Silence And Noise Of Love Life- Segment 9


Shr enters his room suman was sitting on the bed wearing ghunghat
Shr:uthao apne is mun chupane wale Aale ko
she takes her ghunghat off
sumi:alla nae ghunghat ghunghat h ye
Shr:whatever m fresh ho jaon phr tm ho Jana
Shr goes and gets fresh
sumu goes and vets nijad from her so called bridal dress
both sit on the bed
Shr: I wanna tell u sth
sumu: bolen
Shr; I don’t think that v should take our marriage to the next level until v know eachothdr well
sumu: I also think so
Shr: perfect than so jao gud night
sumu: gud night and lays on the bed
Shr; hey u utho
sumu: kun
Shr: this is my bed OK
sumu: soo??
Shr: to utho
sumu: ap ne nae parha k Jo tmhara h WO mera h r Jo mera h WO b mera h OK
Shr: nae pharha OK now get up
sumu: then where I will sleep
Shr: WO dekho us bla ko couch kehte hain couch kia kehte gain?ΒΏ
sumu: couch js PR ap souen ge
Shr: m nae ap
sumu: PR m couch p kese soun ge

Shr goes and lays down on couch
Shr: ESE
sumu perfect now u sleep
Shr gets up: g nae uthen wahan se
sumu: BT Shr I m girl na
shr: so what
sumu: Shr plzz
Shr: no means no g
sumu: OK ESA krte hain,……
Shr: ek hi bed PR so jate hain g nae got that
sumu: m keh b nae rae one day u sleep on couch other day I will
Shr: but.,…
sumu; no but
Shr: k fine chalo jao so jao couch pr
sumu: first u
Shr: y should I????
sumu: for the first time men’s first
Shr: annΓ± fine switch off the light
sumi’ mjhe dar laagta h
Shr:hahaha mjh se ya andhere se
sumu: ap se main nae darte andhere se
Shr: mjhe light m nenwd nae ati
sumu: r mjhe light m ati h
Shr: couch PR kn so raha h???
sumu ap
Shr: pati kn h???
sumu: ap
she : zulm kis p ho raha couch PR sone ka???
sumu: ap PR
Shr: exactly couch PR so raha hn zulm bardast kr raha hn r tm mere liye itna nae kr skti
sumu: ap black mail kr rae hain mjhe
Shr: koi shakk
sumu: no shakk OK fine ap Jaen kr rae hn off

Shr goes and sleeps on couch suman on bed their was just a light of Ac
sumu alto jalal to aae bla ko tal tu
sumu: sunte hain g????
Shr with out opening eyes
Shr: g????
sumu: main dekh rae the ap aunte hain ya nae
Shr: what the
sumu: hahaha OK sorey m dekh rae the so gae ya nae
Shr: han han jb soun gaa alarm bj jae ga OK
sumu; what
Shr: what what shut up sleep and let me sleep
sumu: OK sorry gud night
Shr: gud night
suman again: alto jalaal to aae bla ko tall to
Shr : bla tmhare sath SOE hoe h pta nae kise tal rae ho
sumu shut up so Jaen ap
Shr : so raha hn
both sleep
scene split on Shr and suman sleeping faces

precap: kitchen……… chalna h guys

so guys many of u asked me to post asap so here u go the boring opps amazing chapter of ff hahaha
smile ur request is accepted and plzz keep commenting guys I need it
mario take a lot of card of urself
lots of love

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  1. This was cute but a little short. Loved it though and post the next one soon too ??

    1. Year I posted two in a day that’s y r studies annnn aag lage
      Thank u soooo much
      I will try to post asap
      Take care

  2. Marie

    Hello ji…!!
    My pyaari API APNE apni tarhaan bht pyaara pyaara likha hai….!!
    I think I loved it more than prev ep…!!
    Hahaha course scene WS mast….!!! Loved it to d core….!!!
    Bhee itna acha likho gi ap toh Mai marjaon gi hans hans kar…..!! πŸ˜€
    So gud they always fight…!! Hahahah it’s so gud….bht bht bht acha….!!
    God bless u api….!!
    Love u
    Love u
    Love u
    Love u
    Love u….!!!!
    N ur ff a lot se Bhi ziada…!!
    Plz plz plz post nxt one ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP…!
    Btw when will u gonna post nxt 1…??
    N thank u soooo much fr posting it early…!! N wo Bhi itna amzing…!!
    Haha thank u ji m caring my self bt need ur prayers api…so plz pray fr me πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Take care…!!
    Love u…!!
    Frm ur sis

    1. Hi g
      Thank u sooooooo much love
      Ur comment made me happy
      Allah ap ko lambi zindagi de ESA NAD bolte love
      God bless u love
      Love u
      Lve u
      Love u too
      OK I will try
      Love I read about ur virus its too fatal far u should take a lot of care of urself r han Sara din soo jao koi kam mt karo r mjhe se BT karo OK
      Take alot care f itself
      Love u too
      Ur api

  3. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hello dear !!! This ep was nice .. bt really sorry to say .. I don’t like this Shravan … I mean he is too weird .. don’t like him .. bt as it is his nature in the story that’s y I hv to accept it … sorry again ..
    Post sooooooon ..
    Take care ..
    Allah Hafiz ..

    1. Hi
      I m extremely sorry but my dear the storyline is like a that ehod I change it????
      So4r4rrfrrryyyyyyy swetu
      Take care

  4. Marie

    P.S this is also frm lovely di…..due to sm reasons she can’t cmmnt …..met she is missing u so much πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Lovely di annnnn change ur phone quick just change it yar
      Love u di
      Thank u
      V miss u too yar

  5. Ariana

    hey that was nice!!! this wedding night was so formal. Waiting for ShraMan romance. Post nxt epi soon!

