Silence And Noise Of Love Life – (segment 2)


suman was talking with her mom
sumu: yes mom I topped the college
priya: gud now come back
sumu: OK after a week
priya: not week a day
sumu: y???
priya: 6 sal ho game sumu now come back
sumu: but mom
priya: no but what come back
sumu: OK I m coming
sumu books the ticket of India but she has to go first Delhi than Lucknow
guys sharavan lives in Delhi and suman lives in Lucknow
she board her flight which lands in India she comes out of airport because her second flight is after two hours
sumu shouts loud
sumu: welcome back to India ms suman singhania

she sees ballon on the other side of road she is also a kid so she starts jumping like kid
sumu: balloon balloon I want balloon
she starts crossing the road on the other hand shr was driving his car in very fast speed she comes in front of his car shr applies sudden breaks due to which car hits her lightly and she fells down
shr gets out of the car
shr: u r fine
sumu; disappointed???
shr: what??
sumu: u r disappointed k tm ne mjhe Marne ki koshish ki r Phr b m Bach gae ?????
shr: excuse me???
sumu: no not all u r not excused
shr: mera tmhein Marne ka koi irada nae tha r tmhein afar road cross nae mRNA ata to Ku krti ho
sumu: agar ap ko gari chalana nae ata to Ku chalte ho???
shr; tmhein bolna nae ata to chup raha kro
sumu: ap chup rahen
shr: tm betho car m
sumu: Ku????
shr: tmhein doctor k pass le Jana h
sumu; main nae jaon ge r apne kitni bedardi se takar mari h mjhe abhi mere Umar hi kya h Marne ki irade hain apke mjhe
shr: oh god bhar main jao
sumu: goes and sit in his car
shr: ab andar Ku beth gae
sumu: doctor k pass chalna h na
shr: oh God chalo
sumu: nae pehle mjhe balloon LA kr do
shr: tm bache ho??
sumu: tmhein kya tm mjhe la kr do
shr: main nae ja raha
sum: main chilana shuru kr Dan ge
shr: oh god ja raha hn

he goes and takes ball on and gives her and drives off to the hospital
Dr: kya hoa apko
sumu: kisi andhe ne takar mari h
shr: g nae tm khud samne aae the
Dr: chup ho Jaen ap dono sister inhen tetanus ka injection den
sumu: injection??????
shr: g injection
sumu: sister ap inhen laga den m thk ho Jaon ge
shr: wah kia theory h
sumu: m nae lagwaon ge
shr: mar b khao ge
shr hold her tightly
sister gives her injection
sumu;: chalo ab mjhe airport drop karo
shr: ye meri duty nae h khud chali jao
sumu: pr main kese jaon
shr: thats not my problem
saying this he leaves
sumu: kharoos kahen ka batamez
she somehow manages to reach airport takes flight and reaches Lucknow
shr on the other side gets late for his meeting
shr: dobara mili na jan nikal ln ga iski musibat kahen ki
scene ends
chapter ends

guys sumu and shr does not recognise each other because they had never obseveed each other closely furthermore they have not met for many years
so guys epi was short one boring one I know
sorry for lateness actually I m having fever from last two days sorry
take care guys
lots of love

Credit to: ufaq

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  1. Marie

    What did u say boring ??
    Ooohhhhh god ye Aaj kl sab ko kya ho Gaya hai acha khaas ep post kar ke kehte hain boring toh nai tha….?? Ek yahi joke Malta hai kya?? …… πŸ˜€
    Acha now cm to ep……
    Is se acha kya hoga….
    Interesting API..!! I m out of d words fr praising u….!! πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚
    Bs only 1 thing aise hi likhti raho amazzzzinggg ep…!! πŸ˜€
    God bless u..!!
    Love u api,..,,!!
    Take care! πŸ˜‰

    1. Love u to yar
      Thanxxxxx for the encouragement love u swetu

  2. Amazing epi ufaq di…. so expressive…. n loved the childish factor…. excited for nxt part post soon……?

    1. Thanksss ana

  3. Seriously not at all boring. Balki really nice. Get well soon dear ufaq and keep writing.

    1. Thank u solo much nando

  4. Fatimagulesarfraz

    OMG !!!!! What an amazing story dear !! ?? .. very very nice … nd it was not at all boringggg? … iss k ilawa koi or joke suna dya Karen , ye purana ho gya hy .. btw post ASAP ??

    1. Hahahaha thanxxxx fatima

  5. WeirdSister

    Nice epi wasn’t boring…!

    1. Thanxxxx Ws

  6. Yaar..y u feel that u r boring us…u knw wt…because of ur ffs only we r getting some better entertainment..happiness..??☺☺
    I really enjoy to read it..ssooo..nice☺

    1. Thank u soooo much sona

  7. Awwww…..take care ufaq get well soon and the epi wasn’t boring it was so cute…..sumo bacho ki tarah zid karty hue kitni cute lag rai thi

    1. Thanxxxxxxxxxxx naina

  8. Khushi

    Omg ufaq…..if this is boring then tell me what is interesting…. Don’t say again that u r boring us coz u r not… I loved it…haha I laughing Imagining what will happen when shravan and sumo will come to know that they r going to marry each other… It will be sooo much fun…..plz plz plz post soon dear…
    With love from ur cham cham??

    P.S this is from sumo di also….??

    1. Thank u sooooooooo much
      Let’s see what will happen
      I will post after getting well thanks
      Love u chamcham
      And ya sumo di thanks yarrrrr u take care
      And best of luck for ur exams

  9. Obviously not ufaq.. It’s not boring-in fact it was amazing! Jab shravan aur sumo ek dusre k baare mein jaanenge tab kya hoga? Really excited! And yeah take care aur jaldhi thik ho jana!

    1. Thank u sooooooo much Nazi
      I m fine now alhamdolilah
      Love u

  10. Prettypreeti

    Sorry ufaq for late comment actually tu was not opening its site so was not able to comment ur ff is so nice so khathi meethi dil jeet liya it was amazing keep writing and take care

    1. Its OK koi nae
      Thank u yar
      Love u
      Take care

  11. Angel_pari

    Ufaqqqq sorry sorry for being late it was really nyc hahahaha sharman meet was super cute just loved it post soon nd what happen to u how is ur health……

    1. Its OK
      Its OK
      Thank uuuuuuuuuu anju
      And now I m fine alhamdolilah
      Love u
      Take caree

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