Siddhi Vinayak 3rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Vin falls in love with Riddhi

Siddhi Vinayak 3rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vin getting Siddhi home. Manjiri asks what’s happened to Riddhi. Gauri and Prachi joke seeing them. Gauri gets annoyed and goes. Doctor checks Siddhi. Manjiri wishes Vin was caught up in fire. Doctor says I think she got a big shock, so she didn’t get conscious. Siddhi wakes up and shouts fire. Vin holds her and promises to protect her. Manjiri thinks is Vin falling in love with Riddhi, she is keeping the relation by heart. Shankar comes and asks what happened. Manjiri says fire caught up at the sets. Doctor gives her injection for fever. He gives prescription for Siddhi. He goes. Vin makes Siddhi rest. Shankar asks Mannu about the fire. Manjiri asks Vin to come for a talk. Vin says I will come later, I have to be with Riddhi. She asks him to put wet cloth on her forehead.

She thinks is this Riddhi’s planning to get close to Vin.

Prachi and Gauri wish they could gossip. Mannu comes to them to get food for Riddhi. He goes. Prachi and Gauri start talking against Riddhi. Prachi says if Vin marries Riddhi, what will happen of us. Gauri says we have to kill Vin before this happens. Prachi says but Riddhi and police are always after Vin. Gauri says don’t worry, we will find some way. They smile.

Manjiri gets peace seeing Vin tensed. She cries. He says don’t worry, I m fine. Shankar says how did fire catch up, was there no security. Mannu says I have checked everything. Manjiri says its an accident. Shankar says no, this wasn’t an accident, I will find out the culprit. She does drama. Vin says if anything happened to Riddhi, I would have not forgiven myself. She asks why did you take big risk, others were there to save her. He says I have seen Siddhi burning in fire, I couldn’t save her, when I saw Riddhi caught in fire, I couldn’t stop myself. She says you are equating them. He goes. She says I have to do something to break their pairing.

Vin sits taking care of Siddhi. He thinks about her. He says what’s happening with me. He talks to Siddhi’s pic, why do I remember Riddhi’s habits, why she affects me, I feel she is dear to me, its wrong, how can I give your place to Riddhi, its a sin, no girl in the world can take your place Siddhi, I feel I m a big cheat, I just loved you, how can I feel so for Riddhi, no, this can’t happen, I cheated you Siddhi. He sees Siddhi restless and calms her. He calls Mannu to ask for medicines. Mannu says there is a strike for medical stores. Vin asks him to send Manjiri, he will go and get medicines. Mannu asks are you mad to go out. Vin says I will manage. Vin goes out and prays on the way. He asks Bappa can Riddhi and Vin get united. He gets shocked seeing Riddhi Vinayak temple. Driver says its rare temple, if you come here in morning, you will find much crowd. Vin thinks what shall I think of this, does Bappa want to explain me that I should accept Riddhi.

Vin comes back with medicines. He thinks of her. Miley ho tum humko….plays.. He takes care of her. He sleeps. Manjiri comes and sees them. She thinks what’s happening, Vin is caring for Riddhi so much, did he fall in love with her.

Vin gets breakfast. Siddhi refuses to have it. He feeds her. They smile. She feeds him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Vin ko pyar toh ho raha hai, but vo realise kyu nhi krta ki riddhi hi siddhi hai…


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