“Shivaay”- Tia Kapoor advised…,”Now you should understand the truth universe is indicating you…”.
Tia walked up to Annika,her head lowered in shame for all her misbehaviour.
“Annika”-She hold her hand ,”Thank you. I tried to kill you.. snatch and kill your husband, but all you gave me is my love back”.
“I am sorry Annika”- Tia freed her hand only to fold in front of Annika in a very polite manner..
“I didn’t give your love back to you”- Annika put her thought in words,”I was worried for the unborn child… it deserve father’s love… its own father.. not fake one”.
“You are true…Shivaay may have loved his own..”- Tia knew by now that Shivaay have a very big heart,”but Dushyant is its real father. He is alive and I am happy that now it have its own father to love”.
Tia walked Up to her husband Dushyant and they walked away leaving Oberoi Mansion hand in hand… and their bundle of joy with them.
“Thank you… Kalavathi Thakur”- Shivaay Singh Oberoi thanked his wife.
“You are welcome Pathi Parmeswar”- Annika welcomed her husband to her heart unknowingly.
OmRu winked and Rudra pushes Annika bhabhi by his hand.
“Careful Annika”- The husband Shivaay got worried for his wife and saved her by his strong arms… holding by waist.
“Om..Rudra”- Shivaay spoke,”Thank you”.
“Shivaay”- Omkara the shayar protested,” We just helped in this plan. all credit goes to You and Annika bhabhi”.
“Bhaiyya… I am angry on you”- Rudra Pouted.
“Why??”- Shivaay asked confused. Only few minutes back his Rudy brother was all right in his full form with sense logic.
“Because… you forget our rule”- Rudy complained about the memory of SSO..
Shivaay thought he have to prepare food for all with an Obro moment to thank them in a proper way.
“Not the Obro moment, bhaiyya the formula”- Rudy cleared the doubt ,”All for One..
One for all”.
“DIL BOLE OBEROI”- All shouted in unison.

“Annika”- Shivaay praised,”You are a very nice actress. The memory loss act was fantastic”.
“You are not less SSO”-Annika teased,”the way you were acting … and your famous dialogues”..
“Kuch yaad aaya”-Shivaay laughed
“Yaad kaise aata… sab to tha hi.. yaadein nahi hota bhi to Feelings was a there”.
“Feelings … “-Shivaay saw the seventh heaven through his open blue eyes,”It was also my dialogue”.
“I am not acting now … I am just telling you the truth if the amnesia was not a plan”.
“I searched for a buffalo in the whole Mumbai just to make them trust your amnesia as a truth”.
“You searched… “Annika denied to believe,”I thought Khannaji did that work”.
“I did that “Shivaay accepted,”Khanna can take the credit of collecting the cow dung “.
“I will thank Khanna for that”- Shivaay told,”he deserve a full month of Holiday and two more zero in the end of his salary”.
“I will thank him”- Annika was ready to meet Khanna at that moment,”for all the help and for shooting all our video”.
“I will cut his salary a little”-Shivaay thought… Khanna shoot the video where he forced Annika to marry and gave to OmRu.
“Your bride flew just before marriage and you were all behind me”- Annika remembered,” You could have searched for Tia”.
“I was worried Annika”- He looked at her,”my business brain did not work at that time properly”.
“And that girl..”-Annika helped in running away from the one day contract marriage with SSO.
“I knew from the beginning”-,He defined,”that you will protest it and I create that trap for you and marry you”.
“That you will never let me do any mistake”-Shivaay went on with adding honey in his words,”That one day I will accept that living with out you is a hard task for me. That I have fell in love with you a time fighting with you”.
“Why did you show that much Tadi the next day of Marriage”- Annika asked,”you insult the mangal sutra and your wife”.
“Annika… I was not ready to see you ignoring me.. If I ask to come home… to me, And you denied.. I could have died then”.
“You introduced Tia as your wife in front of Media”- Annika felt angry at that Cheppadi Tia for taking place beside her husband,”when Your wife was standing there waiting for you”.
“I was expecting you to fight with me for your right… your haq as Mrs. Shivaay Singh Oberoi”- He disclosed,”You disappoint me in that”.
“I cried that day”- Annika looked sad.

“Annika while going to call Tia for our marriage… your face come to my kanji eyes…then only…
I realized I was thinking of you …and I began to wonder how long you’d been on my mind….Then It occurred to me…from the very beginning I meet you…You never left my head and heart….”-Shivaay finished his long speech.
“You make me sign the divorce paper forcefully”- She complained,”by twisting my hand”.
“I never intend to let you go away from me”-He showed her the paper… Her sign as Mrs. Annika Shivaay Singh Oberoi.. and the place for his sign. was empty…
“I thought why your manager was telling some thing and you react angrily at him “- Annika know the secret now,”He saw the empty space here”.
“What did Tia told you In fluent English… I got no meaning from the language universe taught her?”- Annika was eager to know the secret massage.
“That I am in love with you… That she knew it from long time… she is the first to know my love for you”- Shivaay came close to his wife,”the sign Universe send me by finding the truth of her by your help… she was telling me not to let go of you away from me”.
“She and her stupid 2rs. language… so simple meaning it was and I was worried ,- Annika sighed ,”I thought she was threatening to take revenge later like her moti mom”.
“Don’t worry Annika”- Shivaay hold her hand with love,”I am not a dump to listen her “.
“I am going back…tomorrow morning Shivaay”- Annika was very sad as he denied to accept her as his wife.
“What!!!!”- SSO get shock by her words,”Am I so bad as a husband that you want to go away from me”.
“You are good… no…the best “- She knew from the time he covered her gently in the yellow blanket.
“I denied to understand the meaning and Sign. Universe gave me…”- Shivaay hugged her close to his heart,”Coz. I read and got meaning to the sign my heart gave me at the right time”.
“Universe can give wrong message sometimes”- He kept his hand on her heart,”but our heart can never give us wrong signal”.
“The ghanti”- She managed to say.
“Oh bete ki… baj gayi ghanti”- Shivaay stole his wife’s words” pyaar ki”.
“What is this language”- Annika make fun and then laughed her heart out looking at the embrassed face of Shivaay Singh Oberoi….
“I hope Khannaji is not angry on me Shivaay”- She remembered the man with golden hairs.. always ready for action…,”the gobar hit his face”.
“No… he managed to save his face in the nick of time”- Shivaay cleared the doubt,”He is very smart”.
“He is stuck to you and your anger”- Annika felt pity at Khanna…
“I will miss kalavati”- he told.
“You can call me Pati Parmeswar..”-He invited”,but call Rudra also Chotey devarji.
His condition was very bad after drinking tea that day”.
“Like yours after eating all the bhayanakly tasty jala bhuna paneer the other day”- Annika joked.
“In Obro moment also… stay away from showing your culinary skill”- He was worried,”just sing and dance with us there”.
“on main Naagin…Naagin”-Annika forced him to remember all her s*xy steps on that song.
“Now”- Shivaay lift and made her to stand on their bed,”I am going to make you dance on that song”.


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