Siddhi Vinayak 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update

Siddhi Vinayak 4th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manjari removes the mask off her face. She is sleeping in such a deep sleep. I will make you meet your daughter real soon. She sings a song as she wears the gloves. Constable is standing right outside the ward. She covers the view between the door and them with a stand. I feel bad doing all this but I have to do it for the sake of my son. Kanta opens her eyes just then and is shocked to see Manjari. Manjari removes the mask from her face and keeps a pillow over her mouth.

Riddhi is surprised to know that Juhi’s mother’s name is also Riddhi. Dadi nods. She speaks just the way my Riddhi used to talk. Riddhi smiles. I think you share a relation from the past. Nurse Jaya is shocked to see Dr. Pratima there. You are here? Dadi nods. Jaya goes away confused. Riddhi and Dadi wonder what happened

to the nurse.

Manjari continues holding the pillow on Kanta’s face.

Dadi signs some papers. She gets a call from Commissioner and informs him that she is going to see Kanta only. Give me ten minutes. I will call you back. She heads to Kanta’s ward.

Kanta stops moving. Manjari is pleased. I sent you to your daughter. Now I have to take care of only Riddhi and Vin. Once I send them to you my work will be done. You can then see who Vin should marry – your daughter or Riddhi! Your choice!

Vin is a little out of place while practising. He rereads the dialogue again and again. I should either learn the lines or think about Riddhi. He thinks to call her but then decides against it. I have no reason to call her though. He overhears his Boss reading his Horoscope and takes it from him so he can read his too. I got the perfect excuse to call Riddhi. He calls Riddhi. She tells him that she came to see Kanta ji in hospital. Dadi said she will gain conscious soon and police will then take her statement. I will call you back. He asks her if she believes in horoscopes. She denies but then adds that she believes in it some days but not always. He asks her if she wants to hear her horoscope. She agrees. I am sorry. You get upset real soon. He asks for her horoscope. She tells him it is Taurus. He thinks Siddhi also had the same horoscope. I dint get Siddhi back then and now I cannot have Riddhi. Don’t know what my problem with the horoscope is! He reads her horoscope for her – your love is often in front of you but you fail to understand. You have even held yourself back but your wait is going to be over real soon. You are about to get your love. She thinks she is ready to share her heart with him since so long. I am just waiting for you to recover. She makes an excuse and ends the call. Vin thinks she is about to get her love. She is my love and is married. She will have her own family. How will I get her?

Manjari comes out of the ward avoiding everyone’s eyes. She gets inside a room and discards the fake uniform. Nurse shouts for Dr. Pratima. Someone inform her that Kanta is no more. Manjari is asking the nurse about Dr. Pratima when Riddhi keeps her hand on her shoulder. What are you doing here Ma? Manjari shows the Prasad. I got it for Kanta. I thought I will also meet her. Riddhi is impressed. You think so much about her. Right then, Dr. Pratima shares that Kanta is no more. Manjari acts shocked. You said she is recovering and could gain conscious. How did it happen suddenly? Dadi is also clueless. Manjari says she was trying to talk till yesterday and even took Manbir’s name. How could it happen? Dadi replies that even Doctors give up before God sometimes. Manjari acts to be concerned about Vin. We couldn’t find out who is behind all those accidents! Don’t know how much Bappa will test us. Riddhi gives her water. Dadi tells her not to give up hope. We are all pained at whatever happened. Riddhi wonders how to find out who is behind Vin.

Vin is again lost while practising. Director asks him if there is a problem. Vin thinks he cannot tell anyone it is Riddhi. He apologizes to him. I am unable to concentrate today. Director takes it coolly and packs up for the day. Vin thinks to talk to someone about Riddhi to get it out of his head. He thinks of Shivam.

Shivam comes home and finds Juhi asleep again. reema shares that she was upset with him. She made a drawing for you and was waiting to show you but you came late. She fell asleep. He kisses Juhi on the forehead. I am sorry beta. Papa loves you a lot. He looks at the drawing. Who has she drawn with me and her? Juhi mumbles Mishti in her sleep again and again. She is my friend. Shivam pats at her head and looks at the photo. He looks at his wallet (Riddhi’s photo). Juhi knows I used to call you Mishti then why is she calling her new friend by that name? He gets a call from Vin. He tells him he wishes to meet him soon for his contract. Vin suggests meeting right away. I will pick you on my way. Shivam calls him superstar but Vin calls him his friend. Shivam agrees to text him his address. They end the call. Vin is looking forward to the meeting.

Inspector asks Dr. Pratima about Kanta’s health in the morning. She replies that she checked on her last night last. I dint come to hospital in the morning. Constable points out that she went inside Kanta’s ward in front of him only. Riddhi says Dadi was with me since morning. It means it is a woman who killed Kanta ji? Manjari is irked with Riddhi for speaking too much. Riddhi is now certain it is a lady who is trying to kill Vin. I told Ma as well. Manjari feigns a headache. Inspector asks for post-mortem to which Dadi agrees. Manjari thinks to tackle Riddhi or else she will get her killed.

Vin brings Shivam to his home. Shivam wants to discuss the contract but Vin tells him he does not understand all this. I have a personal assistant Ms. Sinha who does all that for me. He calls out to her. Riddhi says yes. Shivam looks up.

Precap: Manjari feeds something to manbir which is inebriated. Pardon me son. You must die if I got to save myself.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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