Sidmin 2-shot (Something we wish were true)


ok so lets forget that there was ever a Suraj in Jasmin’s life , although i think they’re kinda cute.But in this 2-shot , u guys will get everything that u hoped about when u wanted Sidmin to be together.And this is a Vaishali imagination so don’t thrash me please.

It was another hectic day of shoot for Jasmin and she was impatiently waiting for the day so she could meet her cute ,bff and love of her life Sidhant.

After acting for so long ,she never thought that in 1 year that she’ll find her Mr.Perfect.
Jasmin and Sidhant became friends as soon as they met and along the way of acting together for so long ,became best friends and then started loving each other.

Jasmin could still remember the day that they were shooting for the confession scene ,in TEI.

Rakesh sir yelled action as everyone was ready for the scene.

Scene 1
Raja and Rajjo take pheras, Kunj asks Twinkle why you are always charged? your battery never gets low, Twinkle says so should i be like you? always serious and person of 1960s, Kunj says you never allow me to speak, i am thinking why everyone call us perfect couple, Twinkle says i know answer of this, Kunj says you know answer of everything, you are sayappa queen, Twinkle cay dont call me that, you are Sarro(pissed) Sarna, Twinkle leaves, Rajjo and Raja’s marriage is done.
All leave marriage venue. Kunj and Twinkle comes in mandap, they take rounds, Kunj asks is she wanna fight? Twinkle says we can fight alot but we cant hurt each other, we are always with each other, Kunj says its like we are one life, we breath together and for each other, Twinkle says when we are not together, we feel like lifeless, we are so happy and full of life when we are together, Kunj says we are soul mates, we arealways beside each other, Twinkle says i know whats in your heart, Kunj says truth is that i am crazy about you, Twinkle says and i am crazy about you Kunj, Sajna ve plays, Kunj says i feel alone without you, Twinkle says me too, Kunj says i wanted to say something from much time, Twinkle closes her eyes, Kunj says i love you alot, i love you Twinkle, Twinkle opens her eyes and says i love you too Kunj, i cant stay without you, Sajna ve plays as they share eyelock, Twinkle blushes, Ishq ke noor ko plays, Twinkle hugs Kunj tightly.. she breaks hug and looks at him, they recall their first meeting, their first dance together, how they were with each other in Goa, Kunj caresses Twinkle’s face, mei nachlun plays, Kunj kisses Twinkle’s forehead, Twinkle smiles and hugs him.

Ra:Cut !!! Ok guys that’s a wrap for now lets pack up and go for break.

Everyone left except for Sidmin and Zain who was sitting coffee on a small couch.

Sid:Actually ,Jasmin……..mujhe tumse kuch kehna hai.

Jas being excited said ,”Haal kaho”

Sid closed his eyes and in one go said ,”Jasmin ,i love u”

Jas:Kya?!!! Phir se kaho. *she said excitedly*

Sid repeated:I love you ,and he closed his eyes maybe expecting a slap but his surprise ,Jasmin replied i love u and kissed him on his lip and they had a passionate liplock.

Zain who didn’t notice them before ,saw them kissing and spit out his coffee.He quickly called all the co-actors that were on set and they saw SIdmin.

And now Sidmin’s moment ,was broken by most people whistling and cheering.They realised what they were doing and separated themselves from each other.

Rakesh sir ,hearing all the commotion ,came and said to Zain,”Arre Zain ,kya hua? Tum sab yaha kya kar rahe ho?Maine aap log ko break ke liye beja tha na ?toh phir yeh?

Zain quickly told him everything and then and the end ,he said ,”Raka sir ,tunne abhi ek pyar ka confession scene kiya lekin yeh dono ki asli confession scene chal rahi hai.

Sidmin looked at each other and blushed and Zain went and hugged the coulple.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End Of Flashback~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

So how was it?
I’ll continue soon.
Pakka promise but I need positive comments yaar so please give me motivation.

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  1. Sayeeda

    OMG….. How to thank u for so amazing story….
    I didn’t realised for a moment where it started nd where it ended….

