Siddhi Vinayak 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Vin and Siddhi meet

Siddhi Vinayak 6th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajveer giving the camera to Shankar and lying to him. He acts sweet. Shankar gives him money to pay reporter. He says what’s Vin doing. Vin does pushps by making a girl sit over his back. The men stare at her. Shankar calls Vin’s friend and asks him to send Vin home. The girl praises Vin’s body. His friend says Shankar is calling you. He goes.

Shankar shows the pics. Vin gets shocked. Vin says she is a mad girl, she was with me in photoshoot, she thought I love her, I told her I don’t love her and made her go, don’t worry. Shankar says its one day for your mahurat, media will come to cover your launch, your picture will release next year, everyone is asking about you, Rajveer got this camera from reporter. Vin thinks so Rajveer did this.


explains his dreams. Vin promises he will never let him down. Shankar kisses him. He reminds other promises. Vin says my life’s next four years are yours, I will not fall in any girls’ love, there is no one such that I fall for her. Siddhi asks her friend not to cry, he was not deserving. The girl says he didn’t care for me, I did a lot for his life. Siddhi says if I get him, I will not leave him. Siddhi talks to her friend. Savita says we are going to Siddhi Vinayak to get blessings. Siddhi asks who is with dad. Savita says Avdait will take care of her.

Manjiri gets sad. Vin comes to her. Manjiri says we will go Siddhi Vinayak and pray. She thinks if Savita will come there. Savita says I have three daughters, not two, Zai is also like my daughter, we will take blessings for her marriage. Siddhi says Zai is upset as she is going to leave us. Siddhi messages Zai and encourages her to forget her lover. Zai asks is it easy to forget anyone, did you forget the person because of whom your dad is in such state. Siddhi recalls Vin and says never.

Vin and manjiri are also on the way. She asks him to apologize for mistakes. Siddhi says till Aniket gets fine, I can’t go inside temple. Manjiri and Vin reach there. Manjiri feels lonely. She recalls Savita. Savita bargains, while Manjiri buys a bigger garland. They get the garlands exchanged. Vin sees Siddhi and smiles.

Manjiri asks Vin to get one rupee coin for shagun. He goes to Siddhi and asks her if she has a rupee.

Update Credit to: Amena

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