Siddhi Vinayak 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Vin helps Siddhi

Siddhi Vinayak 7th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manjiri and Savita missing to see each other. Vin passes by. Siddhi hears music. Savita stands in queue. Manjiri and Vin pray. Manjiri wishes Vin gets senses and Siddhi. The director comes there and tells Siddhi that he came here to find a heroine and Lord heard him, he is launching her as heroine. She says I don’t know acting, I m a dancer. He says you have talent, I m a star maker. He holds her hand and says you need a Godfather, you will come for dinner with me.

Siddhi says I don’t believe in God, I have a father, come home, my mum cooks well, you can meet my family. He asks does anyone do dinner at home, lets go out and celebrate. She says once you come home, you will know I m not such, I trust myself and parents’ blessings, find any other heroine for your

film. He goes.

Savita comes inside temple. She doesn’t see Manjiri. She tells pandit that Siddhi has left coming in temple. Pandit says even then she has devotion, she is working hard for family, Siddhi will win her life battle, she will come here when time comes. Savita gets glad.

Manjiri goes to Vin. She talks to pandit. She asks Vin if he has one rupee. He gives 2000rs. She says go and get shagun one rupee, its imp. Vin asks people for change. Siddhi talks to Mini. He stops Siddhi and asks for one rupee. She looks at him. She says you are fit, why are you begging. He says no. She asks him to have shame, earn by honesty. He says wait, do you think I m beggar. She says no, filmstars ask for one rupee. He says wait, my mum wants one rupee for chadava, keep 2000rs for it. She says no, sorry, I misunderstood, I will give you one rupee. Her 500rs note flies off. She runs to get it. He pulls her back and says you will meet with an accident, I will stop traffic. She asks are you a hero that traffic will stop seeing you. Vin asks her to see. He stops the traffic. He removes his shirt and shows off his body. He signs Siddhi. She recalls Vin. Tum ho…..plays…..She gets the note. He gets back and says did you see my jalwa. She thanks him. She gives him one rupee. He thanks her. He gives her 2000rs. She says no need. He says you went to give life for 500rs, you are refusing for 2000rs. She says that 500rs was my earning, I had right on it, I don’t have right on your 2000rs. She sees his shoe lace open and recalls Vin. He stumbles. He sits and doesn’t tie the lace properly. He goes.

Vin gives the coin to Manjiri. She pulls his ear. She says you always do mischief. She hears Savita and gets sad. Savita looks for Siddhi. Zai sees Vin’s car and gets shocked. Manjiri gives shagun coin. Shankar calls Manjiri. He asks did darshan not get over. He flirts. She asks where are you. He says I m outside, waiting for you. He gets shocked seeing Savita.

Rajveer misbehaves with Zai. She slaps him. He throws her down the car. Siddhi says I hate you Vin, I will take revenge.

Update Credit to: Amena

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