Siddhi Vinayak 4th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Juhi loses her voice

Siddhi Vinayak 4th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajveer and Prachi planning to get the property, once Vin gets out of their way. Gauri hears them and thinks she will also get half share of the property. Siddhi talks to Vin on video call. She asks him to say the truth, did he shoot in self defence, if he hides this, no one can help him. Vin says you are in pain, you need to rest, take care of Juhi, what will you tell her about Shivam. She says I will find the truth, you are helpless to hide this, I will try to bail you out. The call ends. Vin says Siddhi doesn’t want to agree that I killed Shivam. Pratima asks Siddhi to rest. Siddhi prays. Manjiri cries and says you took the blame of my crime, I shot Shivam. Vin says I don’t regret for it, I can even die for you. Manjiri asks did you think for me and Siddhi, I will tell

truth to inspector. He says you swear on me, you won’t tell anyone that you shot Shivam, promise me. She thinks I wanted this to happen. She says fine, I promise. Constable comes and asks what happened. Vin asks for water and sends him. Pratima prays for Siddhi. Siddhi worries for Juhi.

Juhi recalls the incidents. Siddhi does the aarti. Juhi gets conscious. Siddhi thanks Bappa. She hugs Juhi and asks her not to stay scared. She says you are strong, will you tell me who was present in that room, Lord will punish that person. Juhi recalls and hugs her. Juhi tries to talk. She loses her voice. Pratima says I think she lost her voice because of the shock. Siddhi asks Juhi to try and talk. Pratima says she will take time to get fine, Juhi is brave, she will talk soon. Manjiri comes and asks who isn’t able to talk. Juhi hugs Siddhi. Manjiri asks what happened to her. Siddhi says she is in trauma, she is not able to talk. Manjiri thinks Juhi got mute, she won’t be able to say anything. Manjiri gifts Juhi. Juhi recalls Manjiri shooting Shivam.

She throws the toy. Manjiri says Juhi is scared, Siddhi forgive me and come home with me, you are my daughter too. Siddhi says don’t take me wrong, but I can’t come with you. Pratima asks Siddhi to go. Manjiri says you would be going to hospital for emergencies, it will be better if Juhi comes with Siddhi to Kundra mansion. Pratima agrees. Manjiri thinks to keep an eye on Juhi. Pratima asks Siddhi to take care of Juhi and herself. Manjiri says I m there for them. Siddhi hugs Pratima. Shankar comes home and asks Rajbeer why didn’t you call lawyers to bail out Vin. Manjiri gets Siddhi and Juhi home. Siddhi greets Shankar. He apologizes to her and folds hands. He says I got to know, you aren’t Riddhi, but our little Siddhi.

He blesses her. Prachi gets shocked. Shankar says believe me, I didn’t wish bad for you, I was worried for your Vinu. Siddhi says yes, I m your Siddhi, mum got me home, why are you blaming yourself, none knew my real identity here. Prachi thinks is she really Siddhi, it means she will get all the property, my fate is bad. Gauri thinks my fate is ruined, Lord didn’t do right with me. Siddhi says Vin can’t do this, he is hiding something. Shankar agrees. Manjiri says I want my son to come back, but I have seen Vin shooting Shivam, Shivam wanted to kill me, Vin shot him in anger. Juhi worries. Manjiri says Juhi was there. Siddhi says just Vin can say what happened there. She asks Manjiri to keep Juhi with her, we will meet Vin and come. Juhi hugs her. Siddhi says we will come soon. She goes with Shankar. Manjiri wipes tears.

Juhi makes a drawing and hugs Siddhi. Siddhi gets a call and doesn’t see the drawing. Manjiri comes and sees the drawing. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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