Silence And Noise Of Love Life- Segment 13

mid night
sumu goes and wakes Shr
sumi: Shr wake up na Shr plzzz
Shr sleepy: oh god these nightmares dnt let me sleep hey u miss night.are let me sleep
sumi: haaaa u r saying me nightmare
Shr: ammmm let me sleep
sumu: plzzz wake up
shr : noooo let me sleep plzzzz
sumu shouts in his ears bhooooooo
Shr wakes up with a jerk and get extremely afraid
sumu )laughs : hahahaha maza aya
Shr: shut up u dumb what u want
sumu: WO
Shr: what WO have u seen time
he sees CLOck which indicates 3 am
Shr: what the hell 3 bje kn uthta h suman sharavn malhaotra the greatest bewaquf
sumu: shut up I m thirsty
Shr: so u think I m water purifier
sumu: g nae there is no water in the jug
Shr: so?????

sumu: plz accompany me to the kitchen. to take water
Shr: what no way yar let me sleep he again sleeps
sumi: Shr I feel scared
Shr: no way I m not going
sumu: k fine I m going
she starts going towards the kitchen the mansion was fully dark and dark sumi was hell scared
sunu: alto jalal to aae bla ko tal tu
She reaches kitchen dark and dark sumu: akroo malhotra if he would have came kia bigar jata but nooo akroo malhotra is akroo malhotra annn I m scared yarrrrrrr
someone. comes and shouts bhoooo
sumu gets scared she was like she will die at any moment she starts shouting : shrrrrr save me shrrrr
person covers her face and opens light it was non other than shr
sumu sees him and get relieved
sumu: ap yahan???
Shr: han Maine socha tm daar se kitchen m behosh na ho jao
he laughs
sumu beat him

sumj: u scared me
Shr: tit for tat u scared me when I was sleeping
sumu. : ohk let’s go
Shr: noooooo bhok lagi h mjhe
sumu: who makes food at this time of night
Shr: the one who drinks water at this time
sumi: nooo mjhe bend aae h
Shr: OK fine chalo he starts going
sumu: kia khaen ge
Shr without turning: noodles
sumu : OK two minutes
sumu makes noodles and Shr eats himself and her also with his hands because sunu requested him after that both go room and sleep
next morning
suman wakes up this time Shr was first to wake up
sumu: u woke up
Shr: ya woke up
sumi: fresh nae hoe
Shr: ja raha hn
sumu runs towards bathroom: no first I will go I m late to cook breakfast
Shr: and I m late for my meeting
he also runs towards bathroom both were now standing on the door of bathroom
sumu; first I will take bath
Shr; no first I will
sumi; I m getting late
Shr: mere meetinb h let me go
sumu: breakfast banana h let me go
Shr: shut up mjhe Jane do
sumi: noooooo way
Shr: late ho raha hn main smjh nae aaraaha ap ko???
sumi: late ho rahe hn main smjh nae aarahi apko????
Shr : oh god
sumi: OK OK we will do one thing
Shr: what???
sumj: we will do race
Shr: race??? r we kids???
sumi; shut up agree otherwise I m going to take bath
Shr; OK fine
sumu : so let’s go to the entrance door of our room and the one who reaches the bathroom first will take bath first OK????( me and brother do so hahaha)
Shr: what???? OK f9
they go to door and start running and Shr runs fast and enter the bath room sumu also enters bathroom
Shr: I have won now go

sumu: WO
tring tring sumu phone rings
suma: ur phone is ringing
Shr: no ur phone is ringing
suman: no I have changed ring tone its ur phone
Shr goes outside and picks up phone and sees it is suman phone
suman locks the door and shouts from inside :Jo b h us se kehna suman shravan malhotra Naha rahi h hahaha
Shr becomes red in angwr: u cheater Lumpkin eater I will not leave u
sum: catch me if u can
Shr hits his hand on table and says: I m not gonna leave you and leaves the room
Shr after suma. gets ready and leave for office
sumu calls Shr
Shr: hello
sumi: hi busy????
Shr: yup
sumj: actually I want to go on shoppinh
Shr: so who stopped u go
sumu; with whom
Shr: whomever you like
sumu: you
Shr: what????
sumu: I would like to go on shopping with you
Shr; no im busy sorry and I don’t like shopping
sumu: but I like and Shr its just a matter of 2 hours
Shr: 2 hours????? do u know there r how many seconds in two hours ???
sumu: I know Shr come with me otherwise
Shr. ;otherwise what????
sumu: I will say to mamy
Shr: u can’t do this
sumu: I can and I will
Shr: dhamka rae ho mjhe
sumu. :yes…….
Shr: OK fine get ready aaraha hn
sumu: really so sweet of u
Shr: diabetes
sumu: ya ya whatever bye
she: bye
hang up
suman and Shr enter shopping mall and suman starts buying and her most favourite hobby bargning
Shr: yr de do na jitne mang raha h
su.a: ESE kese de dn ap chup Karen and she stars again almost three hours spent but shopping still not finished

Shr: u said 2 hours but see three hours are gone now plzzz let’s go
sumj: patience Shr patience
Shr: OK fine u carry on I have an important call I will be back
sunu: OK
Shr leaves and sumu khurafati dimagh GIves her and idea she goes and stands beside pillar where Shr can’t see him
Shr come back and sees suman no where he ask the shopkeeper but he says I don’t know he calls her but sumu switches off her cellphone he was hell worried and sumu was enjoying all this
sumj: Shr dhondho dhondho
Shr: shouts and roamd whole mall but cant find her he was extremely worried for her and now tears were present in his eyes which sunu saw
sumu felt guilty aad comes out of pillar and goes to Shr
sunu: Shr
Shr sees her and gets her life back and hug her tightly
har kisi ko nahi milta yahan pyar zindagi h
har kisi ko nahi milta yahan pyar zindagi h……..plays
Shr breaks the hug
Shr: where were u I was worried for u and where is ur mobile phone why it is off
sunu bends her head: Shr actually I played a prank with u I went behind pillar and was watching u I m sorry
Shr was hell shocked he helds sumu shoulder and shake her like hell
Shr: what how could u do this
sumu: Shr WO to main bs
Shr: main to bs what u have thought mW a kid like u how could u do this I was hell worried
sumuv: I was just seeing
Shr: u were seeing how I would react han tmhara dimagh kharaab h
sumu: sorry Shr
Shr: han Jo b kr lo no tension sorry haina bol den ge u know what I m done with u
saying this Shr leaves towards the car and waits for her she while weeping also sits in car and they drive off to the mansion and sleep Shr very angrily suman weepingly

guys bs bs bs segment finish
many of u requested me to post earlier so I did happy nandi and Marie
guys my brothers r returning from hostel so I may not post for some days or weeks
till then take care
now shoot ur comments
with love

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    1. Ufaaq

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  3. Nandini aka Nandu

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    Btw post sooooooooooon ..
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  7. Ariana

    Such a nice epi. Loved how Shravan went all worried for Sumo. Suman is very childish indeed. But love her Shravan controls her. Perfect bonding. Post next part soon…..
    Lots of love nd best wishes

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    Ufi nice epi
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