Siddhi Vinayak 2nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Vin saves Riddhi’s life

Siddhi Vinayak 2nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Siddhi making Vin wear the accessory. Ghazab ka hai ye din….plays…. Her phone rings. He says your lawyer has called, now you will go away from me and talk. She asks why will I go away from you. Manjiri calls her and asks about marriage certificate. Siddhi says I will just come. She goes. Vin says I like her being around me, talking to me, why… Siddhi says I got the certificate with me, I have duplicate key.

Manjiri says I did overacting and this happen. She asks Siddhi what if Vin sees it. Siddhi says I gave it to Mannu, he will keep it safe. Manjiri says you didn’t trust him. Siddhi says I don’t have doubt on him now. She asks her not to worry, Vin is calling, she has to go. She ends call and goes.

Manjiri says Riddhi is very fast, I won’t

leave her. She keeps patience. Vin tells his film’s dialogues in the shoot and expresses love to the heroine. Siddhi gets emotional hearing him. Vin says I want to talk to you, come to me. Siddhi goes to him. Boldo na zara……plays…. He sees Riddhi and smiles. He says lines while looking at Riddhi. He asks do you also feel the same Riddhi. Heroine looks at him. Siddhi smiles. Director says you said lines well, you said Riddhi instead Meera, heroine’s character name. Mannu smiles. People talk about Vin’s assistant Riddhi. Vin says I saw Riddhi and said so, we will take one more take. Director says it was great shot, we will correct Riddhi word in dubbing. He announces a break. Vin sees Siddhi and smiles.

Vin goes after her. Mannu teases Vin and Siddhi. They check the food. Siddhi says I didn’t pack the tiffin, Vin… Mannu says its your fav food packed today, I will have food with unit, you guys have food. Vin apologizes to come to her room. She says its okay. Vin says I will have lunch later, work is worship, I don’t like entire crew waiting for me. He goes for the shot. She says he started calling me Riddhi instead Ms. Sinha, he got my fav food, does he love me. Vin dances with the heroine. Deewani mastani….plays….. Siddhi smiles and thinks of her and Vin dancing on the song. She stumbles and stops. She sees Vin and smiles. Fire catches up the dry glass. Siddhi gets shocked seeing the fire. She gets surrounded in the fire.

She shouts for help. Vin dances and doesn’t hear her shouting. She shouts Vinu…. and recalls the fire incident. The power goes. Everyone checks for lights. They then see the fire caught up. Vin and everyone get shocked seeing her. Vin shouts Riddhi. Vin recalls Siddhi and cries. He thinks I couldn’t save Siddhi, but I can’t lose Riddhi. Mannu stops Vin. Siddhi gets dizzy. Vin asks her not to worry, he is coming. She faints. Vin jumps inside the fire to save her. He lifts Riddhi. Vin’s hand burns. He saves her and brings her out. He asks her to wake up, nothing will happen to her. Siddhi gets conscious and sees him. She faints again.

Siddhi shouts fire…. Vin hugs her and says its fine, I promise I won’t let anything happen to you. Manjiri thinks Vin might fall in love with Riddhi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Awwwwww wala episode…..
    I hope vinu soon realise that riddhi is only siddhi

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