Siddhi Vinayak 9th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi gets the PA’s job

Siddhi Vinayak 9th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Siddhi meeting Manjiri. She says I have come to meet Vin. Manjiri blesses her to succeed in her motives. She goes. Siddhi thinks you blessed me, but you don’t know that I have come here to ruin Vin. She gets angry. Vin gets ready and takes a new getup. He says I m ready. He goes to meet Aniket. He meets Savita and Aniket. Savita says Siddhi has got us in this NGO scheme, that’s why we are getting good treatment by that doctor. Vin asks Aniket to come, doctor is waiting, this time he will stand on his feet. Aniket says Siddhi will be glad seeing me on my feet. Savita gives him sweets and says Advait got a promotion. Vin gets a call and goes.

He says I will come to your hospital with Aniket. Doctor says okay, we are waiting. Vin says I want the best treatment for

Aniket. Doctor says I m surprised seeing your commitment, Aniket thinks I m an angel and treating him for free, you are spending a lot of money for his treatment since many months. Vin says remember, I m your assistant Pratik for them, no staff should call me Vin. Doctor says don’t worry. Vin takes Aniket. Savita says such good people are there in such times too. The girls wait for Vin. Siddhi sees Shankar and recalls his words. She thinks I have to get this job, I can’t miss this chance.

The girls go for the interview. Siddhi fools the girls about Vin’s anger. She says I have no interest in this job, my dad works for Shankar, Vin likes me, a criminal case is going on him. The girl says I won’t work with him. They leave. Mannu sees some girls gone. He meets Sonia. She asks about Gauri. He says she would be around. She goes to washroom. Siddhi thinks this girl looks confident, I will fool these girls till then. She says Manbir is such a flirt, that girl Sonia will get this job, he didn’t look at me, because he knows I know everything about him, this is your ticket if you want this job. The girls go to Manbir and flirt.

Siddhi says we should go, they will get the job. Siddhi clears her way. She thinks where is Gauri. She sees Gauri coming. She greets Gauri and says I came here for interview, can I get a glass of water. He asks her to see the girls with Mannu. Gauri gets angry. She says so this is going on here. She goes to scold the girls. Siddhi says now it will be fun. Gauri takes Mannu away. He says these girls are after me, really. She says yes, if any girl from them gets selected, I will not leave you. Manbir asks the girls to leave. They leave. Siddhi thinks there is just one girl left now.

Vin gives the medicines to Savita. He asks Aniket to take medicines on time. Savita says you are taking us to doctor since 3 months. Vin says doctor gave me order, I m doing my duty, I get poha to eat here. Savita says you come here for my handmade poha. Aniket says even Siddhi likes it, the day Siddhi comes, Pratik won’t be needed here, she will take me to doctor. Vin wishes this turns true and Siddhi comes back. Siddhi sees Mannu’s phone. Sonia and Siddhi wish each other all the best. Manbir takes Sonia to Shankar. Shankar selects Sonia. He says I m sure you will manage Vin’s assignments well. Siddhi calls Pratima and asks her to call on that number fast. Mannu hears his phone ringing. Siddhi frames Sonia. Mannu gets the phone in Sonia’s purse.

Sonia says I really don’t know how I got this in my purse. Siddhi recalls putting the phone in Sonia’s purse. Siddhi says I feel sorry for you. Shankar sends Sonia. Siddhi says it was really nice meeting you, I will make a move. She wishes someone stops her. Mannu stops her and says you also came for this job interview. She says yes. Shankar says come then. Siddhi thinks once I impress Shankar, I will become Vin’s PA. Siddhi goes. Shankar gives her the job. He asks Mannu to tell her about Vin’s assignments. Siddhi thinks I had promised to get in Vin’s house, I have come here, I m one step back, that’s Vin’s end. Vin comes home and sees her. Shankar says this is your PA, Riddhi. Vin recalls meeting her in vanity. He says you came to kill me in vanity that day… this girl can’t become my PA. Shankar gets shocked.

Siddhi says everything got over, I couldn’t do anything, don’t know how I couldn’t control myself.

Update Credit to: Amena

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