Siddhi Vinayak 8th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi sprinkles itching powder in Urvashi’s saree

Siddhi Vinayak 8th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manjari is about to open the cupboard. Urvashi worries that she will give her any random medicine today to kill her. Urvashi shouts at her to sit with her instead. I am feeling better. You just come and sit with me for a while. Manjari sits next to her leaving the cupboard open. Siddhi steps out of the cupboard and hides behind the sofa. She is stealthily going out of the room when she collides with a vase. Everyone turns towards her. She apologizes that she wasn’t looking carefully. I was downstairs so I came to check hearing the commotion. What happened to Urvashi? Vin replies that we are here to take care of her. You don’t need to worry. Siddhi leaves. Manjari sends everyone else out too. I will stay with her. Urvashi wonders what she will do now.

Siddhi is pacing near the fountain.

Prachi and Rajvir ask her why she is so tensed. Did you find any proof against Urvashi? Siddhi denies. I dint find anything against Urvashi but I saw Vin’s stupidity. Urvashi was trying to seduce him right in front of me but he couldn’t understand anything! Prachi understands Urvashi’s tricks. We will teach her a lesson soon. How did you see it? Were you in that room? Siddhi nods. Rajvir is worried what if someone had seen her. She replies that no one saw her while she was hiding inside. I have to take a little risk to bring out Urvashi’s truth. I have to find out proofs against her at any cost! Rajvir reasons that she might not be hiding any proof against her in her room. Siddhi wants to first teach a lesson to Urvashi so she does not eye any man wrongly.

Manjari asks Urvashi why she is doing all this drama. Urvashi warns her to keep her hands off her. I told you I haven’t eaten anything since morning. Manjari knows she has been eating everything she has seen since morning. I don’t know why I brought you in my home. I will expose you in front of everyone today! Urvashi threatens her to stay in her limits or she wont spare her. Leave! Manjari leaves quietly. Urvashi decides to do something about Manjari the moment she marries Vin. I will then become the sole owner of 3k crore property!

In her room, Siddhi recalls what she saw today. She remembers how Vin broke her mangalsutra and holds it. It is fixed now. She caresses it sadly. You might hate me as much as you want but I wont part with this mangalsutra ever. Guru ji said that no one can harm you till the time this mangalsutra is with you. Today, the biggest danger lurking over you is Urvashi! This mangalsutra will save you from her today!

Next morning, Urvashi looks at the sarees. They are so dull. Till when I will wear them and continue to mourn? She chooses a light yellow saree to wear today. I will sit in the hall after getting ready. Papa ji said that a big producer is coming. He might like me and cast me as his heroine. Vin will be hero and I will be his heroine. She hurries off to the bathroom.

Siddhi enters in Urvashi’s room. She takes out a small bag. You are too keen to come closer to my husband right! Now we will see what happens. She sprinkles Khujli powder in Urvashi’s saree.

Shankar’s guests (Singhania’s) pay their condolences to Shankar and Manjari. Prachi advises Rajvir to think before speaking in front of Singhania’s. They are big shots. He nods. They introduce themselves to Singhania’s. Urvashi greets them. They rue her fate. Urvashi starts scratching herself. Everyone looks at her curiously. She is unable to stop herself from scratching herself and starts scratching everywhere in front of everyone. Siddhi smiles seeing her from far. Prachi sees her and realise it is her plan. Manjari asks Urvashi what she is doing. Urvashi says I am not doing it on my own. I just cannot stop myself! Prachi smiles and gestures Rajvir that it is Siddhi’s plan. Vin tells Urvashi to control herself. She tells him to stay away. There is something in my saree. You will be affected too. She runs upstairs. Siddhi mumbles that now Urvashi will push my husband away from herself on her own.

Urvashi scratches herself all over. Siddhi says some itching cannot be sorted by any powder. Urvashi realises it was her plan. What did you put? Siddhi shares that she sprinkled a special powder on her saree. You will stay away from everyone especially my husband for a few days now. It might affect him too otherwise. He might send you back to Kohlapur for recovery. It might become impossible for you to return form there! Don’t act too smart as I very well know how to handle people like you!

Precap: Siddhi tells Vin that the girl in the video wasn’t her. How many times should I tell you that? That video isn’t real. It’s a sham. I cannot stop myself from loving you even after all of this, especially when I know that you don’t love me! He says I dint say that I don’t love you. She looks at him in surprise.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Good episode…🙂 really funny… Siddhi u r amazing..I loved that last few mins scene.she look so cute..😘😍
    Agar Vinu ko pata chal gaya toh us kujli ki peeche ki raaz Siddhi k Kya haal karega Vinu..😥😪

  2. Waiting for tomorrow episode..🙂 good precap..🙂SidVi look so romantic..😍Vinu’s words surprised me too..🙂😂🤩

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