Siddhi Vinayak 31st July 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi makes Manjari confess everything

Siddhi Vinayak 31st July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manjari shows fake concern to Vin. I will call Commissioner. Tell me the name of the person who did this to you. He tells her everything. She says I cannot see you in pain. I don’t care about who did what! He kisses on her fingers. Your heart is with me. Don’t worry. I am fine. Constable asks Manjari to come. Vin apologizes to Manjari on Siddhi’s behalf. She loves me madly. Don’t keep anything against her in your mind. She tells him to take care and wipes her fake tears once Vin is taken away. I have to act so much! Constable asks her to leave but she requests him to let her meet Badge Number 103. He nods. Badge Number 103 comes there and takes a seat. You have only 4 minutes now. Will you keep string or will you say something too? She asks him if he beat Vin. He nods. I did. Are

you feeling very bad? She says just a little. I want you to have some more fun. He asks her what she wants. Come to the point as you have only 2 minutes left. She tells him to kill Vin. He says I don’t even let people breathe here for free. They both laugh. She asks him to name his price.

Prachi and Rajvir thank the reporters for coming here. We trust law completely but media is aggravating this matter a lot. You guys have come to a decision even before court took any decision. You all know Vin since years. He is so nice. Do you think he can do something like this? Gauri thinks this husband wife duo start acting in front of the camera. No one thinks about my husband! PRachi is impressed with his wife. Reporter asks them why Vin ran away from jail. Rajvir says
Prachi tells Rajvir to keep a check on himself. Don’t overact! Reporters turn to Manjari as soon as she comes home. She says my son is innocent. A mother’s heart can never lie! Siddhi looks on. How can a mother create such a trap for her own son? Manjari tells everyone to wait and watch. My son will come out of jail very soon. Siddhi adds truth serum in water while Manjari continues to address the media. Stop thinking Vin to be the culprit! Atleast think about us. A Reporter says you were present when Vin show Shivam. You saw everything. Who will do the pending films?

Siddhi gives water to Manjari. Reporters call Siddhi Vin’s personal assistant when she looks at Manjari. Maybe you guys don’t know it by now. Vin should have shared this news but he cannot do it. I am not his personal assistant but wife. Reporters throng her with more questions. She says it isn’t important for you guys to know when or how it happened. It is important to know he is married to me. Vin isn’t the one who killed Shivam. His innocence will be proved soon. Manjari hopes she does not tell her truth to everyone. Siddhi asks her to drink water. Manjari drinks water. Siddhi promises to bring truth in front of everyone. Shivam’s culprit will be before everyone. Court hearing is due in a week. You will know everything by then. Manjari heads upstairs. Siddhi thanks everyone for coming here.

Manjari is feeling dizzy. Siddhi is sure that the medicine would have started to show its effect by now. She switches on the camera and enters in Manjari’s room. You look tensed. Is everything ok? Manjari asks her to leave her alone. I don’t feel alright. Siddhi closes the door from inside. Don’t worry Ma. I have come here to seek answers to all my questions. I will be successful in making you confess everything! Manjari lies down holding her head. Siddhi asks her if she is alright. Manjari says I feel as if you will make me say everything. Siddhi thinks it seems that the truth serum is working on her. Siddhi asks her why she killed Kanta. Manjari says I killed Kanta as I had no other option. She would have told everyone that I only forced Vaibhavi to marry Vin. There was a Dosha in her kundli and Vin would have died then. I only got Vaibhavi out of my way! Siddhi asks about Lakshmi. Manjari takes the blame. Siddhi says it means Manvir Bhaiya is innocent. Manjari agrees. Siddhi asks about the gun which police found in his cupboard. Manjari shares that she kept it there so police arrests him. Siddhi asks her why she wants to kill Vin. Are you responsible for all the attacks that have happened on him? How can a mother do that to her own kid? She says any mother can do anything for her son. I also did everything for my! Why am I telling you all this? What’s happening to me? She notices the phone in Siddhi’s hand. Siddhi drops it by mistake. Manjari asks her if she was recording everything. Siddhi declines. Manjari demands to check the phone but Siddhi puts her to sleep. Siddhi thinks to get out of the room asap. The serum is losing its effect slowly. Manjari holds her head in pain. Siddhi looks at her. It is time to punish you. Now you will be in jail while Vinu will be with me. Ganpati Bappa Morya! She walks out of the room.

Manjari is somewhat normal by now. She realises that Siddhi was the one who gave her water. Did she make me drink something which made me utter the truth? If that’s true then my plan will be ruined! Everything will be finished.

Siddhi tells Dadi that their plan is successful. Dadi thanks Kali Ma. Shivam and Juhi’s culprit will be punished now. Siddhi nods. I will give this confession to police before the court hearing. It will be enough to prove Ma culprit. Dadi tells her to take care.

Manjari pours water over her head / face. I wont let Siddhi win! It’s my trap after all. Only I will win here! She imagines police and court declaring her the culprit. She begs to be freed and struggles to breathe as the rope is hung around her neck. Manjari realises it was her dream. I am not the one who gives up! My victory is certain!

Siddhi looks at the video. I will surely win as I have the perfect evidence against you. It will prove Vinu innocent.

Precap: Manjari tells someone to go to police station and stop Siddhi from showing the phone to police. Siddhi’s bag is stolen before she can enter inside. She finds her phone in her kurta pocket and is relieved. I am sure Ma sent him. I will now prove Vinu innocent using this!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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