Silence And Noise Of Love Life- Segment 12

suman wakes up and sees Shr absent on the bed and goes to washroom but doesn’t find him there she become tensed she goes out and sees full mansion even in the garden then goes to her room
aumu : pta nae Shr kahan gae yar
then she hears the voice of typing sth on laptop she goes towards balcony and sees shr working on the laptop
sumu; u r here???
Shr: u woke up???
sumh: no I m still sleeping
Shr: very funny
sumu: I searched u whole mansion
Shr: I m not. a kid
sumj: I was tenesd
Shr: seriously????
sumu: yes
Shr: I sit here just because I thought u will get disturbed
sumu: ohk coffee
Shr: yes plz

sumu goes and makes coffee for Shr and herself and sits with Shr
sumj: today I roamed whole mansion and got tired yar
Shr: its gud lose some weight
sumu; what do u mean by that???
Shr: see u become moti moti
sumu: ap mote ap ki behn moti ap ka Bhai mota ap ki……
Shr; biwi moti
sumu; han
then she realizes what she said
sumu: nae nae nae not biwi ur family
Shr laughs ; no no no biwi moti
sumu: no no no
Shr laughs and laughs
sumu: I will throw coffee on u
Shr does not stops

suman takes shr figure and puts in coffee
Shr shouts: what the hell ahhhhhh
sumu: felt gud
Shr: hell with u
sumu: same to u
Shr: now I m not gonna drink this one u make a new one
sumu: BT……
Shr; but what??? go
sunj; OK fine coming
she makes new coffee and sits with shr and start drinking
Shr: there was my friend call
sumu:: what did he say
Shr: he has party at night and has invited us
sunu: oh wow so r we going???
Shr: what say????
sumj: we should go
Shr: OK then get ready in evening
sumu: ohk done

suman gets ready in baby pink maxi sleeveless and backless with light makeup and bunched hairs and was looking amazing
Shr enters the room and sees suman Shr sees her face and gets mesmerized
chand bhi wohi hai wohi hain sitare
tere baad pheke pheke lagte hain sare
aja leke to sawere kr ja door ye andhere
tere doori tarpaway suniyaaaaaa
tere bin nahi lage jiya tere bin
ab to aja piya tere bin nahi lage jiya …,…….
then Shr sees suman dress sleeveless and backless Shr .mud gets spoiled actually like me he dont like theses types of clothes

Shr :let’s go
sumu : u r looking gud
Shr: thanks let’s go
sunu: mjhe to compliment or den
Shr: gud. chaloo
sumi; just gud???
Shr: ya let’s go
suman face bends in disappointment
sumj: ohk let’s move
they drive off
they enter party where all the guest wish them happy married life still Shr mud was spoiled and seeing that sunu was also disappointed
sumj: Shr r u fine???
Shr: yup I m gud
sumj: ohk
Shr friends forces him and sumu to dance sharman go to dance floor
and starts dancing

hm tere bin an reh nae skte tere bina kya wajood mera
Shr takes suman and starts dancing
tjh se juda agar ho Jaen he to khud se hi ho Jaen ge juda
kunki tm hi ho ab tm hi ho
zindagi ab tm hi ho
Shr spins her around him
chain bhi mera dard bhi mere ashiqui ab tm hi ho
tera mera rishta hai kesa ek pal door gawara nahi
Shr helds her closer very closer
tjh se juda agar ho Jaen ge to khud se hi ho Jaen ge juda
kunki tm hi ab tm hi ho zindagi ab tm hi ho
chain bhi mera dard bhi mere ashiqui ab tm hi ho…….
both dance very well as the song finishes dance also finishes BT mud still spoiled

Sherman come down from dance floor
sumj to herself’ ; Mr akroo malhotra ko kia hogaya h???
Shr: did u say sth???
sumu: akroo malhotra (unknowingly)
Shr: what????
sumu realizes ‘ no no sorry WO I was thinking sth
Shr: whatever
Shr feineds comes and take him with them sumu starts gossips with their wives
Shr sees suman who was laughing he gets mesmerize then he sees a man seeing her with bad intension
shr goes to suman : let’s leave
sumu: abhi to aae hain
sgr’ I said.let’s leave
they go outside Shr angrily sits in car sumu also sits and he starts driving
sumu. : we were enjoying y leaving so suddenly
Shr: shut up
sumu: what ??? tell na
Shr: I said shut up
Sumu: y r u doing all thus what happened
Shr stops the car ; what happened utro jaldi

both come outside
sumu: now tell
ahr: first of all u tell what r u wearing
sumu: its maxi don’t u know m…a..x….I
Shr gets very angry : maxi ye ye kia h he shows her , her slevelessness
sumu: ye???
Shr; han ye r ye kia h
he turns her around and show her , her bared back
sumu head bends in shame
sumu:sorry WO
Shr: what sorry log kese dekh rahe thee tmhein pta h
sunu: I didn’t knew sorry
Shr: nae nae modern bno na
sumj: ap ko ESE kapray nae pasand
Shr: mera dil krta h aag laga dn
sumj; ap mjhe pehle bta dete main change kr lete
she; don’t u have ur own .mind

sumu was now weeping: sorry Shr I didn’t knw WO….
Shr sees her tear and gets melted
shr wipes her tears
Shr: its OK next time be carefully
su.j; I will be sorry
Shr;/its OK moti
sumu; again moti Shr…..
shr: ha moti
sumu beats him : ap mote
Shr : acha acha chalen
sumu: ya
they sit in car and drive off
segment finished
hey guys suspence for promo dnt worry soon reveal
till then no precap
take care
lots of love

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  1. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey ufaq !!! Ahhhhhh yr accident kahan gya suman ka .. was waiting for that accident sequence while reading bt no worries .. will wait for it ..
    Post sooooooon. ..
    Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait .. urgghhh just can’t wait. ..???
    Take care ..

