Siddhi Vinayak 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi vows to fight till her last breath

Siddhi Vinayak 2nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vin asks Siddhi to sign on the papers and leave the house right away. Manjari stops Shankar from intervening. She is happy thinking about the options she had given to Vin. Finally my son’s murderer got her due. My Vin did what court couldn’t do! Shankar walks away in a huff. Siddhi stands there holding the papers. Everyone leaves from there.

Siddhi drops the puja thaal in shock and looks at the papers. She breaks down thinking about Vin’s words.

Urvashi is filing her nails. Gauri tells her what happened during the puja. Urvashi is happy thinking Vin and Siddhi will part ways now. Gauri nods. I am feeling bad for Siddhi. She lost both her husband and 3k crores. That’s the worth of Kundra riches. Vin is the sole heir of it. Now that Siddhi will be divorced then she wont get anything.

Urvashi is thrilled to know about the property. You gave me such good news! Gauri cannot understand why she is reacting like this. I am going to jail to meet Manvir ji. I will break my fast after seeing him only.

Prachi wants to be with her sister but Rajvir reasons that they have to help Siddhi avoiding coming in Manjari’s notice. They wonder how Vin can agree to divorce Siddhi. Prachi shares that Tai once said that love stories never end. I feel Tai’s story is still not over.

Siddhi shows the divorce papers to Bappa. See what has become of my marriage papers! Why did you do this? Answer me! You knew everything. Why did you let it happen then? What was my mistake? Why are you punishing me? She begins to bang her hand on papers when laddoo falls down. She looks at the small Ganpati idol in confusion. Are you trying to give me some hint? I know you don’t want to me to accept defeat so soon! I promise you I wont give up so soon. I wont let my relation break so easily. Everyone might think I lost but I will fight for my love till my last breath! Manjari claps for her. You and your strength should be complimented! I used to call you lioness when you were a kid. You are still the same. Everything is finished yet you aren’t ready to give up. My son divorced you! Siddhi reminds her that she was calling her step son till some time back. You change colours too soon. Manjari warns her that she will be in the same agony that Rudra had experienced. Pack your bags and leave! Siddhi refuses to give up in front of her. I wont fail till the time I have Bappa’s blessings with me. I will fight till my last breath to save my wedding and Vinu. She picks up the papers and leaves. Manjari laughs. Seems like she has gone mad after seeing the papers. She is giving me attitude even though she has nothing!

Siddhi is crying in her room. I have to fight a big battle to prove my truth! I cannot shed tears anymore. Prachi calls her. I am sorry we cannot come there and talk to you. Rajvir also assures her not to give up. We will find a way out of this problem. Siddhi cries. I wont divorce Vinu at any cost. I will have to dig this problem from its roots. Everything will be sorted once it is done. She opens her cupboard.

Shankar is angry with Vin’s decision. Wedding isn’t some game. You cannot marry or part just like that. Manjari replies that she dint see him in so much pain when Rudra had died. Siddhi deserves all of that. Vin only did his duty as his brother. Siddhi has paid for killing my son. She should just sign the papers now so my son can rest in peace.

Urvashi is eating apples when Siddhi empties a bag full of jewellery and cash in front of Urvashi. You can take whatever you want to but just go and tell Vinu the truth! Please tell the truth to everyone for God’s sake. Urvashi asks her if she has gone mad. You think I will hurt my late husband’s soul by accepting all this? They are of no use to me. She laughs. Siddhi tells her not to show such a low drama. What will you gain by doing all this? Aren’t you ashamed? Urvashi says you should be ashamed for cheating your husband and for ki9lling mine? I am not like you. I am from a drama background but I don’t do drama like you! Siddhi tells her to take everything but leave this house. Urvashi asks her why she should go. You should leave this house. Siddhi raises her hand warning her to mind her tongue but Vin holds her hand.

Precap: Vin tells Siddhi to remove her jewellery (mangalsutra). He holds it. She asks him to leave it or it will break. He tells her that it doesn’t matter as the trust on which that relation was based is broken already. He breaks it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Nice gift Vinu..😏😏 Wonderful acting Siddhi 🙂😍
    Saw the new promo of the show where that Urvashi trying to seduce Vin.(the same she had done with Rudra)
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