Siddhi Vinayak 5th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Manjari lays a trap for Manbir

Siddhi Vinayak 5th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vin calls out to Riddhi. Riddhi says yes. The papers drop out of Shivam’s hands before he can look up. Riddhi and Vin talk about the contract as Shivam bends down to pick the papers. Vin asks her to come down to read the papers. She agrees and goes inside. Shivam only sees her leaving.

Manjari thinks I feigned a headache in hospital but this Riddhi has really given me a headache. She has become a problem for me! Riddhi comes there just then. I got you balm. Manjari talks nicely to her. You take care of me so much. Riddhi applies balm on her head. Riddhi thinks of the burqa clad woman in the hospital the other day. Manjari wonders what she is thinking now. Kanta is no more now. She asks Riddhi what she is thinking. Riddhi says who could be that woman who was attacking Kanta ji again and again.

Manjari fears that she might not take much time before finding out about her this way. She tries to divert Riddhi but Riddhi says why did it happen when Kanta ji was about to tell us the name of her / Vin Sir’s attacker. I don’t think it is a coincidence but a well thought out plan. Manjari thinks she will be caught real soon. She coughs as Riddhi keeps her hands around Manjari’s neck. Riddhi is concerned but Manjari assures her she is fine. Manbir could have sent that woman. Riddhi has faith Manbir cannot do it. I am sure it is a woman behind all the attacks. Manjari suggests taking rest. Riddhi goes out. Call me if you need anything. Manjari thinks to do something about Riddhi.

Shivam calls Vin Mr. Kundra but Vin stares at him. Shivam corrects himself. Let’s talk business? Vin wants to talk to him and head something about him tonight. Ms. Sinha will manage all the paperwork. Riddhi comes downstairs but Shivam is busy talking to his boss. Riddhi fixes Vin’s caller while talking to him. He tries fixing it but in vain so he lets her do it. Romantic song plays in the background as she does it. They share an eye lock. Shivam is still busy on the call. Riddhi tells Vin it is perfect now. He thanks her. She tries to talk to him about something urgent but he wants her to read the contract brought by her friend first. She agrees. She goes upstairs by the time Shivam gets free from his call. Vin is impressed with Shivam for working so hard even at odd hours. Shivam replies that he keeps it for his daughter. She looks for me when she wakes up in the middle of the night. Vin says it is good that you have someone who looks for you whenever he / she wakes up from sleep. Shivam senses pain behind his words. Is there any reason behind it? Vin suggests having drinks. Shivam agrees.

Manjari is thinking as to how she should tackle Riddhi. Kanta saying Man repeatedly does not make Manbir the culprit. What could be the proof? Riddhi is sure it is a woman! She thinks of a plan to trap Manbir and sings a song happily.

Riddhi is reading the contract upstairs. Right under where she is sitting, Vin and Shivam are having drinks. Shivam says pain is in everyone’s life. We just do not find the one who we can share it with. Vin says I don’t know about you but I know my partner. He is right in front of me. Shivam thanks him for considering him to be that good. Vin says I never thought I will be able to fall for someone once again. She came in my life and became my love. He thinks of Riddhi. Shivam calls him lucky to get second chance to love someone. He thinks of his moments with Riddhi. We were all alone when my wife left me. Vin says our stories are not very different. Our love stories are incomplete. The one we loved left us! I don’t think they will be ever again ours! He thinks of the day he was going to propose Riddhi when he figured out that she is married.

Shivam says God plays strange games. Separation is written with love. I think we are not meant to get our love.

Riddhi is reading a clause in the contract when she stops at the word Man-datory. What was Kanta ji trying to say by saying Man? Why was she pointing at Ma at that time? Was she trying to tell Ma something?

Vin asks Shivam his wife’s name. Shivam is about to say it when the contract papers fall down. Riddhi looks down in shock. Vin picks them and looks up. You should have kept them with you if you had read them. Why did you have to shower them on me like this? Shivam smiles while Riddhi apologizes to Vin. The file is really big. They just fell out of my hands. Keep them with you for now. I will show them to the legal team and we will discuss it further then. Vin agrees.

Vin apologizes to Shivam who does not mind. Your Personal Assistant’s voice is really nice. Vin praises her as well. Shivam gets a text from Juhi. He excuses himself. Vin goes to drop him till the door. Shivam looks up at Riddhi who has her back to him. When she turns, she sees him leaving with Vin. Vin remarks to Shivam that they have a lot in common. Shivam nods. There is indeed something which is pulling us together. Anyways, I will take your leave now. He leaves.

Manjari mixes something in sweets. She then goes to Manbir and apologizes to him. I only took your name by mistake. I have gone mad. I have become blind for my son! Please forgive me. Manbir tells her not to say so but Manjari keeps playing the emotional card. Manbir tells her to calm down. We are happy knowing that you are with us. Gauri too asks her to bless them. Manjari says even Bappa is with you guys. I went to pray for Manbir. She feeds them sweets calling it Prasad. I will feel less burdened this way. They touch her feet. Manjari smirks.

Manbir and Gauri are in deep sleep. Manjari takes out the gun. They are sleeping so peacefully. This is the right time. She aims the gun at Manbir’s head. Pardon me son but you must die if I got to save myself! She cleans the gun well before taking Manbir’s fingerprints on it. She keeps the gun in Manbir’s coat pocket. Riddhi comes there jsut then. What are you doing here? Manjari looks at her in shock.

Precap: Police comes to Kundra Mansion with search warrant. We got an anonymous call today and the person mentioned that Manbir is responsible for the death of the woman who died today! Gun falls out of Manbir’s coat’s pocket and everyone looks at it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. God… They r so stupid….if man could be manbir then man could be manjari as well….i feel like solving their case n setting all of the them free from this manjari auntiee

  2. Summer

    This track is getting tiresome now…surely the police will be suspicious due to a number of clues:
    1. A woman in burka attempts to murder Kanta
    2. A woman disguise as Pratima and murders Kanat.
    3. Kanta points at Manjari and mutters the ‘Man’…
    4. Possible suspect…Manbeer and Manjari.
    5. Suspect eliminated out of equation – Manbeer – not woman disguised in burka or posed as Dr Pratima.
    6. Therefore obvious suspect is Manjari…even more suspicious when she takes Manbeer’s name and tries to throw police off scent. Is this not suspicious enough behaviour?
    7. Should police decide to interview family members and try to establish a motive they will learn that Manjari has the biggest motive as she is not Vin’s biological mother.

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