Siddhi Vinayak 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Rajveer lies to Shankar

Siddhi Vinayak 9th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Siddhi managing to cover up Zai’s sorrow. Zai’s haldi goes on. A lady likes Siddhi and calls someone there. Lady says she has to talk to them. Zai’s dad worries that they can make demands at this time. Aniket asks them to go and talk. Savita worries. Zai’s dad goes to talk to them. He comes back and says what they asked, I can’t give them, you can give that, Mukul’s cousin Manish’s proposal came for Siddhi. They all get glad. Siddhi gets shocked. Aniket talks to the lady Kalpana. He says we will first talk to family and tell you. The lady says since Manish saw Siddhi, love at first sight happened. Siddhi sees Aniket laughing and smiles.

Rajveer and his mum talk to some pandit to know his future. Pandit tells about some bad mahurat for Vin. Siddhi asks

how can I marry. Zai’s dad says its a good proposal, Manish is a nice guy, he earns 2 lakhs per month and he is a doctor. They ask her to agree. Siddhi asks how can I leave you all alone. The lady says go for Aniket, Manish is a doctor, we can treat Aniket well, say yes, don’t think much. Siddhi sees Aniket. He says after 14 years, I got happiness tears, I m alive to see you well settled, say yes for this. Siddhi says yes. They all get glad. Aniket happily cries and hugs her. She says anything for you, are you happy. He says yes.

Guru ji asks Bijli to avoid the mahurat, my prediction is right, if Vin starts any new work at that time, his life will change forever. Rajveer gets happy and thinks to keep his film mahurat at that bad mahurat time. Shankar comes. Rajveer thinks Shankar shouldn’t know this. He stops Shankar. Shankar says I thought to meet pandit ji. Rajveer says he is leaving now, he will get annoyed if anyone stops him, let him go, if he say about Vin’s launch, don’t tell me. He takes Shankar away and tells about Zai. He says I made everything fine, Vin shouldn’t keep relation with such girls, he is next superstar. Guru ji goes. Shankar thanks Rajveer. Rajveer says just focus on Vin’s launch, his life will change forever. Shankar blesses him. Rajveer says it will be Vin’s destruction mahurat.

Vin takes english class. The lady teaches him. Bijli thinks how to tell this to Manjiri, if she feels bad, but its imp to say. Rajveer thinks my mom is ruining this. Bijli asks him what happened. He acts unwell. She says I will go and tell Manjiri. He stops her and asks for medicines. Lady teaches Vin learn addressing people. Vin argues. She says I have to talk to Shankar, you are impossible. Shankar looks on and thinks what will media do after hearing his poor english. Siddhi gets shagun from Manish’s family. Lady says its Zai’s marriage, we will do rasam tomorrow, else anyone else can select Siddhi, I have to make her my bahu soon. Aniket smiles. Siddhi thinks anything for you dad.

Lady learns Siddhi dances in movies. She sees the video and thinks Siddhi is a backup dancer.

Update Credit to: Amena

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