Siddhi Vinayak 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Siddhi takes the risk

Siddhi Vinayak 2nd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Siddhi informing Savita that she will get money in two hours. Siddhi dances on Taal se taal mila….. She dances inside the fire ring. The men praise Vin and talk about the other hero Rajveer. The power goes. Rajveer enters. He gives interview to the media. Reporter jokes about his postponed launch. Reporter says Vin is given all the attention, you are sidelined by your uncle Shankar. Rajveer says I don’t care about Vin’s launch, I m proud of him, he is my brother. He goes and says everyone has Vin’s name, as if I don’t even exist, hios launch will also get pushed now.

Siddhi gets hurt. The man says anything can happen, you won’t dance now, there is a dangerous sequence. She says no, let me complete this. He says your career will get ruined if anything

happens. She says if anything happens to my dad, I will die, my dad’s breath runs by my dancing. Producer says she is courageous girl, let her do this. He asks Siddhi to complete the shot, he will give her money. The man says Lord should give everyone a daughter like you, come.

At Kundra mansion, party goes on. Manjiri talks to a lady Bijli. Vin gets ready and come. Everyone smiles. The man says Shankar, your son is very promising. Vin greets him. The man blesses him. He says Vin made my heart happy. Rajveer looks on. Shankar says I planned a lot for him. Rajveer says I will not let the plan complete. The man signs a cheque to finance Vin’s movie. Rajveer signs the DJ. He comes downstairs and performs on Chalti ka kya…… Everyone claps for him. Shankar praises Rajveer’s dancing skills. Rajveer forces Vin and takes him for the dance. Vin dances on kudiye to fan si…… He doesn’t dance well. Shankar worries. Manjiri says Vin doesn’t know dancing, Siddhi used to dance. She recalls Siddhi and says I wish he learnt dancing from her, she would have become big dance by now, my tigress Siddhi. Siddhi dances in the fire round again.

The man asks Shankar does Vin not know dancing, see Rajveer. Shankar says leave his dance, see his body. The man keeps cheque back. He says superstar should know dance, its a big weakness if actor doesn’t know dance, try to understand, I don’t think he can…. Vin takes him for dance. Shankar says the world will see this weakness, what will we do, who will teach him dance. Siddhi talks to Savita. She says I got the money, I will come in some time. She says my dad’s injection will complete. She recalls Vinayak.

Siddhi gets Aniket home. Shankar dances with Rajveer and Vin.

Update Credit to: Amena

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