she has a big crush on Sanskaar. ….

in short all the childrens of Bose n Raichand family works in FBI but only two members work freely n the other two works secretly. …
all the 3 brothers loves their lovely sister more than anything. .laksh loves swara a lot. Swara is one of the weakness of B&R family….

sanskaar is a businessman n ragini is lovely girl where as Kavitha is spoilt girl… both ragini n kavitha study in same college…

they live in USA. ..

swara n laksh n akshayn Sahil all 4 wer born n brought up in US…

(sorry for the long introduction u should know about them na so its too long )

episode 1

1st September 2012

some girls nearly aged between 20to 30 are been taken in to goods vehicles … there wer more that 100 girls…. all r screaming lev us ….

one girl pleads..
please sir lev us our families will be waiting for us u just said u offer us job with high salary then y r u playing with our dignity….

someone shoots her n throws her into the ocean … all other girls are shocked n they have no other way so kept quite … .

They wer transported from India to other Nations… through sea routes……

15th September 2012

Swara, Laksh ,Akshay ,Sahil Chris kajol Angel all went to FBI head quaters

officer… see miss SB.. many girls are missing from India…they r being transported from there we need to find out the details of the person who is doing this deals… i think ur group will be enough to do this…..are u ready to take up this case. ..

swara : yes sir n salute him…. others follow her… n salute him…

officer : iam very glad that a u guys r taking this case. .. i hope u findout the culprit very soon…

this news was telecasted on all the tv channels…

swara’s home
all the group people join her in a room n they discuss some plan ….

the episode ends on swara’s thoughtful face…

guys i need ur response whether i should compkete this short story or not or u guys want the ff ….

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  1. Awesome yaar make it a ff plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. i really love investigatn related stories… Nd ur plot is awsm… Update soon

  3. Abirsha

    its interesting…..loved it

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  5. Purvi

    Awesome…… Continue soon…..

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  7. Roshini Kapoor

    Awesome and fantastic… Please do continue soon. And is this a ff or ss?

  8. yashasvi ( yashu )

    epi is awesome but one confusion if pranitha is ap’s daughter n akshay is arvind’s son n according to ur ff ap is sis of arvind so arvind wil be bro of parineeta, yrrr i am confused,

    1. Nethra

      Pranitha is ap daughter . Arvind is ap bro . So he is Pranitha s mama . So Pranitha can marry her mama son …

  9. Nice dear

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