Silence And Noise Of Love Life- Segment 8


Wedding day
Suman gets ready in red lehnga with green contrast it was too heavy
Sumu:yar pretty mjhe lagata h m gir jaon ge
Preeti:kuch nae hoga di
Sumj:nae yar ye lehnga kafi bhari h
Preti:chup di nae h bhari thk ho
Sumu:BT yar acha chor
Priya:sumu beta tm bht achi lg rae ho
Sumu:thank u mom
Priya:I will miss u
Sumu; I will mias u too
Both hug eachothwr

Shr room
She:what the hell is this I m not gonna wear this it irks me
NIR ;just shut up and wear it
Shr::annnn is shadi l chakar m kia kia krna par raha h
NIR:acha to mt karo
Shr:seriously oh wow mtlb m azad hn that’s pretty gud so I can go
NIR:han han
Shr:great and starts leaving
But nir holds his ears
NIR:sharafat se shadi kr me warna do bajaon ge kan ke neeche
Shr:annn I knew it I seriously knew it
NIR:shut up and get ready got that
Shr:yup got it
He gets ready and with pushlar goes and sits in mandap

Guys i m Muslim in which there is nikkah and shadi over but in u guys ahhh I don’t lknow so whatever. I wrote read
It and say ammmaaazxxiiinnngg hahaha jocking

So suman with the help of preeti comes down when she was coming down her lehnga got stuck and she was just about to fall bt holds her and her feet gets twisted she acres priya runs and manages somehow to take her mandap and sits with Shr she was feeling much pain
Shr:r pehno lehnge
Shr:r karo shadi
sumu:shut up
Shr laughs
NIR:kia hoa Shr
Shr gets chup:kuch nae mom
suman:laugh now laugh jaldi karo
Shr makes faces
pandit starts mantar
suman makes Shr wear warmala
that thing is warmala ri8 Annnn
sumu:Shr neeche hojae kse pehnaon he m andi can’t jump na
Shr:no Shr malhotra doesn’t bend in front of anyone
sumu pulls Shr down Shr was about to fall sumu puts warmala
Shr:cheater pumpkin eater
sumu:everything is fair my dear
Shr:what eclver he make her wear varmala
pandit again starts
pandit:pheron k liye uth jae
sharman stands up and start vows but suman can’t
Shr:an kia hoga
sumu:mai nae chal skte
Shr looks here and there and picks sumu up in the bridal style
sumu:Shr ye kia kr rae hain gir jaon ge
Shr:kuch nae hoga chillax
both take vows and oath
both sit down

Shr makes suman wear vermilion and mangal sutar with which pandit declares marriage to. done
I m shorting it
suman with the help of Shr goes meets everyone and leaves the house crying
suman enters house NIR does her garhparwesh whatever that thing is
there is a rasm I like it to find the ring in the milk bowl
suman and Shr both start finding
Shr:I m gonna win it
sumu;let’s see
both find sumu and Shr both get ring together in the bowl
Shr through eyes:plz leave it
sumu shaks hér head noo
Shr leaves the ring
sumu catches his hand gives him ring and take her hand out of bowl
sumu:I can’t find
Shr takes out the ring but I found it
Shr :kaha tha na I m gonna win
Shr:thanxx thanxx
push;2dafa thanxx
Shr:tu chup ho ja
pushkat gets. chup hahaha
nirm takes suman to room and males her sit and leave
bs bs bht hogaya baqi kal so
the segment finishes

precap:nae btati

so guys ufaq back to her family
sooooo soooorrrryyyyy for being late
I don’t know how it is I wrote and u caught OK
so guys missed me
no??? how rude
I missed u guys a lot take care
lots of love

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  1. oho a nice wedding . precap ???? want a spoiler alert. i missed u. by d way r u posting tomorrow???????

    1. Ufaaq

      Spoiler Amm really r u sure OK I will surely try bt I personally don’t like spoilers OK I will try for u yar
      I posted nt tomorrow today happy???
      Thank u sokoo much take care

  2. Nandini aka Nandu

    Omg ufaq di! U seem to be a totally different person today. Are u fine? Well, u have done a great job in deacribing the hindu rituals correctly that too being a.non-hindu. U seem to watch hindi indian tv shows, huh? Jab i read the precap at the first place i didnt get it but whrn i did i just laugjed hard. That was so cute and alag-nahi batati. One of the most amazng precaps ever known. Lots of love di and ofcourse we missed u. keep writing and posting. When are u goung to post the next part???

    1. Ufaaq

      Oh really different???
      Wese my cousin says me that I have many shades SL may b u saw today yup I watch Hindi serials but some like edkw and ishqbaaz bs
      OK thank u soooo Mich
      Love u too take care

  3. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey !!!! Well ep was totally fabbbbbbb .. luved it ..
    Now tello when u r going to post next part ?
    Nd thnk God shaadi ho gyi .. shukr hy ap ny issko drag nae kiya ..
    For now take care ..
    Allah Hafiz ..

  4. Commenting first time on or ff ……I was a silent reader to ur ff ……..But today u made me majbooor …. Can not stop commenting ….. ..mind blowing di …….. Ur are god gifted writer …… Karl talk wait nahi ho payega ……… Plzzzz di upload it today ……… I request u ……..

  5. Sumo

    nice nice nice.. ??

  6. Sharmansangel

    Bahut mast episode tha please post asap
    Lots of love???

  7. It was just so..fab…lovely couple…☺☺☺

  8. Marie

    Hey api …..!!!
    How r u…? 🙂
    Well well well……..wat to say abt d ep…..
    It was a total fab ep….!!
    Finally they got married…. 🙂
    Fabulous + amazing + wonderful + awesome + beautiful + all d best compliments = UFaq API ka ff…..” Silence n noise of luv…” 🙂 🙂
    That’s all I have to say…….kyun tareeef ke liay or lafzz nai hain 😉
    Hahahahah wat a Precap..!! 😀
    I laugh so hard after reading d whole ep n especially d Precap…!
    We’ll take care api….!!
    Love u mostttttt………..!!!
    By by… 🙂

  9. Omg.. This telly updates walo ne mera cmnt post nahi kia mera,Neeti the great ka (don’t slap me?)
    we missed you some days before i came to check if anyone posted their ff bt no one did it so havnt cmnt in many ffs (i got angry that’s why)

  10. Prettypreeti

    After such a long time
    How r u my sweety
    Ur fff amazing yaar
    Kais likthi ho itna aacha madam
    U rocked it
    Sorry for commenting late actually was busy in studies and papers were going on please pray for my good marks
    Ty for praying
    Ok epi was fab
    Super duper
    Love u bieeee

    1. Ufaaq

      Preeti sweetu I m gud how r u year????
      Thnk u sooooooo much
      Exams annn blo*dy exams
      May u get 98 percent and become the topper my prayers r always with u
      May god give u success in each and every field of life
      Its OK no worries for latenes
      Parho r mera nam roshan karo haha kidding
      Take care
      Love u too bye

  11. Sumo

    it’s really mast loved it ufaq..
    lots of love take care.. ??

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