Silence And Noise Of Love Life- Segment 10


suman wakes up and sees Shr sleeping in that way that his head is on the couch and legs on the floor she smiles bechare shr  
she goes and gets fresh and comes to Shr 
sumu : wake up Shr plz 
Shr; why why why why why
sumu: what why why ???

Shr: give me answer why???
sumu; OK because its morning now
Shr : bari batmeez sbha h bari jaldi aajati h ask her to go
Sumu;what ???? wake up na plzzz
Shr: what’s time
sumu; 7 
Shr: this much early my cells doesn’t wake up OK u go I will come
sumu: but

she turns due to which water from her hairs falls on Shr
Shr: kamre main baarish
sumu: barish????
she again turns water again falls
Shr opens his eyes; where water is coming annn from ur hairs baqwas hairs 
sumu: hwy u don’t say sth about my hairs I love them more than my self(me too)
Shr: ok ok coffee…………
sumu; should I make it????
Shr;no first u get ready then.
sumu: k she starts getting ready shr gets busy in seeing his angel he was seeimg her solo pationately suman gets ready 
sumu; just coming with ur cofee
Shr:quick plz and ya no sugar
sumu: without sugar ????
Shr: han main pehle hi kafi sweet hn agar mazeed sweet khaon ga to diabetes ho jae ge
 sunh: sweet hahaha u sweet hahaha

Shr starts moving towards her 
Shr: am I not sweet???
sumu: WO WO main to bs
Shr: main to bs what????
Shr pinches her to wall
Shr; say
sumu; WO I was.just,….
tring tring 
sumu: ur phone……..
Shr leaves her and goes to pick call 
sumu leaves 
in noon 
NIR: so sumu what u gonna make in ur first rasoi?????
push: halwa
NIR: u shut up
push gets chup 
sumu: mamy  what u say
push: halwa
NIR: to phr bola
push; sorry
NIR; tm apni marzi se bna lo 

sumu: ap btaen na
NIR: acha shr se pochte hain bolo Shr
Shr: WO Jo khane k qabil ho
sumu: my cooking is gud
Shr: ye tmhara waham h
sumu: OK fine push halwa na OK o will make halwa
Shr: best of luck
sumu: thanxx
sumu leaves to kitchen 
sumu: amm kn sa halwa gajar ka, besan ka, ya sojhi ka?????
push comes besan ka bhabhi besan ka
sumu: OK chal ab  nikal
push: pani pee ln 
sumu: han OK 

sumu starts making halwa and pushkar starts talking with her they both chit chat with each other laugh smile and beat each other at last the halwa got ready 
Dining table
sumu: halwa is ready 
NIR: very gud even the aroma is gud 
sumu: OK mamy  taste it
NIR: no first….
push: I will taste it give it to me
sumu: bhukar nt u mamy
NIR; not me Shr.,..
Shr: mere?????? y me main nae
sumu: ab to ap hi khaen ge  she gives him halwa in his plate 
Shr taste the halwa 
sumu: kesa bna h ????
Shr: bht acha bht bht acha
sumu gets happy
NIR: great an SB ko de do

sumu: g
Shr: noooooooooooo
nir: Ku??
Shr: mere biwi ne  bnaya h pehle main to aram se kha ln 
NIR; but???
Shr: no but what let me eat 
Shr starts eating r dekhte delhte halwa chat chat mtlb lhatam 
push; haaaaa ap pora halwa kha gae main kya lhaon ga
Shr: sorry

sumu: ye kia BT hoi kisi r ko lyane nae dia bhukar kahen ke
 NIR: acha choro halwa to nae khaya PR ye lo tmhara shagun 
she gives her money and leaves with ram where as pushlar also makes faces and leaves 
sumu: itna acha bna that k poora kha gae
Shr: fiqar mt karo ap k liye bachaya h he takes bowl from back 
Shr: ye lo khao
sumu takes one spoon and spits it out
Shr; kia hoa acha nae laga
sumu: yakh ye kia h???
Shr: besan ka halwa to nae h at least
sumu; its without sugar
yea guys sumu while talking with push forgot to add sugar hHaba
Shr: are kitna acha bna h khao 
he gives him spoon
sumu: nae mjhe nae khana
Shr: oh god mjhe pta h Maine keaes lhaya h
sumu: sorry
Shr: kia sonai nae dia??

sumu: sorry
Shr: what
sumu: sorry
Shr: kia????
sumu: acha hoa ap k sath
Shr: how rude
sumu: OK fine last time sorry
Shr: its OK. ext time plz b careful next time. nae bachaon ga
sumu: amm thank u 
Shr: ur welcome and leaves
sumu smiles and says thank God Bach gae 
sceen splits 

precap: party

hey guys its ufaq back again with a new chappy OK fine sorry actually I was ill 
OK so good news is that  I m ending my ff I. next five segments happy??? ms too 
OK so affa api I m not angry on u just was missing u api don’t let ur tears come in ur eyes thats nt gud love u lot api take care
lovely di missing u 
take care guys
love u lots 

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  1. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey ufaq !!! Very nice ep .. keep updating like this ..
    Post soon ..
    Take care ..