    1. Hi ariana
      Sorry for the formal thing bht story obviously will went slowly there will be romance but not now
      I will try to post soon

  6. Ha ha ha, sunte he ji??, hi hi hi it was so funny, for the first time men first ??, bechari ff wali sumo ko apna ghungat khud uthana Para hahaha heeehe khi khi khi I can’t stop laughing, Uffi di(don’t mind plss) ur too amazing.
    itto funny Tha i cant tell you kitni hasi main ????pip

    1. Very happy to know that my sis laughed
      Keep smiling
      Ya I don’t mind u can call
      Take care sweetu
      BTW wats ur age???

      1. Nandini aka Nandu

        She’s 13 bit idk her class. She doesn’t tell it. Kehti hai she’s in a very beginner’s class.

      2. Ufaaq

        So what neeti if u r in beginner class han? That doesn’t matter u r studying that’s enough OK
        Be happy

      3. Neeti

        Are mujhe aise aur sarminda mat kariye I want to be scientist aur uske liye parna pare GA….
        Admission ke liye 1year waste Hua and 2years waste Hua kinder garden schl me
        aap mujhpat mat hasna pls

  7. Aur aaj lots of hassi- Neeti

    1. Keep smiling

  8. Haha..its just as I expected..☺☺☺
    Im really happy for it..
    Precap…sumo ki rasoyi…oh…superb…☺☺☺
    Post the next part soon..☺☺

    1. Thank u soooo much sons di
      I will try to post soon
      Take care

  9. Nandini aka Nandu

    Hi ufaaq di! BTW wjt does nijaad mean?? Does it mean to get rid of?? As per my understanding. Lots of love. Keep writing. Study hard? please jaldi post karna? ?

    1. Nijad means pecha chorwana so obviously get rid off Urdu language word
      U too study hard nandi
      Studies r very important my dear
      I will try to post soon
      Love u
      Take care

      1. Nandini aka Nandu

        Yup surely I will?? I just want to learn urdu. Idk why but I like the words of urdu. Anyway, keep going????

      2. Ufaaq

        Sweetu Urdu is a very easy and heart touching language but .,.,…how u gonna learn it?ΒΏ
        It will be difficult for u

      3. Nandini aka Nandu

        I have decided tha . I will learn Urdu maybe not noe but when I grow up. ? lots of love dear.

      4. Nandini aka Nandu

        I have decided that . I will learn Urdu maybe not noe but when I grow up. ? lots of love dear. Waise what are the plans for the next update????

      5. Ufaaq

        Amm next update not yet decided
        Urdu……. OK best of luck to u sweety
        If u have decided than u should surely learn it its not that much difficult sweetu

  10. Prettypreeti

    Jitne aache aur sweeet name utni achi ff and such a good writer u r
    Post soon

    1. Ufaaq

      Itne safe names not bad preti
      Thank u
      Thank u
      Thank u
      Thank u soooo much
      Take care

    2. Prettypreeti


  11. Hahahahaha ufaq yeh tha kyaaaa

    i mean itna sweet simple i really loved it though i had miss couple of epis but i got no difficulty i loved it u r awsome,……..,

    1. Ufaaq

      Kia that anju m khud b dhondh rae hun pta nae kahan se ese ajeb ideas mere dimagh m ate hain paglon wale
      Thank u soooo much
      Missed epi??? No worries let them ho
      Take care lots of love

  12. Affaa

    Haaaiiii chul bulli you have no idea how much I missed…I missed you like hell…how are…don’t you missed you api???? no nah…I know I had only one relaxation was marie…I love you sooo…

    Sorry for being late sorry for not commenting on last episode…how is your studies…

    Amazing amazing amazing wooooow after a long gap you came with fabulous episode superb…

    Love you more than you loves me….take care…love you

    1. Ufaaq

      No api u didn’t missed me
      Only I missed u
      I thought u forgot that who the hell I m
      Mjhe bht bura laga
      Ufaq r api behn behn na phr api kun bhol gae ufaq ko???
      Ufaq naraz naraz and bht nraz
      M nae kr rae ap k sorry accept apne ufaq ko hurt kia WO b bht zyada
      I love u mostest
      Love u
      Love u
      Take care

  13. sorry 4 commenting late. connection prob. it has been raining d whole day in kolkata and d ffs were my only friend. no edkv on weekends but ur ff made it enjoyable. a nice epi had a good laugh . their convo was lovely.

    1. Ufaaq

      Connection Ann it is disturbing me too
      Oh wow so happy rainy day to u
      Thank u soooo much
      Take care

  14. Sumo

    really … it was a Urdu touch to Hindi.. loved it… ?

    1. Ufaaq

      Thank u sooo much sumo di
      Keep smiling

  15. Khushi

    Amazing uffi loved it dear…sorry for late comment
    Happy friendship day uffi
    U got registered m soo happy how r u??
    The episode was fab dear loved it so much the fight for the bed is simply amazing dear soo cute and good mujhe toh yeh bhi romantic lagi…loved it yr
    U r an amazing writer dear love u so much
    Ur cham cham

    1. Ufaaq

      Oh god khush I like ur dp a lot nakul is soooo cute
      Its OK no worries
      Happy friend ship day my chamcham
      I m toooo gud how r u???
      Yup got registered dnt want to but got
      Thank u soooo much chamcham
      Take care
      Love u

  16. hey ufaq ….read ur ff …sometimes it was hilarious…God how fast u completed their marriage πŸ˜‰ very good …waiting for ur next chapter…update soon…all the best…n yeah awsm ff yaar

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