    1. Ufaaq

      Hi fati what’s up???
      That was promo yar ho jae ga WO bhi don’t worry
      Ya wait
      I will post asap
      Take care

  2. Neeti

    hello Uffi di, aj toh cha gai ap bt itto sa epi, thora bara likh dete to kya ho jata bt waiting fr the promo epi
    pls pst abhi ke abhi
    by the way I think I’m first taliya taliya….
    luv- Neeti

    1. Ufaaq

      Hi neeti thanxx dude kese ho tm all gud still naraz???
      Mar khao GI ab tm
      Thak gae the yar is liye itna likha
      I will post asap but only asap
      Taliyan taliyan taliyan
      Love u
      Take care

  3. Ariana

    Awww it was so cute. I really liked the way u showed Shravan is simple minded. Or else everyone shows boys losing control over all these. Loved the epi. Post next part soon

    1. Ufaaq

      Thank u sooooooo much
      Actually I myself is like that that’s why I have made Shr like that hehehe
      I will post asap
      Kese ho Ariana ap???
      Thk all gud????
      Take care

      1. Ariana

        I’m awesome. Enjoying the last few days before school starts again. How abt u? All good? Nd I appreciate ur simplicity coz I’m like tht too :p

  4. Ssoooo….
    So swwweet of shravan??
    Aur sumo ko bats kaisey chalega after all vo London sey aayi huyi hai tho modern hi hogi na..shravan ko vusey samjana chahiye..but he did it at the end.??

    1. Ufaaq

      Hahahaha ri8 Shr should understand it but noooo
      Actually sumu should also understand it anyway let it go
      Thank u sooooooo much sona di
      Kese ho ap???
      Ap ks class main m ho di???
      Take care

  5. Awesome uffu?
    I loved this possessive shravan?
    Awww how much he cares for her sumo
    It was an awesome sagment
    Or yr phirse suspence…. Me to paagal ho rhi hu bs?
    Koi baat nhi i will be waiting…??
    Post asap …. Luv uh?

    1. Ufaaq

      Thank u sooooooo much
      Suspense yup it is suspense
      So sweet of u
      Take care
      I will post asap

  6. Nandini aka Nandu

    Hi ufaaq di!! How’s everything?? Di am dying of suspense….. Pls post jaldi….. Meri itti so wish nahi manogi???? lots of love. Keep writing. I really appreciate ur simplicity….take care. Keep writing.

    1. Ufaaq

      Hi nandi
      Everything is fineand u???
      Don’t die plzzz
      May God give u long life
      Jaldi OK kal kr dn??? Aj sar dard h thora plz????
      Thank u sooooooo much
      Main ESE hi hn simple and I like simple people
      Take care
      Lots of love

  7. Sharmansangel

    Kya baat hai uffi loved it seriously damn good

    1. Ufaaq

      Thank u sooooooo much riya
      Take care

  8. Ruchi

    Hey dear..
    howz u?
    Awsum epi..
    possessive Shravan cute..
    I like there cute romance..
    take care..

    1. Ufaaq

      Hi ruchi
      I m gud and u???
      Wese what’s ur age???
      Thank u sooooooo much yar
      Take. Care

      1. Ruchi

        M also gud,
        m 18 Wbu??
        coaching, wbu?

      2. Ufaaq

        16 and doing 11th

  9. Hahhahahaha awwwww shrvuuuuu so cute…. U also didnt like these type dresses so wht typ of dressing u do lyk eastern or western????

    1. Ufaaq

      I like modern dresses but those in which except or face hands and foots nothing can be seen
      Hahaha ya he is super cute
      Thank u soooo much
      Take care

  10. Marie

    Hyyyyy my uffu API…!!!
    How r u…?? 😀
    OMG OMG OMG wat an ep….!!!!
    N many more good compliments fr this cause it was such a wonderful ep….!!!
    N I also don’t like these type of clothes I hate them….!! Haha hamari pasand kitni milti hai na..! Choti behna n badi behna… 😀
    Anyways plz plz plz post ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP
    Can’t wait more…..!!!!!!!
    Take care API….!!!
    My prayers r always wid u….!!
    Love u mostest se Bhi bht bht ziada…

    1. Ufaaq

      Hi love I mgud a d u????
      Thank u soooo9 much
      Ya sweetu we r same like dissolves like
      OK I will try
      U too take care
      Love u

  11. pretty preeti

    Ufi yaar superb
    Kitna aacha tha
    Loved it
    It was awesome
    Kaise likhte ho itna aacha
    Loved it
    I m really very happy to read ur ff always
    Mind blowing
    Post soon
    Take care

    1. Ufaaq

      Thank u sooooooo much yar missed u
      Kese ho????
      Thank u thank u bs likh Pete hn kese pta nae
      U r happy I m happy
      Take care

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