    1. Ufaaq

      Thank u soooo much Fatima
      Take care

  2. Ufaq…
    Its so…cute story..keep writing like this.☺☺☺☺

    1. Ufaaq

      Thank u soooo much sona di
      Take care

  3. Nandini aka Nandu

    Hey ufaq di! Ho! Are u fine now?? I missed u so much and now that u r back am missing marie. Well, the update was really cute and post soon dear, lots of love.

    1. Ufaaq

      Hi nandi
      I m gud alhamdolilah
      Thank u soooo Mich sweetu
      Love u too

  4. pretty preeti

    Loved it ufii
    Take care
    Epi was fab
    Love u

    1. Ufaaq

      Thank u soooo much preeti
      U too take care
      Love u too

  5. Awww bechar sharvu shooo shweet but y ending yar????

    And hru…… All good

    1. Ufaaq

      Ya he is sweet
      Ending because of my studies I m not getting time to post
      I m gud and all is gud how r u???

  6. Marie

    Hyyy UFaq api…!!
    Ur sis is back !!!!!!
    Yay….!!! So happy to be back…!!
    How r u now …????? How is ur health now…??? Fyn na…?? Nai hai toh rest karo plzzzzzz
    Well well well wat to say abt d ep…..
    Ammmmmm I have no words….but phir Bhi all I can say is u r best ever writer……!!!!
    I loved it to d core….!!!!
    D perfect ep….!!
    Hain kyun kyun kyun…!!! Y r u ending it…??!!! Nai bheeeeeee
    Acha if so I can’t stop u ur u have to promise me that u will cm back with another ff….
    Hmmmm chalo gud gud…!!
    Ok API take care
    Love u apko toh pata hi hai ke kitna… 😉 😉
    By by

    1. Ufaaq

      Hi love
      Glad u r back
      No need to rest I m perfectly alri8 alhamdolilah
      Thank u soooo much love
      Am ending ya ending it bs bht hogae ye ff so ending it
      I can’t write a new one too because love api is very busy in her studies and my studies have had and will remain my first priority so can’t start soooooorrrrryyyyyyy but if I ever get time I will start otherwise there will b one shots for u now don’t get sad and pray
      Love u toooo
      Take care

      1. Marie

        Aha API no prob…at all study always cms Frst…. 🙂 🙂
        Yay thank god u r fyn now….haha such a relief 🙂
        Hehe API I will always pray fr u….
        Acha API r u on sm other social site lyk twitter hike Instagram or FB…??
        Acha love u..tooo tooooooooooo
        U to take care…!

      2. Ufaaq

        No love I don’t use these things

  7. Ariana

    Isn’t that abshagun? Like now there won’t be much sweetness on their married life. but it’s all up to u. Make it awesome. Btw the epi was awesome. Loved it. Post next part soon

    1. Ufaaq

      Abshagun sorry but being a Muslim I don’t believe in it furthermore its just a ff yar not real life
      Thank u sooooooo much
      Take care

  8. Mujhe uffi di ka ff chahiye…chahiye matlab chahiye..koi iss chutki ki bat suntai nahi?
    push ka bar bar beech me bolna is the bst prt
    aur party kiski he mujhe invite jaroor karna
    jaldi jaldi jaldi post karo..main rooth gayi toh mana nahi paoge
    and hw is it gud news or who will be happy
    never end dis
    ap chahiye ap chahiye..sham o shubha ap chahiye…jitni dafla zid ho meri uutttnnniiiii dafa..ap chahiye, ap chahiye sham o shubha ap chahiye??- Neeti

    1. Ufaaq

      Oh neeti u r kid seriously u know what I m also a kid like u chahiye mtlb chahiye my mother is so annoyed by my this habit hahaha
      Thank u soooo much
      Party Shr k friend ki r neeti is invited whole heartedly
      Naraz mt hona actually I m busy in studies so can’t post BT I will post when get time sooooorrrrreeyyyyyyy
      Ya ending it bs bht hogae ye fff
      Oh God neeti this is my favourite song yar
      Tu chahiye by atif
      Love u dear take care

  9. Welcome back ufaq i m glad that u posted epi was really awesome n cute also loved it n love u take care

    1. Ufaaq

      Hi naina di
      Thank u soooo much
      Love u too
      Take care

  10. Ufaaq

    Guys happy independence day

    1. Neeti

      you too… bt in our country its mourning day for the lose of our national father banga bandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman..

  11. Kendrick Angeloni

    I woke up at 4 a.m. this morning to the sound of silence. An absolute still household, despite there being six kids and a wife all at home. And while I love my family to death, this time of tranquility is one of absolute bliss for me. This time of quietude is not only one of my favorite parts of my day, but has become an essential part of the day. It soothes the soul, quiets my inner beast, brings out the goodness in me, allows me to hear myself.

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