Siddhi Vinayak 29th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Vin accepts Vaibhavi’s friendship

Siddhi Vinayak 29th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Siddhi saying I don’t like Vaibhavi. Pratima calls her jealous and laughs. Siddhi says I have to tell Vaibhavi about Vin. Pratima says the matter is something else. Siddhi says Vaibhavi got red stole for Vin, I told her he won’t accept, but she gifted it to him when he called her to room, she held his hand by excuse. Pratima asks how do you know. Siddhi says I saw this by CCTV camera. Pratima says you should remove the camera, Vin will feel bad if he knows of it. Siddhi says yes, I will remove it now itself. She goes to Vin’s room.

She sees Vaibhavi’s gift and takes it to throw. She sees Vin working out and smiles. She hides from him. He says maybe I saw Riddhi there. She says did he see me, I have to remove camera fast. She takes the camera and runs. Vin comes

there. She drops the camera and gets shocked. He asks what are you doing here in my room. She kicks to hide camera. He asks what were you doing. She says I m troubled, this ring is stuck. He says so you are kicking me, what’s my mistake.

She says sorry to ask you help, I helped you many times, you scolded me, help me to remove this ring. He asks why shall I do this. She calls him rude arrogant boss. Vin helps her in removing the ring. She smiles. He asks her not to come in room again. She says I know, just Manjiri and your wife can come in this room. Vaibhavi comes and says Manjiri is waiting for you. Siddhi goes. She takes the camera and says I got saved, its good he didn’t see this camera. She goes to return gift. Prachi taunts Rajbeer and gives him lipstick and bangles.

Rajbeer says I m glad when someone calls me fool, I like fooling such fools. Gauri comes and says tell me what we have to do now. Rajbeer says I have planned special for bachelors party tomorrow, there are many guests today, it will be his last night tomorrow. Ladies play dhol. Manjiri introduces Laxmi ji, who found Vaibhavi for Vin. Shankar thanks Laxmi. Vaibhavi asks Siddhi will Vin wear red stole and come. Siddhi says I don’t think so. Vin comes wearing red stole. Siddhi gets shocked. Vaibhavi smiles. Shankar says he looks handsome.

Vaibhavi thanks Vin. Vin says now you would be sure that I accept your friendship. She says yes. They smile. Siddhi cries. Shankar asks for some good song. They dance on gallan goodiyaan….. Laxmi says Vaibhavi is lucky, give me 10 lakhs before marriage. Kanta says I will give you later. Laxmi gifts her a gift. Vin and Vaibhavi dance on Tum se hi….Everyone claps. Siddhi thinks what did Vaibhavi do that everyone like her. Pratima asks what are you saying. Siddhi thinks I will show her how to dance. She goes and dances on pinga re pinga…..Vaibhavi dances with her. Vin thinks of Siddhi seeing Riddhi dancing. Siddhi dances while Vaibhavi stops. Everyone claps. Pratima worries.

Vin and Vaibhavi come for marriage. Siddhi gets Vaibhavi’s kundli. She says I have to show this kundli to Manjiri.

Update Credit to: Amena

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