    I always wanted our Sidmin to be a real life couple as they r perfect for eo but destiny has already planned everyone fait…. Though in real Sidmin can’t be one for whole life but ur story made me imagine that if they were a real life couple then how would they be in their relation… How they gonna confess… How they will realise their love…

    While reading it their were so many mixed emotions in my heart….
    HAPPINESS to relieve actual Twinj confession moment in TEI…

    EXCITEMENT to imagine Sidmin kissing eo….

    ENTHUSIASM to imagine Sidmin as real life couple nd Zain’s expression ..

    CRAVING to get our Sidmin back….

    SADNESS after realising that we r carrying a false hope….. Nothing will go like it is been portrayed in the story…

    Anyways… Loved it to the core…. I don’t have words with me to thank u for writing it nd posting it…..
    Plz post next one soon… Plz….. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…… ??

  2. nice epi.
    but what is this vaishali imagination.?

  3. ???soooo nice!!! Amazing!!!!! Sach mein agar mein uss waqt sidmin ki jagah hoti…to pakka zain ko maar deti…private moment ko advertise kar diya??
    Jokes apart…fab!!!

  4. I so wish it wz true…..BT awsm concept…
    It wz lovely???

  5. I too wanted sidmin to be a real life couple.
    I sooo wish they fall for each other and stay together forever ?
    But they can’t be together as destiny has some other plan for them.

  6. Superbbbbbbbb.. really really loved it.. that scene was actually running in my mind when I was reading their love confession as twinj???I remember every bit of it.. yaar I really miss my sidmin and twinj???.. thank you so much for this.. and sidmin kiss was ??.. can’t wait for the next.. Plz post soon.. ?? and tommorrow is one year of sid in tei.. it was his entry date in tei and first meet of twinj??

  7. Baby

    oh my god twinj fc yr
    u nailed it
    tears r nt stoping rula hi diya voh bhi buri treh se
    oh god emotional remebered dere cnfsn to d fullist
    was jst lost in dat scene
    abhi bhi blurr horha hai vision cmnt krte hue
    ruk hi nhi rhe tears
    yr luvd it 2 dc ore
    n post nxt asap
    amazing luvd d way sid rpopsd n zain spit out his coffee
    on seeing sidmin kissing eo
    how romantic wowwwwww
    luv u yr twinj fc
    sch men u made my day n night

  8. Loveleen

    ohh thnk u fr making me remember again dat cute confession of twinj…..n those dialogues too…m glad u still remembr evrythng so perfectly…

  9. Angita


  10. _Vaishali_

    hhaayy…their confession scene..i miss sidmin soooo much :'(
    and their kiss…i was blushing like hell while reading this…very well written…

    but i diddnt get one thing..u wrote its a vaishali imagination…???
    what does that mean..?

  11. Awesome…….:*:*:*

  12. Shreya098

    Thank u thank u thank u sooo much for writing this….
    I just wish it to be true…
    But we all know that its not gonna happen… But thanks to u for this… For showing us a glimpse of what their chemistry could have been if they were in a relationship….
    Their kiss??❤❤….I was all blushing..??
    Looooooooved it?????

    Waiting for the next part… Continue soon

  13. Zuha Fatima

    Wow that is soooooooooooooooo amazing ???? Just loved it dear. Keep it up! good going ?

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂


  14. SidMin

    I wish this was true was the fisrt thought that came into my mind when I read your two shorts ka first part Loved it waiting for the second part 🙂

  15. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Omg twinj fc
    It really made me so happy so happy
    I wish sidmin could be the real life couple but don’t know what destiny have planned
    Sooraj Sooraj don’t know who is he n what relation he have with jasmin
    N Sooraj jasmin closeness really bother me very much
    Jasmin never tell about Sooraj but always said that he is her close friend n about marriage n something else she will definitely tell us about at right time
    We can’t interfair in their personal life but still hope that there is nothing like that between them Kaash seriously voh sirf close friend hi ho but don’t know
    Kaash sidmin real life couple ho
    But the epi was superb
    Loved it
    Post the next one soon
    Muuaaahhh ?????????????

  16. Twinjfan.tamanna

    it was so awesome….woooowww…but surely I want this to happen in real..I know its false hope was just amazing ….

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