Siddhi Vinayak 6th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Manbir gets arrested

Siddhi Vinayak 6th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manjari lies that she just came to check on Manbir. Riddhi says the same. Manjari points out that they are sleeping. We will talk tomorrow. Riddhi agrees.

Next morning, everyone is having breakfast when Manjari receives Kabir’s message saying that the work is done. Shankar notices her smiling. What is it? She lies that it is her club friend’s message. He falls for it.

Riddhi tells Vin that she spoke to lawyer. He will finalize the contract today. She goes quiet noticing police at their door. Inspector informs Vin that they have come to search Kundra Mansion. He shows them the search warrant upon Vin and Riddhi’s askance. Inspector says today we got an anonymous call and the person mentioned that Manbir is responsible for the death of the woman who died! Manjari acts. My son can never

do this. He tells her to calm down and let them do their work. We must search Kundra Mansion thoroughly. She tries to object but Shankar tells her to let them do their work. Manbir’s truth will be proved if he hasn’t done anything. Vin questions him but Manbir seconds Shankar. Riddhi also insists that it is a misunderstanding or some joke. Manbir takes police to his room.

Police is checking every room. Manjari is happy that Kabir’s one call shook the roots of Kundra Mansion. Now it will be Manbir’s room which will be searched next and then the game will be up!

Riddhi requests Vin to do something. She thinks it is all wrong. manbir bhaiya cannot do this. Ranbir’s wife is panicked if they will get caught somehow. Ranbir asks Manbir if there is something suspicious in his room but Manbir declines. Police does not find anything. Manjari says hope you are done now. I told you my son cannot do it! Now there is only last cupboard left. Check it and spare us! Everyone agrees. Inspector is taking down a coat when gun falls out from its pocket. Gauri and Ranbir wonder how it came here.

Shankar questions Manbir who is completely clueless about it. It isn’t mine. Ranbir’s wife asks Gauri if it belongs to her. Gauri tells her to shut up. Gun is recovered as evidence. Manbir repeats that it isn’t his but police pays no heed to his words. They arrest him. Manbir requests Chacha ji to say something. I dint do anything. Shankar keeps quiet whereas everyone else speaks in Manbir’s support. Inspector insists that Lakshmi was shot with an exactly same gun. We found it here so he is bound to be a culprit in our eyes. The proof is right in front of our eyes. don’t teach us our work. Riddhi requests Shankar to do something but he tells her to not interfere in matters of law. Manjari asks Manbir why he had to do this. He again explains that it does not belong to him. He looks at everyone and pleads them to understand him. Police takes him away. Manjari continues her acting. I couldn’t even think of this in my dreams! She thinks now she is off the burden of Lakshmi’s death. Now it is Riddhi’s turn. I will throw her out of my house and out of my foolish son’s life real soon!

Riddhi tells Manjari she cannot feel that Manbir can do something like this. He could have also told about Vin and my marriage if he wanted to. He even had the marriage certificate. Manjari replies that it was only she, Shankar and Manbir who knew about that marriage. It would have put him in a difficult position. A mother can never be wrong. Since Manbir got arrested, I feel as if Vin is out of danger. Riddhi finds it hard to believe. You really think so? Vin says I cannot believe it. They worry what if Vin heard about the wedding. Manjari explains that money puts brothers against brothers which is why maybe Manbir got those ladies out of your way. He was always around you whenever you were in trouble. He tries to say something but she is positive that the culprit was Manbir only. Shankar calls out to Manjari. She excuses herself. You cannot understand what your father is going through because of all this.

Vin says I still cannot believe it that a simple guy like Mannu Bhaiya can kill 2 women and even tried to kill me. She keeps her hand on his shoulder. I can understand what you are going through. Riddhi remembers how Prachi had misbehaved with her. It breaks our heart when we find out that someone we trusted broke our trust. She cups his face trying to wipe his tears. He is overwhelmed with emotions and hugs her. Prachi sees them thus. What is this? She goes inside.

Dr. Pratima checks Juhi’s wound. Juhi scolds Reema for not being careful. There was such a big stone in the garden. Why did you let me go there? Reema says she always scolds me. Dr. Pratima offers to bandage it. Juhi says how bad my photos will look in that way. I was waiting for Mishit in the garden. What if I got dust all over me and sun tan? Dadi hides her laugh. Let me call Mishti and scold her.

Riddhi speaks of arranging some meeting for Vin. She receives call from Dadi just then but it turns out to be Juhi. She tells her that she is upset with her. You were supposed to meet me in the park but you dint come. Riddhi explains that she is working today so it might not be possible to come down today. Juhi gets excited hearing Vin’s name. I have seen his film Siddhi Vinayak 23 times to be precise! Can you introduce him to me? Riddhi happily agrees. Juhi and Mishti say I love you to each other. Juhi hugs Dadi. I am really happy today Mishti Dadi. Dadi again thinks of her granddaughter Riddhi.

Prachi complains to her husband that Manbir isn’t as innocent as they think him to be. He denies that Manbir isn’t like that but she asks him to bring that confession tape from Manbir’s room. He wonders if Prachi is right. I must check his room once to find that tape.

Prachi asks Gauri to think where Manbir could have kept that tape. Gauri tells her she is already upset. He is my husband and I am really concerned for her. Prachi says I can understand what you are going through but we must also think about ourselves. We have really less time. Gauri take she rname pointedly.

Precap: Shivam tells Juhi that he is Vin’s very good friend. I could have taken you if you had told me. Juhi says it is ok. You weren’t free so Mishti took me there. He asks her if she is her friend from the park. She nods and shows him a photo.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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