Siddhi Vinayak 5th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Vin breaks Siddhi’s mangalsutra

Siddhi Vinayak 5th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi begins with Vin saying I dint think you will stoop so low Siddhi. What are you doing? A woman lost her husband and you are trying to lure her for money. You are forcing her to lie to me? Urvashi says she has been offering me money and jewellery. You (Siddhi) can keep all this. I am happy with Rudra’s memories. Siddhi insists it is a sham. She is acting. Vin tells her to stop. This proof is enough to prove who was doing what. I have no expectation from you. Don’t try to have any hopes from me too. You wanted to buy Urvashi by giving her all this right? You should remove your mangalsutra now. He holds it. She asks him to leave it or it will break. He tells her that it doesn’t matter as the trust on which that relation was based is broken already. She struggles to keep it safe but he

ends up breaking it. The beads scatter on the ground. Siddhi looks at him in shock. He whispers that everything is over. He walks away.

Siddhi sits down to collect the beads of her broken mangalsutra. Urvashi smiles seeing her condition. What happened? Why are you crying? Siddhi pushes her and shouts after Vin. You dint do it right! Urvashi is pleased with her acting. Their relation broke because of me. Now the rest of it will work as per my plan!

Siddhi shouts at Vin to stop. He complies. Uarvashi, Manjari and Gauri also come. Siddhi makes him face her. I thought you are my childhood love and bore everything. I dint say anything even when you threw my stuff out of the house. I dint say anything even when you kept divorce papers in my hands on my Karvachauth! I dint say anything but it doesn’t mean I have no voice. Vinayak Kundra, you shouldn’t have broken my mangalsutra? Why did you do it? It isn’t an ordinary jewel for any woman! Why did you pull it out? Understand one thing well. I will prove my purity very soon at any cost but I will never forgive you! This is Siddhi’s promise to Vinayak! He claps for her. Which purity are you talking about? You have already auctioned the pure relation that we shared in my brother’s room. I just threw a snake out of your neck. You were in pain as you thought you dint say anything to me. Now it’s done so you should just sign the papers. Free yourself and free me now! Manjari smirks.

Siddhi says I wont sign those divorce papers till my last breath. He leaves it on her. You cannot stay in my room or in my house after today! Leave. You hav e cheated the entire family with me! You wont stay in this house or in my heart. Siddhi says I never even dreamt that you would do this to me but I wont leave my house or my room. No one can throw me out of here! Manjari reasons that she got the divorce papers. Now the mangalstura is gone. Why will you stay here now? Siddhi replies that she is still Vin’s legal wife. If anyone tries to throw me out of the house then I will have to lodge a complaint in police station for domestic violence! The door of jail will be open for you before anyone else Mrs. Manjari Kundra! Vin is miffed. Manjari says this is her real avatar. Shankar, you were trying to save her right? Siddhi says who wants to stay in this house after being insulted so much. I will still stay here as I have a right to stay here. Women have to give tests. Sita Ma had to give tests and now Siddhi will also give the test! I wont be able to live if I don’t prove my innocence. Some people’s truth will be questioned when my truth will be proved. I will use any way to prove my truth!

Siddhi comes to her room. Sad song plays. She closes the door from inside, looks at her broken mangalsutra and cries. You shouldn’t have done this Vinu. What did you do!

Next morning, Urvashi is eating snacks. She thanks Gauri for bringing all this for her. I was fed up of eating all that stale food. Gauri asks her why she dint take the jewels worth 30-50 lacs yesterday. Urvashi shares that she is fixated on 3k crores. Gauri asks her how she will do it. Urvashi says I will do it by becoming Shrimati Vinayak Kundra. Vin and Siddhi will part ways after divorce. I am also alone and so will he be. 2 lonely people will become one then. I will then become Shrimati Vinayak Kundra. I will have everything in my name! Gauri looks at her.

Precap: Siddhi tells Prachi that Urvashi’s biggest weakness is jewellery. She can go to any extent to gain them. Rajvir loudly tells Prachi that Shankar has called jeweller again. Every DIL will now get jewellery of her choice like every year. Prachi and Rajvir are passing by when Urvashi chases Prachi and joins them. Siddhi decides to check Urvashi’s room after getting confirmation message from Prachi that Urvashi isn’t present in her room right now. I will use it to prove my innocence then.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Good episode… wonderful acting Siddhi and Vinu…🙂😍😘 Siddhi pushes Urvashi I liked that scene.. Angry Siddhi looking so cute…😉
    Finally Siddhi says never forgive him so easily…

  2. Waiting for tomorrow episode… hope that Siddhi will succeed in her plan…🙂

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