Siddhi Vinayak 29th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivam shoots Vin

Siddhi Vinayak 29th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vin asking Pratima to take care of Siddhi till he returns. Shivam hangs and asks Manjiri to leave Juhi. Manjiri threatens him about the bomb. Shivam says please leave her. She fixes bomb to Juhi and starts the timer. She asks Kabir to take Juhi away. Shivam shouts leave her. She shoots at the rope and makes him fall down. She says you will do what I want, you remember what to do. He nods. Pratima says don’t know what happened, Juhi isn’t answering. Siddhi says go home, Juhi needs you, just go. Nanny gets up and looks around. She calls Pratima and says Juhi is missing. Pratima and Siddhi get shocked. Nanny tells everything. Siddhi says Shivam captured Manjiri, we have to do something. Pratima says I will reach here and call you.

She asks nurse to be with patient and

not leave her alone. She goes. Siddhi prays for Manjiri and Juhi. Kabir takes Juhi away and ties her. Siddhi recalls everything and thinks how shall I stay in peace. She asks nurse to call doctor fast, she is getting much pain. Nurse goes. Siddhi leaves from there. She changes clothes and tries to leave. Nanny and Pratima take police help. Inspector asks did Juhi get kidnapped by someone whom she chats with. Siddhi comes and says we should find Juhi’s phone. Pratima asks why did you come here. Siddhi says we shall find Juhi now, I will try her number. She calls Juhi. Juhi wakes up and finds herself tied. She answers and cries.

Siddhi asks where are you, don’t cry. Juhi says don’t know, there is much darkness here. Siddhi says I will not let anything happen to you. Juhi says I m wearing a belt, it has lights, I m scared. Pratima says we won’t let anything happen, we are coming. Siddhi says its a game of Juhi movie, you are the heroine. Juhi says just get me out of here, I m tied. Siddhi says so what, you have your phone, send me your location. Juhi says yes, I will try. She shares location. Siddhi says well done, now wait there, we are coming soon, keep phone on. They go with police.

Manjiri wears the rope noose. Shivam gets angry and says I didn’t see such a cheap mum, who wants to kill her son. She says just worry for your daughter, I think Vin has come, start now. Shivam takes the gun. Vin comes and shouts Maa. He sees Manjiri. She starts her drama and says Shivam, leave me, don’t kill me. Vin shouts Shivam, leave my mum. Shivam says I will shoot, stop. Juhi talks to Siddhi on video call. Siddhi asks her not to cry and relax, she will tell what to do. She asks inspector how to defuse the bomb. Shivam says I told you not to come between me and Riddhi, your game is over, don’t come closer. He shoots Vin. Vin gets saved and says leave my mum, she is my Siddhi, you did wrong to involve my mum in this game. Manjiri says don’t come ahead. She signs Shivam to shoot him. Shivam worries. She signs Kabir and recalls asking him to shoot Shivam. Shivam shoots Vin. Vin falls down. She smiles.

Siddhi asks when will we reach there. Police and Siddhi reach he location. They get shocked seeing…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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