Siddhi Vinayak 6th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi spends time with family

Siddhi Vinayak 6th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aniket saying I thought my Siddhi has come. Savita says she is not Siddhi, she is Riddhi, she has come for survey. Aniket sees Siddhi’s pic. Siddhi asks how many members do they have in their family. Aniket says four, Siddhi will come back. Siddhi cries and says maybe something went in my eyes. Savita cares for her. She says your eyes are just like Siddhi’s. Advait says right. Siddhi says I have worn lenses today. Advait says you were asking something. He tries to wear a tie. She asks don’t you know making a tie. He says no, I used to make my sister help me, but…. She asks shall I make it. He says okay please…. She helps him.

She says even my grandma used these medicines. Savita says Aniket doesn’t remember taking his medicines. Siddhi says you

just said your daughter will come back, when she comes back, do you want her to find you ill, she can feel bad. He blesses her and says I have to take care of my health. He asks Advait to get his medicines. Advait says fine, I will just go. Siddhi recalls Savita’s words. She asks them some questions about survey. She asks Aniket to read newspaper and pass time. He says yes, but I have to get my eye glasses repaired, Siddhi told me she will come back and get it repaired. He cries. She cries and leaves.

Vin’s PA Simmi talks to the client. She enters Vin’s room. Vin pushes her out and scolds. Manjiri asks what’s this way to talk to her. Vin says she knows no one is allowed to enter my room. He refuses to dance in the marriage function, talking rudely with the client. He sends Simmi. Manjiri asks Vin why did he scold Simmi, she was just doing her work. Vin says just you can enter my room. She says Manbir told me, you were walking on terrace boundary. He says nothing happened to me she reminds her vow. Vin recalls committing suicide. Shankar scolds Vin for his madness. Manjiri asks Vin to swear on her, he won’t try to end his life. Vin says I have nothing to give you, not even life. She makes him swear. He promises. FB ends. Vin asks Manjiri to trust him. She says Siddhi is not between us, and you are with us, still far, will I get my son back. He says maybe never, your son has gone away with Siddhi. Siddhi comes to Zai’s house and sees the lock. She looks inside the window. She gets shocked seeing the garland on Zai’s pic. She cries and asks a man about Zai and Kaka. The man says Zai died six months before, her dad took big loan for her treatment, he is still repaying the loan by driving taxi.

Siddhi sees Vin’s movie poster and thinks you have reached big heights, I will drag you back to the ground, this is my promise to Zai. She calls Pratima and says everyone is fine at home, but Zai is no more. She cries. She says Vin killed her, like he has tried to kill me. Pratima says don’t cry, you are brave, come to me soon. Siddhi asks driver why did he stop the car. Driver says maybe some shooting is going on. Siddhi says some shoot is going on, don’t know how much time will it take, I will come by walk. Siddhi walks on the road. Girls talk about Vin. The girls see Vin. Siddhi turns and sees Vin.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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